Fall of UMNO lies with its cronies who support Najib despite 1MDB scandal

Osman Sulaiman with Dr Mahathir

A change of government happens all over the world. It is nothing unusual but what happened in Malaysia has a significant impact on its citizens and neighbours.

For the first time post independence in Malaysia, United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) is not the government of the day. The fall of UMNO is not squarely on the shoulders of Najib Razak, former Prime Minister and leader of the party, but of its cronies who continually supported a man despite mounting evidence of corruption and scandals plaguing its leadership.

The pillar of support for Najib after the revelation of 1MDB embezzlement scandal is startling. If those around him had enough gumption to decide collectively and make amend to replace Najib, Tun Mahathir would probably not have contested and Umno would probably still retain power.

But life goes on for the average man on the street. Either for the better or worst. How the new government performs in the coming years is crucial.

If the new government shows it is serious about good governance and deliver on its promises, then Singaporeans can take a leaf out of the Malaysians that a regime change is not always for the worst.


by Khan Osman Sulaiman

* First published on Osman’s Facebook page.



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17 Responses to “Fall of UMNO lies with its cronies who support Najib despite 1MDB scandal”

  • N.Jungne:

    Thank you Khan Osman Sulaiman no end to Greed

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  • A Good Lesson for Opposition..:

    It won’t be a smooth handing and taking over of power.

    After 60 years, many things have been taken for granted.

    Good to observe how Pakatan Harapan handles the takeover of power.

    A good learning experience and do ask PH to share the problems faced.

    It will help when our very own Coalition Govt takes over after the next GE!

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  • opposition dude:

    If 1MDB is the cause of UMNO’s downfall then Keppel O&M will be PAP’s.

    Start beating the wardrum while this is fresh, PAP needs a constant reminder that what has happened in Malaysia can very well happen here too.

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  • never voted pap:

    the najib stink is NOT 1MDB. everyone, whether malaysian boleh folks or Singaporean 70% sheep, knows all political parties in the world need money to function, especially to buy votes and allegiance.

    it is the najib GST that did in najib umno.

    that is why pap PA with the abuse of S$billion not a sound from 70% sheep. because, probably, 70% sheep knows the pap PA abused S$billion is used to buy all those brand new T-shirts they wear at pap PA events and the free chicken rice they eat during pap PA events especially during election rallies which they attend unknowingly and the free bus rides to election rally sites during general elections. and many other such things political parties need to do especially when in possession of S$billions.

    it is the clown GST rising from 7% to 9% after GE2019 that shall do in clown pap.

    anyway does it matter that pap kaputs? NO. like Dr Mahatir, no one is looking for revenge. rather, everyone is looking for the rule of law to function once again in Singapore, not the current one pap law two pap interpretations.

    and does it matter all the pap Ljs and pap Cbs run road after GE2019? NO. like Dr Mahatir, everyone believes INTERPOL shall be effective in bringing those pap Ljs and pap Cbs who run road back to Singapore courts under New Government.

    all in, what malaysian boleh folks have done is commendable. although they are similar in many ways to Singaporean 70% sheep, one thing is clear. when najib GST hits hard, the malaysian boleh folks hit back harder. voila. pap kaputs after GE2019 because Singaporean 70% sheep knows clown GST is no brainer squeezing blood out of stone and so clown pap must kaput.

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  • Bapak:

    Knowing Dr M, he will go to the end of the world to dig out all evidence about 1MDB and put all the guilty ones behind bar.

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    If PAP does NOT replace after the accusations by his siblings and the POWER held by the Jinx…Happy days are Here again…Surprise!!! Sheeple Tsunami!!!

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  • 15mil MY vs 3m sg:

    Mr Osman should aspire to be as great as Dr M.
    Although its perceived that Singaporeans have been too severely brainwashed for them to wake up, Malaysia shows there is hope for sg.

    SG is 5 million people, mostly brainwashed.
    But Malaysia has 15million .
    Malaysia is able to wakeup their 15million.

    Sg opposition only need to wake up 3 to 5 million SG.

