Time to resist further erosion of our basic rights

Dear friends and Fellow Singaporeans,

The purpose of fake news is to create a narrative to influence the thinking of the people to support certain policies which are favourable to the existing regime.

In the Singapore context where the freedom of speech and expression has been severely curtailed fake news perpetuated by the government is especially pernicious.

The ability of the PAP to remain in power since 1959 is a reflection of its total control over the media. Through absolute control it can engender all kinds of fake news which in old days is called propaganda.

The propagation of fake news is especially toxic when the government wishes to destroy any grouping it deems a threat to it’s existence. Fake news can be orchestrated to the point where innocent citizens are forced to confess absolute untruths on TV n printed media.

The most memorable saga of fake news took place in 1987 when 22 young idealistic Singaporeans were arrested by the secret police in their codenamed “Operation Spectrum”

Another infamous chapter of fake news is the confession extorted out of Francis Seow the former President of the Law So iety and Solicitor General when he was imprisoned by ISD for 72 days. He was made to confess dat he was in league with the US Embassy to subvert the PAP government. This was of course absolute bunkum without a single ounce of truth to it.

The current attempt to further muzzle the democratic rights of Singaporeans is due to the onset of the social media which can disseminate alternative version or interpretation of political social and economic events occuring in our polity.

Spear headed by the fascistic arrogant power hungry Law Minister Shamugam he of course tripped over his own Achilles heel caked with filthy mud of its own fake news of the past 50 years.

Exposed by a younger generation of Singaporeans like Dr. P J Thum whose integrity cannot be maligned simply because they are speaking truth to power Shamugam becomes the classic case of the kettle calling itself black.

From the 6 hour grilling of Dr Thum in the Parliamentary Select Committee hearings we can see dat the regime is desperately wanting to nip any bud of truth from flowering in our garden.

As thinking people we must all stand up to resist this further erosion of our basic rights. Thank you.


Patrick Low

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11 Responses to “Time to resist further erosion of our basic rights”

  • LIONS:

    firstly,more sgs need to wake up and vote wisely,not ‘wiseLEE’???


    else,TAN KU KU!

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  • Be the change:

    Stand up for ourselves.
    Stand up for Our Singapore!

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  • oxygen:

    PAPpypolitics ATTRACTS THE SAME LIKE-MINDED diseased mindset of authoritarianism. It has to fail because there is no internal challenges, forget external resistance and dissent.

    In authoritarian organisation, the leader privately DESPISED its most ardent loyal faith followers because he/she knows these walking skeletons are dead brains unable to think and creatively challenge without fear of being let go. If you are a good subordinate, you manage the boss and the boss know that he/she got more to lose in letting you go. In rigorous successful organisation, one must find some degree of intense internal challenges, unpredictability, instability, non-adherence to norms and corporate cultures inversion – it is only in such disruptive corporate culture which create innovative creativity which allows the organisation to grow beyond its imprisoned mindset.

    Just look at how PAPpys whipped their own kind in Parliament for speaking up and how PAPpys MP really talked cawked in Parliament, we know it is incapable of change and doomed to failure. That is why policy failures get a quick glimpse over and left to rot until death comes inevitably in the face of even more stubborn resistance to change. HDB/CPF nexus is prime example – it is not even asset enhancement anymore but asset decay of rapidly losing values, capital gain tax in the holy name of resale levy, and now even cannot be sold for elderly downgrading to BTOs studios and pioneer generation trapped with no CPF, no BTO studios, no subsistence income source in old age retirement AND PAPpys ALL DIAM DIAM DIAM.

    ONLY THE BLIND COLLECTIVE PAPpy cannot see reality. Or they are in real holocaust denial to infinity.

    DID AUTHORITARIAN RULE SOLVE THIS KIND OF PROBLEM CREATED BY PAPpys? It compounds it worst because peasants no longer can afford to pay for healthcare and even household utilities and conservancing charges.

    and PAPpys still won’t change but add on to authoritarianism to suppress the truth from public discourse.


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  • NotMyProblem:

    firstly,more sgs need to wake up and vote wisely,not ‘wiseLEE’???


    else,TAN KU KU!

    We have to ask ourselves; “Did we gave away our rights or our rights were taken away?”. Like were we robbed or we willingly give away our money?

    In SG, it was so obvious, we have 70% just handover our rights with both hands. I like to ask, “What do you get out of it?”. “You love to be screwed?”

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  • vote out pap:

    The parliament is the rights of the people.

    Why our fellow citizens are so kaisee?

    We need a government who care for the people.

    Know our rights and vote pap out.

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  • Tarafuda:

    Both CCP and PAP like to propagate “Chinese not suitable for democracy” by saying look at TAIWAN’s poor economy, stagnant salary and brain drains.

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  • I - "Dishonorable Son" . . .:

    > “Time to resist further erosion of our basic rights” . . .
    Remember the Ballot Box . . .

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  • Singaporeans Wonder...:

    Would the outcome be the same had Mr Manap from Aljunied GRC (Workers Party) resigned and stood for the Presidential Election?

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  • FPS:

    The pappies have lost the ability to talk about the economy.
    Haven’t you noticed since the last decade, there is hardly any talk / policy on how to improve Singapore’s economy except keep harping on productivity and creativity? Of coz there is the short cut of FT importation.

    Human nature is like this :
    Employers want cheap (cost-cutting) and productive labour; employees want easy jobs and high pay.
    Straightaway one can tell these are mutually exclusive goals. Both parties want to meet their goals but unless both meet somewhere in between, no single party will benefit. But our employers still want to have the upper hand so they ask govt for help, and help they did, by opening FT floodgates. Then what? Our local employees get marginalised loh. Can Skillsfuture help these employees? I don’t have the answer.

    Lest those who think civil servants are having cushy jobs, nothing could be further from the truth. They are downsizing too e.g. schools closure / merger affect Teachers and older ones who can’t cope will get poor ranking and be “forced” to leave. No iron rice bowl either. Karma comes back to bite these die-hard pappy supporters.

    That seems to be the way things are. The pappies are clueless how to solve this dilemma.

    Fellow workers, we have no choice but to help ourselves out of this predicament.
    Either we become our own bosses or self-employed like Uber/Grab Drivers, or think of other ways to make a living.
    U think the pappy govt care about u being a loyal employee who ultimately gets retrenched? U must be kidding.

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  • Fat cat Heng CB:

    Look at his well fed fat face “invest in yourselves , increase yur income” KNN CB this stupid fat cat doesn’t seem to understand there are many without work ..this useless fat cat hiding in the skirt of pinkie office eat caviars and spwill wise words whereas we see a man with fox togue and sly pretend. To u Heng CB and yur loonies has screw up this country with yur open leg policies.

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  • Onion agenda:

    OJThum should byvnow feeling the onion effect of PAP with its harlem of plps. Knowing human talking will spew garbage and kena stuff back into the big gab, so replace it with the other orifice to stink off but fail. Now get plps to work for their worth.
    120 academics signed but Yale with the lofty ideal of freedom and equality buried with millions and staff beaten to be head shrinking terrapines. Yale kowtowed finally. Monies paid by Singaporeans used not to stuffed up and subjugate once loud mouth of freedom of Yankee hole but also to use thes Yale FB ( not face but foreign not buku but Biw not iw.)
    ISA and recent papisa to get human ACRA to get thevtools.No tool no human no opposition. BIWs each becomes nepotic sublords.

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