A Warning Shot to the PAP

Apart from the pull factor of the irrepressible Mahathir Mohamad, analysts have identified two other key factors that led to the shock Opposition victory in the Malaysian elections.

Firstly, the 6% GST introduced after the 2013 elections has been a sore point with Malaysians. While the country’s macro economic fundamentals appear sound, the majority of Malaysians have found the going hard, with the cost of living surging beyond their means.

The Opposition’s promise to abolish the GST – which Mahathir has reaffirmed since the election victory – has been a sweetener to voters.

Will the Singapore government take heed? It has yet to make a compelling case for the impending hike in GST and the genuine fear for Singaporeans is that costs will keep surging once the hike kicks in.

For the Opposition, it is a no-brainer to make the GST hike a key issue in the next Singapore general elections. It could yield results for them.

Malaysian voters have revolted because their pockets have been hit hard – will the PAP heed the warning signs?

The other crucial swing factor in favour of the Opposition is of course the 1MDB scandal. In Singapore, there is no such parallel, no bombshell of such proportions.

But there is one thing that could, like 1MDB, be the straw that broke the camel’s back – and this hinges on whether allegations by PM Lee Hsien Loong’s siblings and nephew prove to be founded.

In particular, the allegation that there is the ambition and the intention to perpetuate a Lee dynasty. Already, PM Lee’s son, Li Hongyi, is gradually being cast in the spotlight and is seeping into the consciousness of Singaporeans.

If suspicion turns into reality, and Li Hongyi is brazenly thrust into the political arena, then Singaporeans would recall the string of denials and feel they have been bamboozled and made a monkey of. It could just be the thing to erupt into a political and electoral tsunami against the PAP.

It is timely for the PAP to take stock. The tide can turn when voters feel they have been taken for a ride. The warning shot from across the causeway has to be taken seriously.

Somehow the prevailing notion is that Singaporeans are too lackadaisical to be jolted to revolt at the polls. The spectre of such a scenario seems unimaginable. But then again, even the most seasoned political watchers did not foresee the tsunami that toppled Malaysia’s Barisan Nasional after 60 years in power.


Augustine Low

* The writer is a proud but concerned citizen. Voicing independent, unplugged opinion is his contribution to citizen engagement.



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27 Responses to “A Warning Shot to the PAP”

  • spoilt for 53 years:

    For a party that has never been defeated for over half a century,
    And a population like Singaporeans, there is no way they will change.

    Being spoilt by the people for 53 years, a spoilt child cannot change.

    Furthermore, they have changed the laws to such extent and controlled the people to the max.

    So, only External Forces can bring them down.

    No Singaporean can topple them.

    Singaporeans are selfish and self centered and most importantly timid.

    Democracy cannot exist.

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  • Time for change is NOW!:

    Issues like HDB prices turning to zero @99yo; GST n never ending price hikes overboard; n now this present issue, the probability of lhl’s son continuing the LEEDynasty…should be topics every alternative parties’ priority to focus on..
    I think even the ‘older’ new citizens oso getting fed up..they must have thought sg was a land of milk n honey. Well, mayb for a while at least for them.

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  • Chin Ching:

    The PAP’s time will come. Arrogance will be the downfall. But the Opposition needs to firm a coalition. WP cannot do it.

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  • guf:

    Next is Temaick/G, now they said we are in debts!

    And they proposed more changes to entrap our CPF and stop us from using to pay for HDB!!!

    We need accountability and transparency!

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  • Too Late:

    Hahahaha, no way! Sinkies neither have the balls nor the far-sightedness to do what the Malaysians did. The current rulers can rest easy.

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  • Too early to celebrate:

    Firstly without Dr M , will PH win ?

    Majority of the population = malay.

    Without malay swing their votes, whats the success rate of PH ?

    Majority of population in sg is Chinese . Chinese … Traditionally higher tolerance level or … In not so nice words … boh chee . And as somone mentioned 大事化小,小事化無 characteristics plus old timers loyalty.

    Not so easy to replicate similar outcome.

