There must be a Teacher among the three who walk with you…

Many Singaporeans who had travelled to other countries and places would always put up a bright ego snug on how lousy or backward these places are compared to Singapore. This is taken to be “Proud of Singapore”.

I tend to have very different perspective while traveling or living abroad. Whatever shortcomings or bad things other places had, I wouldn’t care at all because that’s not my country.

But whenever I see anything interesting which Singapore should learn from, I would be very happy to share with my fellow Singaporeans.

Many Singaporeans become defensive when I do that, started to raise all the bad things compared to Singapore and trying to justify that as some National Pride and even Patriotism.

I would say they should learn from history and even the slow decay of many of the so-called “First World countries”.

In ancient China, there were ups and downs in the various dynasties. Most of the time, a dynasty became strong and advanced because they had interactions through trade and exchange of knowledge and learning from other places. And the eventual downfall of the Chinese Ming and Qing dynasties lies in the closed mind coupled with large ego, the reluctance of learning and absorbing foreign knowledge, technology and techniques. Especially for Ming Dynasty, which had a very distinctive development in both open sea trade policy vs the later closed door policy.

In modern era, it is ironically not the First World countries which are leading in technological applications and advancement but it was third world countries which are becoming more innovative in technological applications.

Efficiency and effectiveness started to drop in the Western first world countries while new emerging economies are moving extremely fast ahead.

For Singapore, we have both an inferiority complex as well as a big ego and pride. We have long been lagging behind in some areas but our PAP media often keeps up a regular dose of self praising propaganda.

For example, we had been lagging behind the development of cashless payment right from 2000 when HK octopus card had been developing fast into a wonder card for almost every payment means while we are still stuck with divided and limited use of Nets and Cash cards. When octopus card evolves into a tap and go payment mode, we are still boasting about cashless society without substantial advancement.

Now even third world country like China had long surpassed us, not only in cashless Alipay but also their public transport system! Advance notification of bus stops for their public bus is putting our expensive and self boasted world class transport system to shame! Yet they still have the cheek to say that they are increasing bus fare to improve service standards!

I am greedy for our country. Never mind about other countries shortcoming because those are not my country, thus not my problems. But if there is something which I find worth learning from, I will definitely raise it.

Confucius Johnny KONG said, among any three persons walking past you, there will definitely be one who could teach you something or you could learn something from them.

The last thing I want for our country is to be indulging in full complacency, arrogance and flatteries which will make us end up like many of the so call first world countries which are fast becoming so backward due to the blinding of ego.

So next time when you travel abroad, try to change your perspective. No matter if it is first world or last world countries, look for things which Singapore could learn. You will sure find something worthy for us to learn from.

Only with that consistent urge to learn and be better than what we are now, will make our country progress and advance in every aspects.


Goh Meng Seng




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12 Responses to “There must be a Teacher among the three who walk with you…”

  • Globalist Communists Menace:

    A centralised pay system like Alipay is just like American Facebook. Soon the communists will have access to all your money too. The communist government of China is having the ambition to become the Global government of the world according to their meeting with UN recently. Say bye bye to your privacy. Thanks but NO thanks!

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  • rukidding:

    Actually most of the average Singaporeans are all “blur sotong”, “Goondus” but yet, somehow think that they are better than others when they travel abroad.

    I doubt many dares take public transport overseas ????

    Many who travels abroad are Tour guided and taken from point A to B by private coaches.

    Frankly, if you “assess” these bunch,….they are all “hopeless lot”.

    Only know how to “bad mouth” and “boost” .

    These are definitely belonging to the 70% Dafts….”blinded” by Pappy’s smoke and half truths , fake news !

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  • Singaporeans are "cashless":

    Singapore have become “cashless” (i.e., no money) indeed since LHL became PM. He “drained” their CPF accounts by selling them over-priced HDB flats. (Price more than doubled over the last 12 years.) LHL also brought in a large number of “cheap” foreign workers depressing local salaries or worse no job, no wages. These foreigners also caused a sharp rise in prices “squeezing” Singaporeans even more. Singaporeans must be DAFT to accept this. YES or NO

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    Learn to be HAPPY even when working in the Fields like the Bhutanese…the Devout Buddhist Cow claims that they are backwards and criticise them for their back-breaking work…but HAPPY… H.A.P.P.Y!!!

    Our 1st world workers on the buses and trains are all Glum and Stonefaced…cursing and swearing at every little thing…the MPs and Ministers are in their chauffeur driven or self-drive limousine laughing to the Bank.

    Can we EVER be H.A.P.P.Y again like we were in the 3rd world before with our doors never close and KNOWING every neighbour and market stall holders???

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  • opposition dude:

    There are just too many POSB ATMs all over the island for cashless payment to really take off. Every MRT station and shopping centre has at least a few of them grouped together. No one I know is complaining about how cashless payment isn’t widespread either simply because ATMs are everywhere.

    And let’s not all forget, ATMs need to be maintained too. The banks spent so much $$$ to replace and upgrade the ATMs so of course they won’t be so willing to jump on the cashless bandwagon, it’s just simple basic common sense.

    And Japan would be the shining example of resistance to cashless payment, it seems like only department stores accept credit cards. Everywhere else it’s notes and coins please thank you very much.

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  • Bapak:

    Singapore has one world’s best organization never can find in other countries – PAP. They constantly on a daily basis suck you so dry to pay themselves humongous pay. Cannot find elsewhere right?

