Not wise to purposely let greedy PAP have control, will always rip Singaporeans off

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  This applies to any government, including PAP.

Singaporeans need to know the extent of ‘legalized corruption’ to be aware that PAP only serve themselves, not the people.  This post is a reminder for many who may have forgotten how we were ripped off years ago by PAP.

Fact: From 2000 to 2010, PAP ministers paid themselves average annual bonuses of more than 10 months, including 13-month bonus. (see table below, 2000 to 2007)

In 2000:
– Ministers were paid 13.5 months’ bonus. (including 13-month bonus)
– Although Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew was paid $84,600 monthly – $3,600 less than PM Goh – his annual salary exceeded Goh’s by $219,000.
– Even entry superscalers received 8.7 months’ bonus.
– Part-timer MPs were not left out and got 2.8 months’ bonus.In 2006, PAP’s rip-off continued:

In 2006, the rip-off continued:
– Not only were ministerial monthly salaries increased, bonuses increased as well.
– Bonus of prata president and PM Lee increased by almost 3 months to 13.6 months.
– Although SM Goh was clearly not the leader, he was paid $192,000 more than the PM.  Even LKY was paid higher than his PM son.  Were these 2 doing a more important job than the PM?
– Part-time MPs continued to receive 2.7 months’ bonus.

– Where the bonus of the President and PM used to be lower than ministers’ by about 3 months, bonuses were now pretty uniform across the board: 18.4 months for everyone regardless of performance.

– Even the prata president who did not know how many times ministers dipped into our reserves received a 20.4 months’ bonus.
– Ministers’ bonuses likewise increased to 20.4 months.

2008 was of course not the record high bonuses paid to PAP ministers.

In 2011, it was reported that prata president’s salary had increased to $4.267 million.  (Yahoo)

Strangely, ministerial salary increase was not reported.

Since we know that the President’s salary rises in “tandem with that of political, judicial and civil service appointment holders”, PM Lee would have received about $100,000 less than prataman.

At half of PM Lee’s salary, entry-level ministers’ pay exceeded $2 million a year.  Annual bonuses were likely a record in the same year.

That PAP was forced to halve ministerial salaries after they lost a GRC confirms Singaporeans were ripped off.

What about MPs who were once paid 4.4 months’ bonus for a part time job?  Is there even one part-timer Singaporean who has received a bonus?

PAP’s DNA will never changed because the same greedy people are still in government.

Since we know that PAP will continue to rip us off, is it wise to purposely let PAP have so much control over our lives?


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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7 Responses to “Not wise to purposely let greedy PAP have control, will always rip Singaporeans off”

  • NotMyProblem:

    Without paying these greedy Ministers, MPs and civil servants with obscene salary, you think they can stay quietly keeping the closet doors closed to prevent the skeletons walking out.

    You think an Indian can be Malay President?

    You think within 200M is not the same as inside 200M radius?

    You think Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC no need by-election?

    You think 38 Oxley Road can be no demolish, half demolish or fully demolish, where the will only said “DEMOLISH”?

    You think Mdm Ho Jinx can walk in and out of any ministry like going to toilet?

    These Li Shengwu’s uncle’s dogs have to be well fed!!!

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  • LIONS:


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  • Amos proved PAP hypocrisy:

    PAP pays its office holders millions each year while Singaporeans suffer from stagnant wages, loss of jobs to foreigners, sky-high prices, over-priced HDB flats, depleted CPF accounts, token subsidy on healthcare, steadily increasing costs of education, etc.

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  • Greed knows no bound:

    In the words of Lee Bee Hor : “Do they think the people have a everlasting GOLD CHEST?”
    Is this what Lee Ah Loong meant ” To be accountable to our ancestors?”

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  • C'est la vie:

    Better late than never ……….. yes.

    But with SG, esp the “Greedy Guts Gov”, it’ is far far too late, to stem the “draining” of state coffers.

    Would have only been justifiable if they were the best in the world.

    Says a lot for it’s people, whom have allowed this to happen.

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  • Money is Sensitive Word:

    Thanks to TR Emeritus and Philip Ang, otherwise many people would not know, like myself. And many still will not know since the 154 media is controlled.

    No wonder some called it LEE-GALIZED CORRUPTION with a kan**roo head.**roo-court.jpg

    I think this important info should be distributed like leaflets to each household like CChong did but unlike him using fake news and the Garment is still not doing anything on him, this info is the Real News. Many should know about this.

    I will participate public fund if need be. Thanks Philip.

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  • They milk you & bleed you:

    25 years ago fresh NUS graduates were making over $2000/mth. What’s their starting pay these days?

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