If you voted for regular MRT disruptions, then don’t KPKB OK?

Like clockwork, another MRT disruption occurred during rush hour this morning. [ CNA ]

Most disruptions happen when trains are running at peak frequency, ie during peak hour.

Commuters were delayed since 7.50am – for up to 25 minutes – until 10.20am before service resumed normally.

Expectedly, SMRT received brickbats online and offline.  But not every commuter is entitled to curse and swear at SMRT, especially those who voted for such a system.

Under the PAP system, cronies without relevant experience are parachuted into senior management of SMRT, eg former paper generals Desmond Kuek and Lee Ling Wee, former paper colonel Tan Kian Hong with 20 years of army experience, former army personnel Anson Lim, etc. (SMRT senior management)

These same guys happen to contribute to MRT disruptions but have not been held accountable.  In fact, the PAP government has allowed them to own self rectify own mistakes.  Common sense: MRT system will not improve any time soon.

Commuters who voted for an unaccountable PAP system should know for certain that KPKB doesn’t help one bit.

Only by doing the ‘right’ thing will commuters experience improvements.



Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.







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11 Responses to “If you voted for regular MRT disruptions, then don’t KPKB OK?”

  • opposition dude:

    Ok so the first major disruption for 2018 has happened for SMRT.

    Let the good times keep rolling on!

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  • Bapak:

    These 70% idiots are useless, stupid, selfish and kiasi Sinkies. They want the best of both worlds by allowing PAP to run wild ‘cos they dont take train, kia lose their job, kia wife scolding, kia troubles like wat can oppos do…..these are the spineless sinkies.

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  • PAP has the mandate:

    Unfortunately, after years of breeding and brainwashing, Stinkies are cowards. You can see them at work, KPKB doing the talk at work but when time to do the walk, their balls disappear and LAN LAN. Even when they migrated, you can see the same typical characteristics with them…LOL

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  • William C:

    Soon they will tell you the system is more than 20 years. Have to be discarded and rebuild just like the Bukit Panjang LRT.

    Why early morning breakdown when they are just maintained over the night? MRT is playing propaganda by playing a video filming a Malay father working throughout the night to do maintenance works, and the daughter send a thank you message in the morning to thank him.

    Is this fake news or video if MRT keeps breaking down?

    There is no need to have this video if things are working.Why not film DK’s daughter sending a message to her father thanking him for being a good CEO? Anyway, I doubt she is taking the MRT.

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  • William C:

    The management formed up is wrong. Getting a bunch of army personnel to run a private corporation with “accountability”. These army personnel has never taken up any accountability in their 20 years in the army. They will tell you it is your privileges to serve and defend the country. If they are not happy, they simply throw you inside the detention barrack. Any screwed up can be easily covered up within the unit. Can they do this in the private sector? Who are deep rooted culture?

    Now the CEO admitted the problem is due to deep rooted culture. Assume the blame is passed back to the previous CEO, then I have these to ask.

    1) When did you realised there is a deep rooted culture?
    2) Do you know CEO is responsibile for the company culure?
    3) What have you done to rectify this over the past few years as CEO
    4) What do you plan to do more in the future?
    5) What new core values are you planning to have within the organization?
    6) How long are you giving yourself to bring in the right culture?
    7) What will you do if your plans fail?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Our Minister in Transport Khaw is busy calculating how much improvement in Transport Service since he took over. This time it should be 5 times better.

    I don’t know his calculation, how did he measured it was 3 times better when he did it previously?!!

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  • John Richards:

    It’s not train fault. It’s not track fault. It’s Management’s fault. And it won’t get fixed till Paper Generals and Colonels are replaced by real MEN!

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  • Einstein said it:

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    So why do Singaporeans keeping voting for PAP? Majority of them must be insane, stupid, spineless or all of the above.

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  • INDIAN malay INDIAN president:

    actually no need paper general also know a system built for 3.3m citizens carrying an additional 2.5m aliens FTs PRs bound to break.

    actually many in coffee shop silently hoping a massive breakdown on polling day so that 70% sheep wakes up and mark the right box.

    can happen. since infrastructure is breaking. only that the massive one happens on polling day. lagi best if some casualties that day.

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  • At wit's end:

    One day an illiterate man came to Mullah Nasruddin with a letter he had received. “Mullah Nasruddin, please read this letter to me.”

    Mullah Nasruddin looked at the letter, but could not make out a single word. So he told the man. “I am sorry, but I cannot read this.” The man cried: “For shame, Mullah Nasruddin ! You must be ashamed before the turban you wear (i.e. the sign of education)”

    Mullah Nasruddin removed the turban from his own head and placed it on the head of the illiterate man, said: “There, now you wear the turban. If it gives some knowledge, read the letter yourself.”

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  • C'est la vie:

    MRT commuter satisfaction levels at all time HIGH.

    MRT breakdowns/delays/disruptions at HIGH consistencies.

    SMRT leaders pay at obscenely HIGH stratas.

    Ignorances, ineptitudes and imbecilities of the SGpeople matches all of the above, in fact it’s at an all historic HIGH !!!

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