Some schemes don’t look like ‘benefits’?

I received the following message by Whatsapp:-

“If you are Singaporean above 50.

FYI – All the massive Govt schemes available to all Seniors of various age groups have been linked under one *Senior Silver Schemes* website. Just select the age group and the schemes relevant to you. These schemes are linked to various ministries. Take a look and forward to your friends. They are for your benefits from the govt which you should know and utilise.

I followed the above link and clicked on “I am age 50 – 54” – “Popular Services” (18 of them). Let’s try to examine how these schemes (13 of the 18) help older Singaporeans in this age group?

CPF LIFE – Does it cost the Government any money as CPF is primarily our own contributions and money?

Senior Priority Scheme (SPS) – Priority for getting a HDB flat which arguably makes a profit with the land cost at market rates is a benefit?

Silver Housing Bonus (SHB) – Downgrading to a smaller HDB flat and topping up your CPF to get a cash bonus of up to $20,000 is a benefit?

2 Room Flexi Scheme – Buying a 2-room flat with a shorter lease (15 to 45 years) at prices that are arguably, relatively more expensive than the normal 99-year lease is a benefit?

Enhanced CPF Saving – Giving you more interest on part of your CPF savings from age 55, whilst giving you what may be the lowest real rate of return on your Ordinary Account, compared to all the national pension schemes in the world, for the greater part of your lives – is a benefit?

Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) – The bulk of which goes to CPF, instead of disposable cash?

GST Voucher (Cash) – On ever increasing utility charges is a benefit?

Comcare Long Term Assistance – Which only about 4,000 qualify?

Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) – Giving you a tax saving on your own contributions is a benefit?

Eldershield – Has accumulated surpluses in the billions?

National Silver Academy (NSA) – Taking courses at subsidised rates is a benefit?

Pioneer Generation Disability Assistance Scheme – A miserly $100 a month for Pioneers who permanently need assistance in at least three of the daily activities of living?

Medisave Scheme – Contributing the highest pre-pay medical scheme in the world at up to 10.5 per cent of income (which arguably does not cost the Government any money) is a benefit?

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Leong Sze Hian



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12 Responses to “Some schemes don’t look like ‘benefits’?”

  • patriot of Temesak:

    Lies!!! Lies & more LIEs!…synonymous…Lees!!! Lees!!! & more LEEs!

    OR…Freedom!!! Freedom & more FREEDOM!

    The Choice is your this 2020 or earlier a Life to LIVE??? or LIVE with EVIL??? (note the reverse LIVE is EVIL)…the choice is OBVIOUS either you LIVE a Life or have EVIL in your LIFE!!!…is 52years NOT enough or do you NEED MORE??? to wake you UP??? it may be too late by then in this Fast & Furious world!!!

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  • Disgusted!:

    Goodness there isn’t a single Real benefit there.
    Where they claim they give you money, it’s totally
    inadequate. In fact, it’s quite a joke. We’re being
    taken for an extremely expensive (to us) ride!!

    I suspect that Every govt help scheme is actually
    of little help. So what’s happening to all the
    money? Why does the govt have to keep collecting
    the stuff, when it’s not really spending the cash?
    Eg, why raise electricity rates when you make at
    least $1 BILLION in profit? Why isn’t the money from
    retail helping to fund the train system when the
    shops were put in to do just that?

    What horrors will we discover/uncover if the PAP
    is not longer in charge?

    Whatever it is, it would seem the govt isn’t as
    dumb as it appears. It knows how to squeeze cash
    from citizens and then pretend to give it back!

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  • Can we live to beyond 95?:

    My CPF supposedly to receive all at age 55 has been delayed to age 65. Thereafter instead of receiving the entire sum, i would only be paid monthly a sum spread over 30 years (initially told over 20 yers) till when I am age 95. At that age thereafter, any amount would be given back to us. This was what I checked with the CPF officers. It took them months to reply me on yhe amount I would be getting. Tel call through phone would be be advised but told that it is not safely despite all the checking of particulars. But how many can live till age 95. Not even LKY!! I had refused to sign any socalled CPF LIFE!! This is certainly unfair.

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  • LIONS:

    If SCHEMES BECOME SCAMS,then,leaders are just schemeful?

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  • Question about Gini index:

    It sure makes you wonder what they include in government subsidies in calculating the Gini index. Do they include CPF “payouts”? (Counting our own money as government benefits?)

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  • INDIAN malay INDIAN president:

    asset enhance of HDB. is it FAKE news or is it worse than FAKE news?

    pap used to say, vote pap and pap will upgrade your HDB so that you have nest egg to retire on. as with all pap FAKE news, with one stroke of the pen, HDB is consumption whose value goes to ZERO at end of lease.

    cannot eat degree. is it FAKE news or is it worse than FAKE news?

    name one pap minister today who NO degree? just name one minister. when pap tells 70% sheep cannot eat degree pap is actually telling sheep we need Grab drivers we need hawker centre cleaners so if you get that degree you lose a few precious years getting hands on experience to compete against the aliens FTs PRs we are bringing in. moreover with your degree expenses you are unable to take the lower wage to compete against the aliens FTs PRs we ae bringing in. so for the sake of yourselves don’t get that degree.

    car lite Singapore. is it FAKE news or is it worse than FAKE news?

    look into private garage or private parking lots of pap ministers. just name ONE who has only ONE car in his Lj family or in her Cb family. JUST name one. there aren’t any. because most have more than one.

    all schools are good schools. is it FAKE news or is it worse than FAKE news? 70% sheep should be able to continue. we say, if pap continues, Singapore dies. need New Government by a better group of LOCAL BORN to right all the current pap wrongs. take too long New Government has harder job to right all the wrongs.

