Former PAP MP Inderjit Singh naïve to think that PAP’s DNA can change

Former PAP MP Inderjit Singh

Former PAP MP Inderjit Singh seems worried that PAP will meet the same fate as Barisan Nasional.

In his latest FB post, Inderjit has offered sound advice, eg listening to the people, making bold changes, etc to his former party members.  No offence to Inderjit but I believe his advice is akin to “playing piano for the cow to listen”.

After decades of easy money, addiction to power, abuse of state resources, etc it will take more than a miracle for PAP to remain in power.

According to Inderjit, the issues which contributed to BN’s loss are also similar to issues experienced by Singaporeans, eg high cost of living.

PAP did not listen and will not be listening soon, ie not only has it recently increased costs across the board, it has already planned to hike GST after the next election.  And Inderjit thinks there’s a possibility of 4G leaders listening?

Inderjit: “1MDB was a serious issue but the people in power used all tools at their disposal to hide the truth ….”.

But don’t we have an issue that’s many times bigger than 1MDB, ie opaqueness surrounding the investment of hundreds of billions in state reserves and CPF?

Inderjit mentioned making bold changes which will not be meaningful if they do not include changes to the non transparent ways of running the government.

The government should not continue to conceal all information which belongs in the public domain. Even BN does not conceal a fraction of the information concealed by PAP.

One reason for BN’s loss was its focus on infrastructure development, “an irrelevant 50-year-old strategy“.

But isn’t this precisely what PAP is doing today?  How can bold changes, ie move away from the brick and mortar economy be introduced when PAP is the biggest landowner in Singapore?

Like BN, PAP has continued with its focus on mega-infrastructure development, an irrelevant 50-year strategy to generate economic growth.

Inderjit: ” Moreover, BN (PAP) again reverted to the old election tactic of handouts and dangling carrots like public holidays and tax exemptions. This showed that they were out of touch with the majority millennial voters who wanted accountability and transparency more than anything, as well as bringing Malaysians (Singaporeans) back to the core and fore.

Again, hasn’t PAP been doing exactly – and planning to do so before the next GE – what BN had done before being voted out of office?

On why BN lost, Inderjit concluded that it was due to chronic “corruption and kleptocracy” and fortunately, Singapore does not face the same issue.

However, Inderjit is clearly wrong on this count because our situation is far worse than Malaysia’s.  It’s just that our one-party government has been able to sweep everything under the carpet.

The degree of corruption in government is an unknown because there are no independent bodies, ie CPIB is under the aegis of the PMO.

Inderjit should not expect 4G leaders to miraculously listen to the people after 5 decades of an unspoken never-mind-what-the-people-think policy.

It is strange that Inderjit has quoted from not-my President Halimah’s opening address in Parliament.

Halimah’s message to 4G leaders was drafted by …. 4G leaders themselves. Like their predecessors, 4G leaders continue to live in an echo chamber.

With a 4G leader and MOE Minister Ong Ye Kung proclaiming a one-party rule for Singapore to succeed, Inderjit should know that no medicine can help PAP at stage 5 of cancer.

Inderjit should have known that since the scheming LKY (LKY = PAP) became Singapore’s ruler, PAP has always been about control, no transparency and accountability, engaging in propaganda through the MSM, profiting from the people through corporatization of public services and giving million-dollar jobs to cronies and relatives with the “right heart”.

4G leaders are in politics for the money and power and the DNA of PAP cannot change.  Is Inderjit really that naïve?


Phillip Ang

* The author blogs at LikeDatOsoCanMeh.



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23 Responses to “Former PAP MP Inderjit Singh naïve to think that PAP’s DNA can change”

  • Down fall coming soon!!!:

    Well Said Inderjit, it is time for the downfall and i really see that coming with the implementation of 7 to 9% GST in 2020, lets wait for this to happen!!!

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  • Singapore tsunami:

    the only way to investigate where all the S$ went is to have New Government.

    there is no other way.

    najib umno demise and najib run road to jakarta are good indications the forthcoming Singapore tsunami is all good.

    we are dying to know how many freehold landed properties the lee gang has in Singapore. we are dying to know how much clown wife is paid each year.

    more than this, we are looking forward to having a rule based Singapore once again, not the one pap law two pap interpretations.

    the Singapore tsunami is now gaining momentum. for a better Singapore run by a better group of Singaporeans.

    like Dr Mahatir, we are not seeking revenge. rather, we are seeking for a law based Singapore. and we are not bothered when the pap folks run road with their S$m. because there is INTERPOL.

