Dr Mahathir has finally made Malaysia a democracy

* The following is a comment that appeared on MalaysiaKini and has been edited (shortened) for clarity for discussion.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has finally made Malaysia a democracy.  Malaysia finally has a two-party system, as how I defined it in my last piece. I have no idea how the losing party will redefine itself, but that is not important. What is important is that the former prime minister has finally broken the choke-hold that Umno had over the Malay community. He has unleashed the genie from the bottle. What has he released?

Mahathir has released that sense of freedom of choosing and sanctioning elected representatives that is the basic requirement for a functional democracy. He has stopped our slide into a failed nation status and has demonstrated that Malaysia is truly a democratic and moderate Muslim country. Do not underestimate this moment. Do not slide into cynicism. This is how it feels like when a country is born.

Yes, this is the birth of Malaysia. A Malaysia for which the people who voted decided what they want this country this be. A people who chose not to remain under the thrall of money, handouts and racial and religious preoccupations. A country born out of desire for change and to reject a kleptocrat who had shown no interest in reforming this country, but maintained that cash is king.

The people have spoken. Cash is not king. The people are king. The people decide who they want and who they reject. They, the people decide, if you are worthy to lead them, and not that you have the right to lead them. Politicians should remember this. The current incoming government should remember this. Most importantly, we the rakyat should remember this: that the people decide.

There will be many challenges that we face. But what is most important is that we now know we can face them as Malaysians. We understand that if we can throw out a hegemon that has ruled us for six decades, we can surely throw out a coalition which will govern for the next five years.

Politicians understand now that nothing should be taken for granted. You may play the old race games but when people have tasted freedom, they do not so easily want to give it up for the benefit of unscrupulous politicians.

“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”

- Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

S Thayaparan



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12 Responses to “Dr Mahathir has finally made Malaysia a democracy”

  • LIONS:

    Dont underrate this doc.
    He faced off with IMF during AFC by angmoh *financial disruptors* way back in 1997.

    He stood up to Soros.
    Respect to this Asian.

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  • DOOM:


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  • PAP.Guarantee.Win.GE2020:

    Average Singaporeans are not easily fool into believing such article.

    Readers beware: Opposition will crash Singapore.
    Watch this Taiwan Parliament fight video clip.

    Democracy is freedom without having to take responsibility. It is lawlessness.

    Ringgit dropped upon Opposition winning the election.

    And there will be a lot of fighting drama in boleh land parliament just like Taiwan.

    We PAP expect Ringgit to drop further till RM 5 to S$1 when their GST is removed. Simply because Boleh land had no money to service their debts.

    Average Singaporeans don’t care
    Average Singaporeans support PAP 9% GST hike to give 9% salary increment for Ministers
    Average Singaporeans support PAP demand of Singaporeans to be cheaper, faster, better
    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat Huat Huat

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  • Evil Curser:

    I think PAPi is the only one waiting for them to fail or in total chaos so that they have more bragging power of how good they are.
    So Malaysians should remember to love more of PAPi.

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  • Average Taiwanese:

    Average Taiwanese got minimum wage.
    Average Taiwanese no longer have to worry about going bankrupt due to medical bills.
    Average Taiwanese got no NS after 2018.
    Taiwan has less than 5% FT.
    Taiwan Cost of Living ranked 34 (SG ranked 10).
    Taiwan Purchasing Power Parity ranked 20 (SG ranked 40).
    Taiwanese Quality of Life ranked 22 (SG ranked 32).
    Taiwan Crony-capitalism index ranked 10 (SG ranked 4)
    ALL Taiwanese MTR more reliable, no signaling problem, not over-crowded.

    Watch this Taiwan Parliament fight video clip.

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  • Change We Must:

    Can Malaysians trust this old fox? Lets see!

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  • Sperm:

    He said something like there was no rule of law.
    Now he will install it.

    He said something like the Attorney General is to lose his job for what he has done.

    He said he treats the four coalition leaders as equals.

    He gave Naji power.
    He now strips him of power.

    With all the money, Naji is still an unhappy boy.

    Money dun bring you happiness.

    Political power does.
    Without power, you will be prosecuted.

    This is why politicians fear losing power.

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  • Guess:

    Go by Law ?

    So lim eng guan case should continued until proven not guilty ?

    So should Anwar be pardon ? Should there be a retrial to prove his innocence on the ” back door ” case.

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  • tolong lah....:

    Tun M…..please come liberate Singapore….tolong lah….

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  • derek louie:

    No to GST in Malaysia and what about us. What kind of tsunami will Sinkies have in 2021???

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  • Meritocratic bluff:

    According to my analysis, Malaysia will rise from now on….

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  • HarderTruths:

    Major correction – The PEOPLE of Malaysia have made Malaysia a democracy.

    Politicians can only become corrupt if people allow them to.

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