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  • N.Jungne:

    He has a BIG problem, Chenghu Chu (HDB) “bo lang ai”, seat-warmer not found or cannot be trusted. SON dowan, Nephew cannot come back. How? PAP ownself planned ownself problem.

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  • Dont trust PAP:

    If the PAP keeps on accumuating money to give to his wife Temasek and GIC to invest, speculate and bail out banks like Citibank, UBS, Merrill Lynch, 70% GE 2015 Singaporeans keep quiet, what can we all do to stop PAP?
    PAP often remind us no one owe you a living. PM Lee says money for benefits have to come from somewhere. Lawrence Wong, a sycophant as evidenced in 38 Oxley’s and advocate of high private property prices benefitting the rich and zero value for expired HDB flats, know too much of PM Lee’s secret, a dark horse as the next PM, say money PAP collects go back to the people now or in the future, one way or another? Not true, money lost or poor returns by GIC and Temasek is loss that robs people of the money due to the people.
    The ordinary healthy folks are paying increasing health care fees and insurance and subsidizing the others like the rich in health care.
    Ex Health Minister Khaw paid only $8 for his heart by-pass!
    I pray Speaker Tan CJ who said a $900,000 5 room new HDB flat is justifiable, will not help the medical company he is joining as Chairman to cause another crazy wave of health care cost inflation. He knows too much of the laws and loopholes to help his company to boost profit.
    Remember the loopholes the property companies and rich exploit to avoid QC and paying taxes and stamp duties by setting up companaies, buying and selling to each other. That is one reason why property companies are bidding high prices for land and private property prices are going up and up. I am sure senior civil servants, Perm Sec and Ministers, current or ex, in MND have been aware of all the loopholes, if they did not or do not know, then they do not deserve the million dollar pay they receive annually. If they know, why do they not bring same up to plug the loopholes?

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  • oxygen:

    IT IS ALL BAIT-AND-SWITCH just like your “subsidized” HDB coming with a “second bite at the cherry” asset enhancement scam and CPF sub-prime big deal on housing finance. If you use your CPF, you have to pay interest of 2.5% for the use of your LOCKED-UP retirement savings but if don’t and leave there in LOCKED-UP (they tell you CPF is not your money), they pay you 2.5% return and keep the difference of the actual return on invested capital exceeding 6% per annum. IT IS BACKDOOR TAX! And upon selling your old HDB, they give you a farewell present before you go to TERN SUA – A CAPITAL GAIN TAX called resale levy RESERVED FOR PEASANTS ONLY.

    lIKE THIS, HOW TO TRUST THEIR ‘BENEFIT SCHEME’ when peasants have to continually search the hidden perils of – for whose benefits IS THIS SCAM intended for each time?

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  • Irene Vanessa Wan Si Hung:

    I give you your own toilet paper and call it a benefit.

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  • ads:

    like you all begging for it after they took your $$$$ .. ha ha . ..

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  • Lies, cons SIN BIWs Truth:

    Veteran Chiam must be exasperated having told the easily conned and lied to SIN masses that “all powers corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely” and mist be equally amazed that the rather believe in the falsehood of self checks and balances which most liars and conmen would swear on their savior that they would not con or lie if they are paid millions annually. He must be beyond his understanding how could anyone able to con and lie to himself that by being paid millions would negate a man’s desire to corrupt. Which politician would say that they enter politic for money and on the other hand asserts that they would be liable to corrupt if not being paid millions and is the truth and nothing but the truth? Most would have thought that there will be none but the truth is that there is in SINland. Many would have thought that no one would believe that what were said would be true but there are at least 70% of what LKY thought aloud in his twilight days as daft Singaporeans who do believe what were said is true. So in SIN Nepotic vocab falsehood is truth and truth is falsehood. No wonder it took the replaced roti prata so man hours to try to seek clarification of what Oxford Research Fellow Dr Thum tried to tell the select committee of nfi plps.

    Having said that the so called benefits of seniors are liability. Not only they have not been assured that Citizen Roy hasn’t spoken the truth of CPF by shedding the opaque screen, the biws have instead enforced them to spend their CPF on paper without seeing the monies thus disguised as benefits while seeing their saving in cpf depleted as cloaked benefits not only their own but those of their immediate family members if their are depleted completely thus avoiding to pay in real cash without the enforced spending. Besides the seniors and the young are forced legally to foot the bills of the subsidies by the BIWs aying to the motion of their little biwplp to increase prevailing taxes and to impose new ones so as to show great economic gains and hence self glorification cum self gratification in good performance bonuses for all plps. What the siblings have said come back ringing loud and clear and the parliament replacing the Court becoming looming clear and well understood. So Sze Han wait till the “enlightened” PG ambassador paid you a home visit on volunterring basis on a free lunch to enlighten you the hugh benefits that you are getting would you know what really mockery means and why LKY in his twilight days cannot resist saying aloud what has been in his mind all the while the DAFT sinkies repeatedly voted his nepotic regime to continue their deeds. Pathetic you may sa but this is truth and the only truth with these BIWs among all the falsehood dished out as nepotically truth. SIN version…

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