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  • Will PM lets head rolled?:

    Agreed, he is just naive as Singaporeans are daft and naive. Nothing can make Singaporeans for the insidious condemnation of Singaporeans like the Indian Chineses or Chinese as the Indian Malay dubbed forcibly by the party as Malay to meet up their mistake not to forsee such obvious violation of Constitution and the unnatural passivity of the community betrayed by th plps in the kampongs, the chaitowkwei and no problem to import foreign pmets threats issued by the arrogant shit which lky woukd have no hesitation to kaput just to patch up the eroded part of the smoke screen, such glaring lie that uni degree no use etc…To redeem these gross evils, would the nepotic successor have the damn guts and courage to let heads rolled even if they are his loyal plps. What 4th Generations of leaders more likely barbaric scumbags filled with greeds and self gratification and glorification. The rots has been growing extensively even into the harems of plps that Singaporeans cannot but becoming shockingly awared by how badly they have been wayanged by compliancy, a timely wake up call by the exiled siblings and gorilla fixed inmate. Heads have to roll and the proportion is too big for the imbercike to handled. The MOD abuse of power to grant equivalent to no NS and going on to waste billions without any contribution except once again replacing a SIN expert with a foreign nepotist. It would beed a non plp bureaucracy to address these issues and right it legally. But as rightly feared by the exiled primal nepotist and his family the structure rots beyond repair and redemption. The plp rewarding scheme has been so entrenched that honour becomes liability of plp exposure.
    Yes, would Singh be inspired by Mahathir formally strong exponent of BN but now bring now the rotten structure and starts a new structure.?Would Tan CB, Tommy Koh & the like former loyal plps be similarly inspired? Though this seem remotely impossible becausevthe spine has been to deformed to remain so without hope of recovery. Men with integrity will always be so are men without. It would be really moronic to hope these fallens be honourable which they know not.

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  • Stop look follow:

    No amount of talk can change the pappies! The only one to change is the Voters!

    Change your Vote in 2020 and the rest will be history.

    We will then be on par with big brother Malaysia. Stop look follow!

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  • Photo PAP unique scumbag:

    The photo tells it all. These arrogant scumbags. Chinese despicably calked that tiny shits.

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  • oxygen:

    POLITICAL CULTURE JUST LIKE CORPORATE CULTURE, you can’t simply regulate it once entrenched. It has to be hit by a crisis situation of failure and only from a near death debacle will there be reforms from within.

    Hishammuddin Rias, Malaysia’s former Defence Minister of the Najib era said exactly this – from the wreckage, they must try to unite and only from a disadvantaged position in opposition undergo transformation of reforms to survive meeting pressures for change or simply perish as irrelevant.

    PAPpys have got to be brutally caned too in an election setback so huge that it wakes up from its slumber. Old dogmas and existing failed political culture have to be shed. Otherwise LEE-jiapore has to dump them into the dustbin of history forever or it too will be gone.

    G3 has turned LEE-jiapore into a torrid mess of public housing/CPF/employment/public transport/healthcare and cronyism everwhere (Mahathir said Najib turned Malaysia into a mess – indeed it was secretly borrowing more than $800 billion Ringgit from financial institutions), 4G is either clueless of the disintegrations around them or simply filled up with disingenuity from their mouths to a*uses.

    Inderjit Singh warning is apt and timely but PAPpys won’t change its stripes. Malaysia did not felt the wind of change, it got hit by a tornado – sh*ts fly everywhere. We will be the same when the time comes.

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  • N.Jungne:

    There’s nothing that can stop KARMA, the barn-owl came and went. The warning was not heeded, anyway serve you right, Mr Singh he wouldn’t listen.

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  • oxygen:

    THE MOMENT OYK SPOKE OF MULTI-PARTY SYSTEMS COULD RUIN SINGAPORE, I came to the easy conclusion that he is irrelevant, clueless of capitalism and why he must not ascend the political ladder any further. Why?

    He lives in capitalistic economy. Doesn’t he observes and understands that capitalism is an economic system based on free and competitive markets, private ownership and minimal government regulation. Govt’s role is minimal of intrusion except in the provision of public service, law and order and conduct of international relations.

    Pluralism & competition in all sphere of political economy is what makes capitalism ticks. Govt does NOT know all as PRESENT TENSE told foreign journalist as also Govt do not have a monopoly of virtue. It is a society that tries to balance power between business, government and the public so that no one group overpowers another. There will be special interest groups – neglected by broken laws and institutions – whose needs have to be taken care of instead of oppressed further.

