Fighting fake news while raising revenue

Funny our Pay and Pay scholar-filled govt didn’t think of this idea first. Uganda in darkest, dysfunctional Africa first tot of taxing users of social media to curb “gossip” (ie fake news) and raise revenue.

Taxing social media should the additional benefit, from the PAP’s point of view of curbing free speech, and so is something that the PAPpies should have tot up before the men from darkest, dysfunctional Africa.

From the BBC

Uganda plans to impose a daily tax on social media users from July in a bid to raise revenue, Finance Minister Matia Kasaija has told Reuters news agency.

The move has been criticised by rights activist Rosebell Kagumire who said: “It’s part of a wider attempt to curtail freedoms of expression.”

Earlier this month, President Yoweri Museveni – who has been in power for more than 30 years – was quoted by Uganda’s privately owned Daily Monitor newspaper as saying in a letter to Mr Kasaija and other officilas that a tax should be introduced on people who use social media for “gossip”.

“I am not going to propose a tax on internet use for educational, research or reference purposes… these must remain free,” he was quoted as saying.

The proposed tax will see each mobile phone subscriber who uses platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter being charged, Reuters reports.

The amount is unclear – Reuters reports that Mr Kasaija said it will be 200 Ugandan shillings ($0.027) a day, while State Minister for Planning David Bahati is quoted by the Daily Monitor as saying it will be 100 shillings.

“We’re looking for money to maintain the security of the country and extend electricity so that you people can enjoy more of social media, more often, more frequently,” Mr Kasaija told Reuters.

True Uganda’s proposed charges are “peanuts” to S’poreans but a dollar a day will make talk cock, sing song, cheap skate anti-PAP cybernuts like Aloysius Foo and Lauschke Amy think twice about using social media.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor.



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5 Responses to “Fighting fake news while raising revenue”

  • LIONS:

    Well,when U vote a CLOWN(prince), you get
    a circus.

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  • INDIAN malay INDIAN president:

    we did not read above post. we never read pap PA paid IB posts.

    we are green folks. we never let byte space go to waste. here we go.

    it seems discussions in coffee shop is getting hot lately. mostly about GE2019. because GE2019 is very soon, pap is wasting no time to raise all prices before GE2019. but the one of the hotly discussed topics is that 4th generation prime minister from pap.

    it is heartening to note there are sane folks in our midst. these good folks reminded the group pap may not form government after GE2019 so for pap to presume it has the next prime minister in their midst is more than day dreaming. clap clap clap. we agree.

    more than this, as one ah pek said, none of the pap ones ever stood in a single constituency. all of them no balls to stand in single constituencies. they all in parleement under coattails of other pap Ljs and pap Cbs and so none of them is actually of any substance.

    because none of them has been through baptism of fire. they are actually weak (clap clap clap we agree) and all of them have no minds of their own but speak from a pap prepared script (clap clap clap we add they are nothing more than robots). might as well have robots in parleement.

    the much more enjoyable discussions revolve around our non pap Prime Minister. our group guns for Ms Sylvia Lim. others gun for Mr Lim Tean whom we also support. yet others gun for Mr Leon Perara whom we also support. in our view these fellow Singaporeans are all worthy choices to be our next Prime Minister. they are far better than the never tested pap robots from pap 4th generation.

    anyway someone reminded the discussion group of the harm the pap Lj laulan wrong who, from the prepared pap script about HDB, changed HDB from asset to consumption at the stroke of pap pen. it is an example why Singaporeans cannot continue to have such pap robots in parleement.

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  • rukidding:

    As predictive as ever,….must be Cynical ..even before I stroll down this article.

    Why, I cannot understand, that in this world , that there are “clowns and fools” supporting Pimps and prostitutes ( P.a.p. )

    Is it $$$$$ ????

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  • Everything oso taxed oredi:

    They oredi taxing .
    GST on the bill 7%.
    its alot!
    U forgot meh?

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  • ah boys 2 men:

    April 16, 2018 at 10:34 pm (Quote)

    quote: Well,when U vote a CLOWN(prince), you get
    a circus.

    well said,short and apt.

    a clown will screw things up.

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