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  • Boh Kia See:

    It is obvious to me that the allegation of the Clown wanting to perpetuate the dynasty is correct. The Clown is methodically introducing his progeny slowly and in a low key manner to the public. So before you know it, he will be in your midst.

    That is the plan all along.

    Further, there may not be an election of the kind that we are used to. So there is no risk of losing an election. We have not heard anything about there being an election yet but there all the talk is about 4G leaders.

    There cannot be 4G leaders for Singapore unless the PAP is elected again. So why are they talking about 4G leaders as though the elections have already been won.

    So the opposition parties should plan for all contingencies.

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  • oxygen:

    LEE-JIAPORE SURE DON’T HAVE A 1MDB parallel, we got one BIG SH*THOLE – the Asset enhancement politics scam and its nexus with CPF – incapable of resolution.

    PEASANTS PAID FOR LAND, the only permanent asset in public housing but got no title to it. This is the rape of the century on peasants of PAPpys gold digging.There won’t be any integeneration transfer of wealth created by the Baby-boomer generations through sheer hard work, sacrifice, educational uplifting and absolute loyalty in political obedience of dictatorship now betrayed. PAPpys are greedy to impossibility, incompetence of economic management to increduility, arrogant to high heaven and completely out of touch with peasants’plight and reality.

    - the retirees can’t monetize their fake assets of lease public housing promised by PAPpys asset enhancement scam and various estate upgrading crap using our peasants money

    - the millennials paid through their a*uses for inflated BTOs pawning their CPF money meant for future retirement needs

    - two generations (with grave consequences for later generations to come) trapped without CPF progressively vaporize to nothing when their housing lease expires.

    - PAPpys population recycling economics continues to marginalize locals to extinction irrelevance.

    - 4Gs mostly sneaking into position of power by the GRC backdoor are totally clueless of 3G failures and DO NOTHING of alleviation of the grave damaging consequences of asset enhancement politics scam bundled up with CPF entrapment to mortality of aggravation. Either the 4G are clueless of what has gone so badly wrong FOR MORE THAN A DECADE under the failed 3G or they are stuffed up with disingenuity and wealth accumulation of their own from their mouths to their a*uses that they no longer care for the peasants.

    PAPpys needs a good election caning to wake them up.

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  • Have Lah:

    Malaysia has 1MDB. We have GIC and Temasek losing billions. In both the PM’s wife has too much power. Ours looks manly, Malaysia’s looks like a hippo.

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  • Bapak:

    It wont happen here cos Sinkies are daft! The moment BN imposed GST after GE2013, the next GE they kick them out, smart. Here in Sinkland, daft Sinkies allow them to continue for so many years.

    Do you know how much have Malaysians save by kicking BN out? Sinkies deserve to be screwed. Now you understand why your sons & daughters couldn’t find job? Who want to hire stupid people, especially from stupid parents’ gene!

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  • Susan Balboa:

    Augustine is hallucinating.
    He sees Malaysia Boleh he thinks SG also can do the same.
    This shows his ignorance and wishful thinking.

    Singaporeans are not Malaysians.

    Singaporeans are characterised as fear-controlled people who gave up all human rights. This means regardless how bad the situations is, get hikes, new taxes, HDB depreciate to kosong, gerrymandering, losses, lack of transparency, ruled by law etc, their fear ensures they dare not retaliate.

    Their fate is sealed.

    They traded social justice for the freedom not to be harassed.

    Totally divided and isolated. Weak and timid.

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  • Singapore tsunami:

    why is a warning shot when it is a done deal clown pap is going to be voted out by Singapore tsunami just as najib umno was voted out by malaysian boleh folks?

    when a jobless 70% peasant has to pay GST it is already blood out of stone. when GST keeps rising how long can any peasant even the 70% peasant can tahan?

    without a job where does the 70% peasant get the means to pay GST?

    so not warning shot to clown pap but a done deal just as najib umno is a done deal.

