PAP’s clean wage policy a myth, state coffers being cleaned out

PAP’s ‘clean wage policy’ merely refers to the disclosure of a formula for computing ministerial salaries.

Common sense: A clean wage policy cannot exist in the absence of full transparency.

Not only is disclosure of ministers’ annual remuneration not mandatory, budget statements have repeatedly understated their remuneration.

This is no April Fool’s joke.

For example, under MOE’s manpower expenditure for ‘Political Appointments’, the actual amount spent on the 5 jokers, er .. I mean political appointment holders, was only $1.937 million in FY2016. The revised figure for FY2017 was $2.3 million (below). *

Source: Budget 2018 (see ‘Revenue and Expenditure estimates’, ‘Head K’, page 67 and 68)
Since political appointment holders’ typical annual remuneration is about 20 months’ salary,  this should have been about $3.8 million, give or take. ($3.8 million = 20 months’ salary)

At only $1.93 million for FY2016, it has been understated by about 50%.

Was PAP trying to conceal outsized bonuses of these political office holders

Another example would be the Ministry of Defence whose political appointees cost taxpayers only $1.95 million in FY 2016 and estimated to cost only $1.98 million in FY2018.

This is clearly not possible considering MINDEF has 2 ministers and one senior MOS. (see ‘Head J’, page 63 and 64)

The budget for political appointment holders in MINDEF has been grossly understated.  Not only was there zero bonus; ministers and SMS have taken a pay cut?

Likewise for other ministries.

PAP’s clean wage policy is a myth.  Without transparency and good governance, it is likely that state coffers will be cleaned out by PAP in the future.

Thinking Singaporeans should reflect on this because costs have been arbitrarily increased by PAP, partly due to coffers being emptied into elites’ and their cronies’ pockets.

PAP should come clean.

Over to you, PAP.


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.




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12 Responses to “PAP’s clean wage policy a myth, state coffers being cleaned out”

  • Money money money:

    If the ruling party still commands a one-sided parliament come 2020 , surely, the remuneration of ministers and chiefs of public institutions will go north significantly, paid for by the public through the recent substantial $$$ increases. There’ll be no issue of public funds being eroded.

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  • Meritocratic bluff:

    new citizens adding to the future cost of spending…

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  • opposition dude:

    Don’t worry about the misleading figures lah uncle Ang, just focus on kicking out as many of the monkeys in the next GE and see them all kan cheong spider change this change that.

    Make them lose a few more GRCs and see their pay come down by 50% or more. Then they know.

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  • PAP hallmark cheat and lies:

    Cheat and lies, hallmark of the PAP.

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  • Do They Pay Tax?:


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  • Bapak:

    No wonder they said money not enough! There’s your answer.

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  • LIONS:


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  • A Very Good Point:

    Mr Ang, your analysis is really cool.
    The question is where they are charging their pay to? Perhaps the PMO office? Someone said that PMO has a huge budget.

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  • Another perspective:

    PAP pay themselves millions of dollars.
    PAP appoint themselves into chairmanship and directorship of GLCs.
    PAP and their cronies scratch each others back, look at HPL, Ho Bee, Capitaland, DBS, UOB, OCBC.
    There is no transparency where their wealths come from, PAP Ministers do not have to declare their side income and wealth, unlike other developed countries.
    PM has accumulated properties such as Scott 28, Jade Mansion on the cheap since he was the DPM. Is it a coincidence that his Ministers like Mah, Khaw and Wong are helping the property companies and cronies hoard assets, make tons of money.
    The rich and property companies can avoid the laws such as qualifying certificates, stamp duties and cooling off measures taxes and duties.
    LKY estate does not have to pay a single cent on estate duty. Khoo Teck Puah was not well known for philantrophy, suddenly his family donated huge amounts to charity, including KTP Hospital. Is it a coincidence that his daughter got off with just a fine for violating the stock exchange rules and regulations that may warrant imprisonment?
    The rich and powerful will always win if the common folks behave like sheep, allowing them to ride roughshod over us.

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  • Pap dictatorship:

    BBC currently runs a programme called eedsTHE DICTATOR ‘s SURVIVAL GUIDE.

    In it, to survive the dictator needs to use taxpayer money to buy loyalty or to pay off his rivals.

    This is what exactly PAP is doing. Using taxpayer money to buy the silence of ministers and MPs by over paying them and awarding them huge bonuses.

    After all the money doesn’t come from the Clown Prince’s pocket but from OUR tax dollars. What trickery!

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  • Pap dictatorship:

    The one who talks big about a clean wage policy is the Accountant General.

    He dares to clear the air?

    Apparently not for he may step on toes or open a can of worms.

    Next time he opens his mouth to talk about a clean wage policy people will simply laugh at him.

    By the way, why isn’t WP bringing up all those issues Philip Ang has been raising? Why so scared?

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  • Guess:

    Oxy ,

    Any new article on the recent world events, e.g. trade wars, … HK currency hit all time low,…China opening up on finance but got say like no say like that ( another BS again ), or news like ( perhaps fake news )
    李扬:去年居民存款增长率首次为负 这是一个危险信号

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