    LTK cannot be compared to DR M. LTK is a no body if compared with him.
    We need a real opposition leader.

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  • rukidding:

    Singapore will soon be “taken over” by Malaysia !

    What “drives” a Country to “succeed” is its People’s Pride to be “associated’ with their own Country and their GOOD Leaders !

    We have lost our “steam” and our “Pride”…as evident by the “evaporation” of “Kallang roar”.

    I was there to withess Malaysian voting and the swearing in ceremony.

    The atmosphere certainly reminds me of our own Kallang roar !

    The JOY, PRIDE and CONFIDENCE and the “ONEness of Satu Malaysia” can really be felt !

    Its a pity that we, Sinkaporens has “lost” this kind of feel and drive !

    All ‘diluted” and “contaminated” by a “rojak” of so many Foreign “opportunist” coming to our land and “stealing” our RIDE,CONFIDENCE and $$$….and to make the feelings worst….our own Leeders and their Cronies have even the cheek to “marginalised” further !

    What is happening to us now,…is the same as what was happening to our Malaysian frens ,(past) !

    Crooked Leeders and Greedy Cronies will surely “ruined” this place further.

    True blue Citizens will become sillyzeans !

    Lets make a CHANGE for the BETTER !

    GO LOOK FOR YOUR BALLs ….you “balless” 70% !

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  • Change We Must:

    Najib greatest mistake is to implement GST. GST affects the low income group and favor the rich more. This kind of taxation sounds good but hard to stomach for the lower income group and small businesses. Many countries see this kind of taxation affects their voters base, that’s why many Asia countries did not bother to implement it. GST affects Najib rural support base where the rural folks knows about cost of living but don’t know what the hack about 1MDB. He played with fire not knowing its danger. India is another country going to happen to Modi’s government once the COL starts to be felt by the people. Similarly, PAP don’t play with fire like Najib.

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  • Ang Dennis:

    Mahathir! We need u in Singapore to kick out PAP too!

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  • LIONS:

    Malaysia boleh!
    Sekarang tak boleh *own$elves pay own$elves*!
    Tun M says to ask those who *makan* to *contribute* back to the Nation,politicians n rich businessmen alike.

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  • Situation Same As Singapore:

    Situation On Malaysia

    High Cost Of Living
    Implementation Of GST
    1 MDB Corruption
    Najib many Blunders

    Situation In Singapore

    High Cost Of Living
    Increase In GST
    PAP Legal Corruption – Ownself Pay Ownself Millions
    Keppel’s Corruption with PetroBrazil
    Ho Jinz Secret Salary (millions ?)
    Pinky’s Many Blunders

    In both countries, the public is getting angry at being screwed by The govt and elites. They have a Dr Mahathir. We need to get our version of Dr Mahathir

    Pinky is very worried.
    PAP better get ready to run for your life.

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  • Batukoyok:

    Ang Dennis:
    Mahathir! We need u in Singapore to kick out PAP too!

    Shame of you!

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  • A New Hope:

    We need to go back to the good ol’ days where we can drive across the causeway without the checkpoint. Hmmmm Whatever happen to “And even from my sickbed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and I feel that something is going wrong, I will get up.” His rival DID just THAT!

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    “If the new government shows it is serious about good governance and deliver on its promises, then Singaporeans can take a leaf out of the Malaysians that a regime change is not always for the worst.”:

    Very strange statement: “If the new government shows it is serious about good governance and deliver on its promise…”: – now would the new government not be serious about good governance etc in the first place. You mean to say it is playing the fool or what???

    “then Singaporeans can take a leaf out of the Malaysians that a regime change is not always for the worst.”: why would Singaporeans need to take a leaf out of the Malaysians, of course, they can do the same as Malaysians, it s a bloody no-brainer statement.

    Please lah, don’t insult readers.

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  • No power??:

    On a dark night, Rosmah (Najib’s wife) berates him furiously.
    She tells him, “we are now in the dark here. I told you to call the electrician, but instead you call for the election. You see, now we’ve got no power”.**

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  • BOOM:



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