Malaysians showed Singaporeans how to vote

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The May 9th Malysian general eelction is useful lesson is that in life, we have a choice and we have to choose wisely for our decision
will not only affect us but our family as well. In the case of an election, it will also affect the direction the nation takes, how it
is governed and what freedoms you enjoy.

The ability to make decisions – and not just act on instincts – is one of the factors that separates us from other animals. When we go to the shop, we make a choice about which brand of a particular product to buy. When we go to vote, we make a choice, too. The difference is that when we vote, the decision affects not just us but every citizen. That is why it is considered a sacred duty of a citizen.

If we choose well, we and our children can enjoy peace, freedom and prosperity; if not, we have to suffer the consequences.

There’s yet another life lesson that will be familiar to voters: When people need your help, they will even crawl before you and beg,
but once they achieve their goal they may not give you a second look. In elections, voters are wooed by politicians, including Datuks, Tan Sris and Tuns. When you meet them after they win, they may consider it your good fortune that they have taken the time to see you or say “hi”.

A related lesson is that we have to take the promises of people – especially candidates and political parties – with the proverbial
pinch of salt. And if we re-elect a candidate or party that does not fulfil its promises or reneges on them or makes our life difficult, we
should look up the word “fool” in the dictionary.





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18 Responses to “Malaysians showed Singaporeans how to vote”

  • LIONS:

    We must not forget ELECTION IS A 2-WAY STREET.
    FIRST,THE OPPO MUST MEAN *BUSINESS* BY UNITING before the PEOPLE van unite behind them?

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  • Bapak:

    In Sinkland PAP keeps changing dictionary until fools don’t know what is ‘fool’ means.

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  • Time to vto:

    We oso dun want revenge…we just want the whole white gang to stand in line , bow n say sorry to all of us sgs, for failing as our leaders…then vamooz from our sight forever….cuz the new gov will be taking over….all this to happen on the next GE.

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  • Singapore tsunami:

    more than one 70% sheep a day. that is the target.

    hit hard on the fact najib umno died because of 6% GST.

    hit hard on the fact clown pap goes up to 9% if 70% sheep votes pap.

    remind 70% sheep GST is an evil tax on those without income. it is as good as squeezing blood out of stone. and the number of jobless local born at 40+ 50+ 60+ is large. and we don’t need all 70% sheep to turn. just 20.1% shall do the job nicely and get the pap Ljs and pap Cbs, alive or dead, to reveal the sources of their S$m wealth and how come one family can own so many freehold landed properties in such a small island.

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  • AJ sgs:


    must agree with you.
    sad but true.
    oppo is still too fragmented and we cannot pretend that it is okay.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    We can start “Restore the rule of Law” in SG in 2020. Don’t forget SG can also recover millions dollar.

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  • Opening the can of worms:

    We sgs dun even kno for sure if theres going to be a next GE. the way this G change or tweak rules n laws so often ,to forward their political futures, nothing is etched in stone these days.
    Anything can happen. Scary thought!

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  • consensus by manipulation:

    the 70% will not wake up. in the weeks after the 154th mass media will start to demonize malaysians and their mandate and run stories on how mahatir screwed up.. and how Change has not done anything for them.

    As usual, the 70% daft will fall for this …

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  • Change We Must:

    For Singapore oppositions to be a force, they have to follow PH in Malaysia. Form an alliance and choose a leadership team consisting of all component parties and agreed on who will be the potential PM and cabinet ministers. If everyone wants to be boss, then this will not happen.

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  • Cant imagine...:

    Dr M has won a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The msian citizens helped by being courageous to vote him in for the good of all.
    Sgs will win a place in the same book for being the stupidest n cowardest people in the world.
    Change begins with each one of us…if dun want to, then continue to suffer at the hands of the miws unfair policies n rules that only favour themselves.

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  • Holy Family Church:

    If you meet George in Holy Family, he will pretend not to see you, let alone a smile or a hi!

    Welcome to the real world………no need experience one in politics……….look at Trump………at 70 just got employed.

    The more experience you have the more trouble the people have……..don’t have to say, right?

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  • Bad Boy:

    Lim E G as finance minister and he answer i dont consider myself as chinese. I m a malaysian.

    How ? pro china fans , any words of wisdoms or criticisms from you all. When we give same amswer we are singaporeans , you label us as bananas . So what you going to label Mr Lim ? Durian or malay tua kee is it ?

    Obviously many are not interested in PRC’s 大中華沙文主義 。

    About time another give Xi a blow in the chest.

    So PRCs will again comment why they dont want to 認祖歸宗 ?
    WTF. 一碼歸一碼. Dont mix.

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  • What’s PAP hiding:

    PAP gives out half truths, hide information from the public and reward themselves handsomely.

    PAP easily passed legislation to deny us our rights to peaceful demonstrations.

    Msia is now a beacon of democracy while SG is a dictatorship all but in name.

    You may agree or disagree.

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  • Boh Bian = Boh Brain:

    The words KIA SI is never associated with Malaysians.
    That’s the difference.

    SG cannot achieve the same. Impossible. NEVER!

    KIA SI means just that.

    SMLJ also Boh Bian . 53 years of surrender.

    It’s easier to just migrate.

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  • iScream:

    An elephant chained up from young now even tied with just a raffia will not try to break free. It has lost its will and given up resisting. Thats sporeans.

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    What is the difference between Singaporeans and Malaysians.
    Malaysians all Boleh. Singaporeans all tak-Boleh.
    Singaporeans kia su, kia si, kia everything.
    Malaysians everything BO KIA.

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  • How Would You Vote?:

    Singaporeans are a practical lot….

    1. Scrap GST?

    2. GST to increase to 9%?

    Will the 69.9% still support a 9% increase in GST?

    You tell me…

    Very rare that the Opposition is ‘given an advantage’ before GE 2020/21!

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  • Good Proof . . .:

    Papaya always cried – “Without Papaya, SG will crumble . . .”.
    The development in Msia is good -
    * there will be some hiccups.
    * but the principled personnels now have their day.
    If they stay united for the betterment of all, outlook is bright. :)

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