    Only 30% don’t believe, the rest (aka bo-pian suckers) are very proud of them and this is no fake news.

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  • Ah Peng Kia:

    The Singapore government, along with its people, live like ostriches with heads buried in the sand. To glorify themselves, they always compare downwards, never upwards. Like one ardent PAP supporter colleague told me, “You complain about PAP, so you prefer to live in a corrupt country like Malaysia, or a dirty country like India where you must buy bottled water even for brushing teeth?” I told him, “No, I prefer to live in a country like Denmark where people have healthy work-life balances, where high taxes are returned to the people through free education up to University, free health, dental and old age care for every citizen, or Christchurch New Zealand where the water from the taps are fresh spring water, completely drinkable, or in Sweden where voters hold their government to account, and can call a referendum when the government puts out a policy the majority of citizens disagree with.”

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha! “full complacency, arrogance and flatteries” was the PAP mechanism of usurping absolute power for themselves from the public, electorate; relying on the PA/GRO bunch of sycopants to praise the PAP leaders to the sky; defending their masters like faithful dogs as their masters feed them with food scraps from their table.
    First world countries unlike what Goh Meng Seng thinks, still have the technology, wealth & natural resources. Their poor class in the Developed “first world countries” are still richer than S’pore’s poor class who have to “collect cardboards for exercise” – whereas they can collect social welfare payments, food stamps & get free medical service. Which is better? Yes or No answer, please! A real puppy in a first world country has more rights than a person in S’pore. Tio boh? Yes or No answer, please!
    But what blinds all S’poreans were the rapid progress of our neighbours whose countries are achieving 6%+ real GDP growth unlike S’pore’s forecasted 2% GDP going forward (& that requires massive doses of foreigner invasion, massive Infrastructural Spending & inflating a massive real estate bubble in the process). Watch on YouTube videos from those countries & see how their middle class prosper with ability to afford private cars, live in landed properties & have a comfortable lifestyle despite their wages being much lower than S’pore.
    S’poreans were fed with doses of propaganda BS to nurture PAP’s ‘greatness’ & hubris unaware that our ‘inferior’ backward neighbours had left S’poreans behind eating up their dust as they speed past us with better economic growth, real middle class prosperity & a better standard of living despite having a lower GDP per capita statistics.

    : The last thing I want for our country is to be indulging in full complacency, arrogance and flatteries which will make us end up like many of the so call first world countries which are fast becoming so backward due to the blinding of ego.

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  • MarBowling:

    Yeah, lots of SinKaporean travel overseas for leisure and working trips. Some come back with wisdom and apply their knowledge to their work place and family lives. However some after their trip, apply and follow the behavior and style of a LEEder of a great 1st World country, President D Trump of USA by also showing the Rude Middle Finger in public! GMS and Big Nose Teo, what do you think?

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  • INDIAN malay INDIAN president:

    Now even third world country like China had long surpassed us, …

    very well said. so true. agree.

    some 30 years ago, China was almost still in mao suit. we used to marvel at the sight in Guangzhou at the start and the end of the workday then. a sea of bicycles.

    Singapore then was already one of the little dragons. a truly middle class life was at hand. even when COE was introduced, a decent bread and butter car was within the means for many. the HDB was of decent size.

    fast forward to 2018. Singapore started to fail since clown took over. getting worse over the years.

    today in China we see many progressing very fast in short 20 years. their aspirations then was a locally produced audi and an apartment with lifts. today the BMW and the larger condo are the aspirations. and among the people we know, they mostly can achieve it.

    today in Singapore the only thing we see is more sheep. the sheep vote for people who lord over them and con them with fake news like we tax you more to take better care of you, with fake news like car lite is good for you, with fake news like you cannot eat you degree, with fake news like the aliens FTs PRs create jobs for you, when everyone of them the pap Ljs and pap Cbs pay each other S$m, all have one or more cars in their private parking lots, they swear by the degrees they have and are providing for their own children, they never hire out their own jobs to aliens FTs PRs but rather keep things within the clan to make themselves exclusive.

    today in Singapore, we laugh at that sheep who can hardly a hyundai and yet continue to vote for more of the same, so blind like a frog being slow cooked in pap porridge. when the counterpart in China is moving up from locally made audi to BMW the sheep is moving from car to breaking down mrt that can langgar some more. when the counterpart in China is moving to large condo the sheep is paying more for smaller and smaller HDB.

    sure. they are many poor in China. but as a proportion, aren’t the unemployed poor an even bigger statistic? with 3.3m local born and being paid S$m the pap folks voted in by sheep truly aren’t performing. and they make the quality of life for sheep that much worse. the funny thing is sheep continues to vote for a deteriorating quality of life.

    yah. Now even third world country like China had long surpassed us, …

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  • bgkl:

    Sinkies only want to travel to the Maldives to feel and look good.

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  • @ mr goh meng seng:

    Every people entitled to their own views , opinions , criticisms.

    Examples ,

    Your favorite China still anyhow spit today.

    Or your previous statement commenting China snub Sg or Xi snub LHL.
    Did they not meet face to face yesterday , should we rub you ?

    So I guess those those China PLPs e.g. Our neighbor or pinoys their people all driving bmw, Audi, mercz , … Or many of our neighbors dying to work here if we willing to rise the bar higher.

    HK people not living in cages ?
    HK currency never hit 7.86 ?

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