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  • never voted pap:

    many say GST 9% is the nail to clown pap coffin.

    we say clown pap cronyism nepotism incestuous relationship abusing citizens CPF money also ensure rust proved nails to clown pap coffin.

    we also say the one pap law two pap interpretations seals the nails, rust proved, to clown pap coffin securely.

    because of what has happened to najib umno we are energized to work harder each morning in coffee shop to remind 70% sheep Singapore tsunami shall take place. we are 100% confident if new Government can form over najib umno New Government can form over clown pap.

    we shall remind 70% sheep daily of clown pap BS. on Thursday when najib umno died clown pap revived clown pap conversation with 70% sheep.

    after GRC defeat in ALJUNIED GE2011 clown pap instituted national conversation and won big GE2015. clown pap thinks 70% sheep likes conversation so clown pap is thinking clown pap can con 70% sheep again with national conversation GE2019.

    we say nah. GE2015 was a fluke shot never to be repeated. it was 70% sheep sentiment to departed pap evil scum lky and nothing to do with any clown pap conversation.

    anyway clown pap is a gone case just as najib umno is a gone case. just need to remind each other we are not seeking revenge from any pap Lj or pap Cb but to seek the rule of law. and if any pap Lj or pap Cb runs road with their S$m after GE2019 we aren’t worried because there is INTERPOL.

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  • Legalized Salaries:

    Spore has “NO CORRUPTION” or no 1MDB comparison, but they have official legalized world highest obscene monthly salaries pay to all Ministers and Civil Servants for a small country with only 5 million populations.

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  • Over to Sg:

    Hand over the reign to Anwar soon, now that you have toppled the evil BN regime. Go over to Sg as FT to create another history by getting rid of the Lee dynasty, and all the useless and hopeless yes-men, and help stupid Sinkies start afresh, DM.

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  • What do you think?:

    Besides the siblings accusation of a political dynasty, other factors, besides the impending increase in gst to 9% will be:-

    1. Cpf is not your money as alluded by a handicapped ncmp and approved in parliament by pappies

    2. The wife’s pay n bonus is not transparent besides using tax money as investment, the amount lost is half-heartedly disclosed in spits and spats. Tharman says no benefit to disclosure? Let’s see!

    3. Cpf keep on shifting goal post of mature date………denial that cpf is used for investment…….how much lost not disclosed

    4. Ministers draw 3 paypackets…….1 minister 2 mp 3 member of town council! Where on earth got 3 paypackets? Cardboard exercise uncles cannot even collect 1 pkt.

    5. Historian got a putdown by shame and called a liar in pariahment! Gracious where?

    6. Hougang town council persecution?

    7. Additional laws to catch freedom of expression…..think fake news! And the list goes on……….paper generals, mrt breakdown, airport t5, tuas port expansion…….HDB $1 million……….and on!

    2020 shall be the time Sinkies have to return the favour to Malaysians, what fo you think?

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  • The Patriot:

    Mr Augustine Low,

    I beg to differ that Singapore has no parallel like 1MDB saga in Msia. Msian populace until now still do not know where are all the money in 1MDB go to. We common Singaporeans also do know where are all the money in Temasek Holding go to.

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  • rukidding:

    Sinkaporeans are “Dreamers and Ball=less”.

    Most still hoping their “99 year Nest” value can go up…and thus “dare not” vote for change !

    All, still “dreaming” of Windfall Cash ????

    No wonder we are labelled DAFTs by the same Party Members we VOTED for……what a joke indeed !

    Its like being “slapped” by someone and ,..yet,..we can smile and say thank you instead of FU !

    Its like watching your loved ones being “Fcuk” or “rape”…by these “devils” …and yet we dare not do a thing but keep quiet about it ????

    What has happen to Us ????

    Is “artificial wealth $$$$$” more important than doing what is RIGHT ?

    Our Leeders are already themselves “inviting” outsiders to “drown” you and yet we are being made to “protect” them???…how foolish indeed !

    If we cannot find back our “Balls” within this two years,…than, you have really “asked for it” yourself !