    For OYK to assert publicly that multi-party politics could ruin LEE-jiapore prove his naive intellect of political economy in the real world despite his much vaunted credentials achieved in London School of Economics no less. The only place one-party rule that makes progress in economic history is probably China – BUT THAT IS DIFFERENT because China is at the beginning of its development cycle of infrastructural development and urbanization -same as Singapore in the 1970s/early 1980s. Past that, we failed as Professor Krugman warned PAST TENSE in 1990 which went unheeded. PAST TENSE wrongly thought that he makes waves in an ocean churned by turbulence of globalisation and technological change. Wooden’s promise of Swiss Standards of living fiction showed how ONE-ARMED SWORDSMAN mentality cannot thrive successfully in capitalistic economy of so many integrated moving parts and each part itself is ever changing. PRESENT TENSE FAILED POPULATION RECYCLING ECONOMICS PROVES YET AGAIN – one-sided political dogma and economic cock-eye must fail – something with Tharman said to be both politically and economically stupid.


    China is HUGE, it can fail and collapse 40% of it economy and still rejuvenate from the remains of the economic corpse. If LEE-jiapore fails and the decay destroys living cells of just 10% of its economic structure, WE ARE FINISH, the economic corpse is TOO SMALL before the maggots eaten up the rest. OYK better remains in education minister.

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  • rukidding:

    How much “credible rating”" would you gave to an Indian who “magically” become a Malay ????

    “Do Good, do together” ????…..really ???

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    Inderjit-Cheng Bok and a few others FORCE into retirement are the Rational Thinkers NOT the Conditioned Parrots and Attack/Barking Tailless Dogs…they should return to politics as Independents or Form a Breakaway Party with the Reformist in PAP and Destroy the Dynasty ONCE and for ALL!!!

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  • Great Asia:

    The Great Asia has been using “talking birds” to describe the feudal lord and his team of PAP fat cats, including those from the PAP 4th generation.

    Because they are nothing but talking birds – too rich, too successful, too self-serving, and too ignorant of the reality on the ground.

    Ask you one simple question: The PAP talking birds usually talk like the BN politicians, or the BN politicians usually talk like PAP talking birds?

    They are the same – too snobbish.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • LIONS:

    Time FOR CHANGE.
    We need to CHANGE this current COMMERCIAL GOVT back to a PEOPLE’S govt.

    Tun M said COALITION IS IMPORTANT for his success.
    So,why are WP N the rest of sg oppo parties waiting?

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  • Great Asia:

    How old are you? How many books have you read so far?

    PAP fat cats are all highly educated scholars.

    They have read hundreds and thousands of books, all sort of books.

    These highly educated monkeys will listen to you?

    Ha ha ha!

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  • LIONS:


    You say it correctly.
    $in Incorporation has been impoverishing ordinary sgs via excessive PRACTICES N POLICIES that raise the already globally high COL here even higher.

    Time to STOP THIS EXTREME GREED OF THE ELITIST$ before more sgs are WIPED OUT socio-economically.

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  • Great Asia:

    US$600,000,000 being transferred into the personal account of the PM. Even if the money is not linked to 1MDB, it’s still a very serious matter.

    If you deposit S$600,000 into the bank, do you think the bank is not going to ask you any question?

    In Malaysia, Najib can receive US$600 million (2.4 billion Ringgit) cash into his personal account.

    You go and imagine how corrupted the system has become.

    How about Singapore?

    Who dares to check the accounts of PAP fat cats?

    Ha ha ha!

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  • opposition dude:

    Nothing wrong with Inderjit trying his best to advise his ex party to change. What he knows we already know and that it is his party won’t change until they aren’t in power anymore.

    It’s difficult to change when one is far too comfy with how things are going. Nice big fat salary, everything going your way, people afraid to vote more opposition in etc etc, which political party in the world would not want this?

    Cast your minds back to 2011 when PAP lost their GRC, it was a shock to them simply because they never expected it. In response to losing the GRC they came out with the PGP and kuai kuai cut their pay. I do not expect anything much to happen should PAP lose another GRC in the next GE because they have gotten over that psychological shock a long time back. You want change then you must be brave and take risks in voting in even more opposition, something like 35% to 40% in parliament.

    All political parties fear losing power and PAP is no exception. It would be a great shock to goondu Loong should he suffer the same fate as abang Jib after being in power since even before the day he entered politics.

