Hospital bill increased by 2,500%?

My regular insider ES sent me the following very interesting information from 1985:-

In 1985, the surgical charges 6 bedded (inclusive of facilities fees) table 3 to 7 was only $200 – diagnostic charges for x-ray and lab examination was from $5 to $40.

According to the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) web site – the bill size middle for ward C (National University Hospital (NUH)) table 7A – heart, bypass surgery (coronary artery bypass graft) without angiography, is now $6,058.

So, does it mean that the costs in this example, may have increased by about 2,500 per cent ($6,058 divided by $200) from 1985 to now, after accounting for the ward and other miscellaneous charges in the total hospital bill?


Leong Sze Hian



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6 Responses to “Hospital bill increased by 2,500%?”

  • LIONS:

    Medical costs have risen at more accelerated pace than even housing.

    Many jobless n retirees will feel the heavy burden of footing for their own medical bills.

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  • oxygen:

    PEOPLE WITH TIME ON HAND goes to private hospital in JB for non-urgent/life critical CT scan and results/evidence out in half an hour, it costs LESS THAN HALF of what he/she will pay doing the same in “subsidized” public hospital in LEE-jiapore.

    A scan is a scan whether do you it in LEE-jiapore/JB or Sydney or Hong Kong or USA, it is exactly the same procedure relying on the same technology of less than a few minutes.

    SURELY THE USE OF LABOR COSTS AND ELECTRICITY costs in JB CANNOT account for the huge differential of 100% difference to the patient. Private hospital in JB has far fewer customers than public hospitals in LEE-jiapore and their overheads costs such a depreciation of expensive medical equipment is spread over smaller numbers of customers. They should be more expensive than LEE-jiapore by all accounting and logic BUT IN ACTUALITY much cheaper. This ANOMALY need further scrutiny and explanation as it defies logic and accounting of costs allocation.

    IS PUBLIC HOSPITALS IN LEE-jiapore not profit making of intent and actuality of operation? Until someone provide the evidence of costs accounting to fine details proving the contrary, I DON’T BELIEVE OTHERWISE – it is a profit-making business.

    REMEMBER THIS – A & E charges are different for each public hospitals in LEE_jiapore but within each public hospital the A & E charges for ALL PATIENTS is IDENTICAL SAME. Some went in for stroke, other for car accident, other for fever, still others for stitching up for bruises – all different causes but the “costs” billed is the same yet claimed not profit-making?? IT IS ILLOGICAL TOO, huh!

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  • N.Jungne:

    The “Flex-Medisave” for deduction has been increased, so spending is not felt.

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    Singapore Public Hospital is a BUSINESS…NOT a Public Health Service provided for the people

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  • Maxchewy:

    Just 5 years ago my first day surgery at sgh to deep inject steroid etc onto my face for nerve pain relief (trigeminal neuralgia) costs $700. Since then I’ve had abt 7 other similar day surgery jabs abt twice a year. The charges for the same 40 mins jab kept increasing from $700 till the latest one in nov 2017 shocking bill of $3k. Only needed the pain specialist and an X-ray tech to op the machine. Over in 1 hr after resting. Dunno why it should cost $3k. No way I’ll be willing to pay this humongous bill as my CSC gold card settles it 100%. The pain from having to pay the $3k wld have been greater than the nerve pain itself! I’ll rather suffer the pain than pay $3k for just a deep jab of steroids and anaesthesia. Methinks $700 should logically have been more than sufficient. I’m sure this nerve block jab costs much less elsewhere. Uniquely Singapore!

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  • sam:

    Our friend, KBW paid $8 for a bypass. If you divided it by $8.00 how many
    percent had it increased?

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