May Day award: 398,100 local jobs, 676,900 foreign jobs, 499,508 newPRs, 230,916 new citizens?

I refer to the article “A man who believes that having a job is the best welfare” (Straits Times, May 6).

It states that “The former NTUC secretary-general has been given the highest honour at the May Day Awards this year – Distinguished Comrade of Labour.

Mr Lim also recalled in his interview with the blog how his experiences growing up in the 1960s shaped his belief that a job is the best welfare, and full employment is the best protection for workers.”

In this connection, perhaps the best measure of “achievement” is arguably – the jobs growth of Singaporeans.

In this regard, what’s the point of the rhetoric on the need for constant skills upgrading – when apparently, most of the jobs growth in the last decade or so may not have gone to Singaporeans?

In this respect, from 2004 to 2017 – we granted 587.508 and 250,916 new PRs and new citizens, respectively.

With regard to jobs – from 2006 to 2017 – the employment growth for locals and foreigners was 398,100 and 676,900, respectively.

How many of the 398,100 locals’ jobs were S’poreans?

So, how many of the “locals” (PRs and citizens) employment growth of 398,100 went to Singaporeans, since 499,508 new PRs and 230,916 new citizens were granted in the same period from 2006 to 2017?

If we account for the foreign workers who were reclassified as local workers when they became PRs or citizens – how many of the jobs growth went to Singaporeans?


Leong Sze Hian



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8 Responses to “May Day award: 398,100 local jobs, 676,900 foreign jobs, 499,508 newPRs, 230,916 new citizens?”

  • LIONS:

    Majulah YOUNG SG PMEs.
    Your May Day Award for voting PAP.

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  • Lao Ren Char:

    The worst type of PAP voters are those uncle/aunties – stupid, illogical and just parrot the PAP. These lau ren char kena fiack also don’t know and still thank PAP. Old fools.

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  • N.Jungne:

    Is NTUC representing Labour Movements?

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  • Americans Malaysians Govt for:

    Americans elected Trump for his expressed desired to serve US inbthe interests and for the benefits of Americans. He did and Americans knew it despite of Trump inadequacy in wanyangs speeches. He has forgotten that US citizens still value their racial heritage, values and identities though they are admitted as citizens. Perhaps they are able to differentiate between heritage and national loyalty but Trump has overlooked and assumed they are thinking american regardless of their color and heiritage thus leading to considerable conflict with itsnon white citizens by his no nonsense speeches on terrorists and Asian. Malaysians have also for the post Mahatir era the BN govt has been noticeably distanced itself from the citizenry and worked towards self gratification and glorification following closely PAP’s ideology of investing its fortune and power on foreigners and their decendends. They have mistook Singapore sustenance to be foreign powered while forgetting their power came from the neglected citizens. LKY has indeed successfully forced nurtured a passive citizenry thru a ruthless extermination of political adversaries including political dissents. Malaysian BN has not such scenario. Checks and balances are still vibrant. Press and individual are not extensively curtailed. So copying PAP political taboo is suicidal as they bitterly learnt thru their arrogance one of the ultra stupidity they parroted from thier billionaire counterparts. So Malaysian thinks like American and the Brits in their Briexit referendum. It may be the imminent bitter lesson before pap and its harem of plps. Professionals have lost their entire human values including their spines and heads as they stoop to plp for easy rewards. One is yet to see the intensification of wayang by pap and its harem which has began with the indian registered but as lhl said dynasty decreed malay queen os.
    Will Singaporeans wake up to demand their elected govt to serve in their interests and benefits and not betrayed them to serve in the interests and benefits of foreigners and their children and themselves. Will Singaporeans shed their capsulation by their elected govt and once again sensitive to insults, injustice and rloss of freedom of speech and gathering orvin short puppetization and manipulation at will by the arrogant greeds extremo? There is no such thing as they have proven as traitors rather than patroits. patroits do not provide free education with family maintenance while continuing to increase the education cost on their own people. A simple fact which even a daft can comprehended unless indoctrination unto brain dead.

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  • aiya don't be envious:

    Do not be envious. plps must be rewarded according to the siokness scale felt by main, sub, sub sub and so on neportic lineages. Lhl ran like Amos could score high with possible competitor by those making the foreign trash happily employed and patronising the growing red districts and drunkard havens. Shits like having no problem to import foreign trashy pmets gained recognition of what GCT’s ignorance of the fourth cesspool of wayang actors and actresses.

    Self gratification, self glorification are the norms of these arrogant big gabs.

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  • nihon:

    a disgrace to all sg workers to give him this award, when he conspired with the white scums to import cheaperest, betterest and fasterest fts.

    result is high costs of living, job insecurity and depressed pay.

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  • Sun Tze:

    Lao Ren Char:
    The worst type of PAP voters are those uncle/aunties – stupid, illogical and just parrot the PAP. These lau ren char kena fiack also don’t know and still thank PAP. Old fools.

    Do t worry they are going to be overnight poor when their flats reach 40 years old and wake up with a bu ket of old sweat.

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  • HarderTruths:

    $G is a democracy so if 70% want to become third-class citizens – that is their constitutional right and nothing should stand in their way!

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