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  • Rabble-rouser:

    But Malaysia is not S’pore! Malaysia’s population is nearly 6x bigger than S’pore (which had to rely on a foreign population growth policy). And unlike S’pore, they don’t having an ageing problem & there is no shortage of land nor resources (food production, oil & gas, building materials) to accommodate a future generation. In truth, M’sia will recover & move on. But S’pore’s problems are emerging & will only get worse.
    The problem with S’pore are;
    * S’pore had reached their limits of the growth maximization almost 2 decade ago;
    * There’s no more land to optimally house a comfortable number of people. PAP are pushing way past the boundaries of reasonable space, opting for a hyper urbanized lifestyle that’s unsustainable;
    * S’pore have no economic backbone ie. a strong local industry or core competencies;
    * The only industry left in S’pore is to destroy existing land & buildings, replaced with more expensive ones (resulting in higher psf, higher rents, etc) & repeat process throughout the island;
    * The demographic profile is ageing – no thanks to LKY’s Stop at 2 policy & pressure cooker cost of living eco-system. Even the Foreign Legion are bringing their old into the population count;
    * The job creation mechanism in S’pore are based on COCKROACH CAPITALISM – gig-type food delivery callouts or ride-sharing services/PHV. No medical benefits, no leave, no corporate safety nets – providers are deemed sub-contractors. A huge contradiction to the high cost of living & high real estate costs in S’pore;
    * PAP Economic remake policy of a corporate tax haven & wealth management Centre had hit a rock. Trump’s tax cuts, foreign govt tax authorities are putting an end to such practices. China, Indonesia & The Philippines enacted Anti-Corruption measures (China), Tax Amnesty (Indonesia, Philippines) to stop capital flight;
    * No clear leadership within the PAP. PM LHL is on cruise control mode set by his father. He is dearly hanging onto his old man’svcoattails eventhough he’s already dead for over 3 years – reading & rereading his old speeches for clues & directions;
    * From the top to the bottom, all in S’pore are clueless of the future. The mentality had been set by the late LKY who wanted people to do it his way or face the highway! Those who choose the highway, emigrated, never to return. Those who stay were programmed to obey & comply, never to question authority. But when LKY fell in 2015, everyone including his son & PAP are still looking up to him for directions & for commands. Where is he? Those who are in S’pore are doomed!
    What I’ve said may rake S’poreans but better the truth than living in denial!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Great Asia, you asked “Who dares to check the accounts of PAP fat cats?”

    Just do as what the Malaysians did! Vote the PAP out and we can get the answer!!!

    GD Star Rating
  • oxygen:

    @ Philip Ang


    A good example of this is CPF policy – PAPpys locked up our CPF to mortality. In common law applications, it is THEFT OF PRIVATE PROPERTY. It is also against trusteeship statutory law because there is no such a thing as perpetual trustee arrangement. Perpetual trusteeship allow the trustee to silently and insidiously confiscate the trust assets under the trustee’s management and control – waiting for the beneficiary to die off – and keeps it as his own property thereafter.

    Just imagine this – if investors of ETFs or mutual funds cannot cash out their investment but locked into perpetuity of funds imprisonment to the mortality of the investor – by the fund manager or the manager of the ETF. WHO WOULD DARE TO INVEST IN THAT MUTUAL FUND OR ETFs? You might as well hand over your money to a daylight robber on the street and say thanks to him/her in gratitude.

    But 70% of the daft Sinkies are too stupid to even begin to discover they are stupid to impossibility. The PAPpy robber barrons on the side will ever change its ways to balance up social injustice when peasants already submitted to their political and financial thuggery?

    I did say – DREAM ON – unless and until you vote them out.

    Philip Ang:Inderjit should not expect 4G leaders to miraculously listen to the people after 5 decades of an unspoken never-mind-what-the-people-think policy

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  • Life in a hard place:

    Lowest median wages among developed nations, highest indirect taxes, lowest welfare funding, and year upon year of the highest cost of living in the world =
    Major cognitive and emotional dissonance in the common Singaporean.

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  • Cant imagine how...:

    Malaysia’s new PM has won a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.
    The brave n smart citizens helped him achieved his ambitions for the good of all.
    Sgs will enter the same book as the stupidest n cowardest people in the world.

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  • American take on cpf cronyism?:

    “In conclusion, the President must be permitted to remark that he looks upon the pending question as of higher consideration than the mere transfer of a sum of money from one bank to another. Its decision may affect the character of our Government for ages to come. Should the bank be suffered longer to use the public moneys in the accomplishment of its purposes, with the proofs of its faithlessness and corruption before our eyes, the patriotic among our citizens will despair of success in struggling against its power, and we shall be responsible for entailing it upon our country forever.”

    -President Andrew Jackson:
    Message Read to the Cabinet on Removal of the Public Deposits

    GD Star Rating
  • nizhemoshou:

    of course he is not naïve. Says a lot when he can say SG doesnt have chronic corruption n kleptocracy. Just goes to show he is still a pappy at heart as he has benefited from being a member of lightning party.

    GD Star Rating

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