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  • Michael:

    DrM singapore need you

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  • Bystander:

    Try sneaking in the rascal Lee Hongyi into Parliament, we will boot out the white monkeys, then make GIC and Temasek account for the $b losses made overseas.
    Likewise in Malaysia, enough is enough.

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  • Return My CPF Money:

    Return my HDB money, why am I paying for the land price and upkeep when I am not given the share of returns of land value at end of lease??

    Lau Goh still owes every citizen a Swiss living standard and explanation on zero-value HDB asset enhancement scam.

    Where is out CPF reserves?

    We will kick the evil PAP out to seek the truth!

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  • Halimah Say One:

    Halimah called for bold idea. How about limiting the PM to two consecutive terms? Bold enough?

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    What do you mean by “There is NO such Parallel”???…The Billions losses in the Bank Meltdown…the KindergartenABC with another akan datang…Fees & Bonus Leegally collected NOT counting the salary…

    Jib Kor’s 1MDB is chicken shit in Comparison

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  • LIONS:

    A warning to People’s Arrogant Party; an example to sg oppo.

    Unity is Strength.

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  • Bapak:

    She should be bold enough to admit she is an Indian.

    Halimah Say One:
    Halimah called for bold idea. How about limiting the PM to two consecutive terms? Bold enough?

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  • oxygen:

    MALAYSIAN BOLEHS SENT A SICHUAN-SCALE EARTHQUAKE to Putrajaya – the repeat tremors of after-shocks is being felt throughout the Asean region – and will be for years to come.

    Business watch in disbelief a 60-yr titanic – though rusting at the core – sank so deep unloading gigantic political corpses in its wake. The longevity excess of Barisan Nationals hid tonnes of skeletons in the cupboard – in just two days of declared public holiday, Dr. Mahathir has “uncovered” over RM800 BILLIONS of national bank borrowings from financial institutions according to Bank Negara sources – the incoming administration is worried the amount to likely exceed RM1 trillion.

    That hidden govt borrowing compared to M’sia 2017 GDP base at nominal prices of MR1.352 trillion to prop up a fake economy is worrying.


    How much of that is in rising US dollar? How much is it was from financial institutions in Singapore? Is Malaysia heading the way of the next Argentina with tsunami effects on LEE-jiapore’s banks and regional economies as foreign money pulls out en masse? Is the a political earthquake going to trigger an economic earthquake within Asean region.

    If the Asean economy is hit by a financial crisis emanating from Putrajaya, the repercussion could be big of lasting damaging economic effects. Is this why Present Tense and Kee Chiu echoing of “closely following” of the political earthquake in Malaysia and its likely aftermath?

    If the banking sector is shaken, there could be sudden credit tightening of credit. Interest rate will rise. I suspected that those recent en bloc deals will collapse into the domain of non-viability, financially and will be aborted. Those property-mad Sinkies rushing into the bidding war chasing the next property hunt will be trapped at a time when global trade tensions is disruptive to global growth and economy world-wide.

    THE LESSON TO LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE IS THAT NEITHER POLITICAL NOR ECONOMIC STABILITY IN LEE-jiapore rest with or in the control of PAPpys. So buying-property-vote-PApys is just STUPID CHILDISH NAIVETY. LEE-jiapore survival and prosperity cannot improve by PAPpys but only aggravating of adversity by its demonstrated incompetence and arrogance in denial.

    If Malaysian boleh so determinely heave out Barisan National – the incumbents in Jarkarta and Leejiapore are just as vulnerable of unceremoniously turfed out into the dustbin of history. Angry voters, ignored, has no consideration of fake legacy and endless tales of prevarications of 1% truth, 99% lies, fantasy and propaganda reinforced by no-thinking stopped-thinking dictatorships.

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  • Chris Bong:

    I will not be surprised that after the defeat of BN in the last election, LHL must be re-thinking his game plan. Will not be surprised if PAP plays Santa Claus when Singapore’s election is round the corner. They will promised the world to con Singaporeans just to stay in power; like no GST increment, reduction in water bills, HDB lease will be extended by another 100 years. Knowing how gullible and stupid Singaporeans are, they will lap it all up and vote for them again.

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