Right to Know – Constitutional Right

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There is a public forum today (28th April) on why parliamentary proceedings should be televised which I will be attending. I notice from the discussions in the public domain thus far, there is a larger issue that is missing from the discourse,that is, whether the right to live telecast of parliamentary proceedings amounts to a constitutional right available to Singapore citizens under our Constitution.

At the heart of the above constitutional argument lies the notion of the citizen’s right to know. The right to know or the right to access information is arguably protected by the modern constitution of Singapore given that the constitution is an evolving document. In support of my contention, I draw inspiration from a decision in the Indian Supreme Court (both our constitutions are similarly worded).

The Supreme Court has held that the right to know relating to public affairs is a basic right, and that the “people of the country have a right to know everything that is done in a public way by the public functionaries”. There can be no doubt that MPs are public functionaries. Elaborating its reasoning, the court also emphasized the importance of public education for the “process of popular government and to assist in that discovery of truth and strengthening the capacity of an individual in participating in the decision-making process.”

If 1.25 billion people of India can have access to live telecast of parliamentary proceedings, its a shame that we are still debating this issue in Singapore.


* Facebook post by M Ravi.






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14 Responses to “Right to Know – Constitutional Right”

  • patriot of Temesak:

    After numerous Shameful & shameless “LIVE” performance even by the Great Coward & Traitor passing off as a Founding Father in Parliament…what do you expect??? a Repeat Performance??? COWARDS!!! that is what the Bastard scream @ Oppositions on TV when in ACTUAL FACT they are the ONES who are COWARDS!!!

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  • Tan Ku Ku:

    The Emperor will not allow it lah. He will not want the daft sinkies to see the wayang they put on. He don’t want the peeple to see the efforts put in by the opposition.

    So…until we have Mr. Tan Ku Ku.

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  • Asd:

    If no or afew people in pali… Telecast then see wat ar

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  • Thanku mr ravi:

    Only see n hear the good stuff!
    Im so sick of this gov..

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  • LIONS:

    Only when there is about 40 pct of OPPO MPs seats in Parliament will we have REAL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.
    Meanwhile,they have DICTATORIAL RIGHT$?

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  • Hurray - Ravi is back !!:

    M Ravi – Welcome back !!!!

    Singaporeans missed you during your recent (understandable) absence.

    Please continue your support.

    Wishing you good health and a happy Life !!

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  • JustPlain:

    Go Go Ravi!

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  • Bad Boy:


    @ ” Only see n hear the good stuff!Reality.Im so sick of this gov.. ”

    So is China . China even worst. No wonder people say china history 50 percent BS one. Thsts why they banned all this google , facebook, Twitter , ….


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  • Throw out PAP:

    Well said Ravi. Yes, welcome back.

    First of all, we must get rid of the PAP dictatorship and all their greedy and silent MPs.

    We must put in a core of true Sporeans.

    Familee and all their greedy MPs must be kicked out. They are in politics only for the money and power and not to serve the country.

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  • Shame:

    Sinkies can continue debating………while others would have kicked them out?

    So where are the Sinkies……busy serving ns?

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  • A true knight!:

    Thanku for sacrificing your time n efforts for undeserving n daft sgs.
    Altho u were persecuted many a time, u still find courage to soldier on.
    You are a gem.
    God bless u always!

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  • N.Jungne:

    Why Channel 8 and Channel U? One of them is definitely redundant

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  • Plp impact:

    When u have nepotic regime under the cover of demicracy having a wide national network controlled by a harem of plps, democracy becomes intricately stained to a level if black can be legally said to be white like what happened in the recent racially based President Election contrary to what has been claimed to be one of thezero tolerance in discrimination and embaced in one of the keyword in the Nepotically modiefied plp harem executed democracy in SIN.

    Public life telecast is not compatible with the opacity demand of nepotism cum plpism as with no chance of editing of slip of tongue or thoughts can bevdesliped by delayed reporting with selected clips to show the fake nice side and smoke screened the true but ugly side. If call for greater transparency of the political management is absolutely denied to the extent of becoming a national taboo in the mercy of the nepotists and its harem of plps with loyalty to the best rewards provider as distinctly demostrated in the infamous nepotic sibling most damaging accusation in the short 5 decades of independence which are sufficiently feared that the declared modus operandi in such case to be legally defended in a Court of Laws was replaced by parliamentary discourse and self declaration of not guilty despite of the harem of plps always be prepared like the motto underpinning scout movement.

    To allow live telecast of Parliament session is virtually demand complete nakedness into the broad daylight which is deemed suicidal in any underword operation aka opacity.

    Another recent embarrassment to many proud patroits is the reshuffling operation. Some very young schoolboys seeming have a great joke among themselves revolving around the sentence. If you have a basket of garbage but valued highly with a movice daft garbage collectors, no matter how you reshuffle them they rvstill worthless and grossly paid garbages. This seems to be the voices travelling thru the island which the ashened roti prata is now unable to contend it as noises of the environment which he is unable to share in his present company with his benefactor lp. Garbage begets only garbages as the saying goes.

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  • Father of the US Constitution:

    “Liberty may be endangered by the abuse of liberty, but also by the abuse of power…. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”
    - President James Madison

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