Why Anwar will have a problem with Tun Mahathir

Anwar Ibrahim

Under the deal that the two struck, Dr Mahathir will be PM and will seek a royal pardon for Anwar. When all that happens (time frame of two years) and Anwar wins a parly seat, Tun  Mahathir will step down and Anwar will become PM.

Well even assuming all these things come to pass, Tun M could still cause problems for Anwar. Tun M is more LKY than Harry. This is what Najib said recently about Tun M.

Mr Najib spoke of his falling out with Dr Mahathir, who has accused the Prime Minister of everything from theft to redrawing electoral boundaries to Umno’s advantage.

Mr Najib said Dr Mahathir presided over several district redraws and the recent changes were to “take into account some demographic changes”.

“I think he’s obsessed about control, about calling the shots, in fact, when we were quite close together he even suggested establishing a council of elders,” said Mr Najib.

“Of course, you can imagine who’s going to chair the council of elders and a sitting prime minister after every Cabinet, I suppose I would have to march to his office to get his consent.”

“He wanted me to do his bidding,” Mr Najib said.

Bloomberg via https://www.todayonline.com/world/najib-predicts-hell-extend-grip-power-malaysia-election-after-2013-vote-scare-1mdb-mistakes

Najib on Tun M



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17 Responses to “Why Anwar will have a problem with Tun Mahathir”

  • LIONS:

    Dont think this will be the case in this instance.
    They both want to do things in the national interest,for the PEOPLE.

    There will be more consensus this time around.

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  • Nevermind better:

    Nevertheless, people are given chance to be reinstated as key personnel unlike some elitism and yet claimed meritocratic country that only promotes their own cronies on relations and curry flavouring/personal bias. You know which nearest country is that. We can never see progress unless the people are as brave as their cousins.
    Everyday will just be a recycle of old hat tricks into seemingly fresh but inside stale stagnated policies that do no better than decades ago…We must admit that such system is long overdue that only benefits those who want to perpetuate it unless someone proves me wrong that any key personnel who stepped down from higher positions can step up again just like Anwar.

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  • Bapak:

    If Dr M keeps to his promises, it will be Answar to do major changes. But so far what he has done shown he is FOR the country & people. Not like one country “With You, For You” but ended up for themselves only. This country needs to change government too.

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  • polyform:

    nothing can change fate.(except casio watches etc…)

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  • MarBowling:

    May 12, 2018 at 3:49 am (Quote)
    If Dr M keeps to his promises, it will be Answar to do major changes. But so far what he has done shown he is FOR the country & people. Not like one country “With You, For You” but ended up for themselves only. This country needs to change government too.

    Response: think this time will be different. By kicking out BN, both heroes have sacrificed a lot. Both want stability and economic progress for the country and the Rakyat(people). Both are sensible indiividuals. That’s why they were able to cast aside their MANY differences and join hands to garner mass support from the Rakyat to make the Historical event possible on 9 May 2018!

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    Whatever he is Mahathir…He is NOT like the Bastard… Evil through & through

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  • Amos is a "loser". Really?:

    CI should grow up. Why believe Najib’s recent, self-serving comment on Mahatir? Najib’s loss of integrity after his involvement in the 1MDB scandal was last straw that destroyed UMNO and caused regime change in Malaysia.

    “Tun M is more LKY than Harry?” Why insult Tun M? Isn’t he is “better” than LKY? He outlived him and came back to win “big” (became PM again) using an Opposition party.

    BTW, does CI still think Amos is a “loser”? He won in US Court TWICE and got asylum. He also does not have to come back to Singapore to do NS. Looks like a big winner to me. What do you think?

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  • Time is now:

    The whole world is changing . Change is good..renewal. we learn from past mistakes..so in sg , change is a must!
    Looong overdue!

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  • Doing his own bidding:

    Wel, well, well, we all know how Najib held the entire nation to ransom with his criminal enterprises. No, he wouldn’t benefit from a council of elders … this juvenile narcissist just needs a good spanking from his old folks hehehe.

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  • Mainstreet Citizen:

    The political situation and climate then has changed – We’re in the social media age and Dr. Mahathir is already 93.
    At 93, Dr. Mahathir is more likely to want to leave behind a good legacy and making amends to reconcile with Anwar.

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  • Down on his luck:

    Like the adage goes, “The older the ginger, the spicier it gets.” Mahathir forging of alliance with his nemesis, Anwar was a maestro stroke with far reaching strategic political aims that caught the ruling party UMNO by surprise. As a 92 year old comeback politician, his time is quite limited. Mahathir is no angel but he knows well to stick to his promise for mainly 2 reasons. One, to resurrect his son, Mukhriz fading political ambition. Secondly, the Anwar today is no longer that of yesteryear, Anwar”s family is a political household name. Both his wife and daughter are season politicians to be reckoned with. Anwar will be the 8th PM of Malaysia. He will most likely serve for 1 term or so and pass the baton to Mukhriz with his daughter as deputy. As for Mahathir who has devoted his whole life to building UMNO is ultimately the very one to tear it apart.

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  • zoom:


    Tun Dr. Mahathir is already 93. He has been there, done that. You think he is still keen to hold on? He’s doing this for the country this time. It is already a super big achievement what he has done which is something many cannot do in many lifetimes. Assuming he was corrupt too, he would have already made his money when he was in power earlier. Believe he could have stayed on as Prime Minister earlier if money is what he wants but he chose to retire.

    Believe he would prefer to slide back into retirement.

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  • never voted pap:

    this morning in coffee shop discussion was joyous, and rife. the joy was because if najib umno can go, clown pap can go too. rife was because everyone present did not want to let this Singapore tsunami momentum gathering event from dissipating.

    everyone present agreed pap PA paid IBs shall be in high gear to disrupt the Singapore tsunami momentum from taking place.

    one young man at our table pointed out the national conversation pap is starting to hold with 70% sheep.

    an older woman told us to look for distractions from pap PA paid IBs. she said their intention ultimately is to prevent any momentum in Singapore tsunami from gathering strength.

    the four of us, being jobless and so nothing better to do, volunteered to remind readers in TRE about pap PA paid IBs and their evil intent to disrupt Singapore tsunami from gathering momentum by their posting silly non momentum forming pieces of pap PA paid IB sheets.

    one the very last day of polling najib umno was still talking about sharing gains if the malaysian boleh folks voted naib umno. but malaysian boleh folks made of better mettle gave najib umno the middle finger. so we are assured our 70% sheep shall also give clown pap the middle finger when pap offers free chicken rice free bus rides to pap rally sites S$300 pap GE voucher and such.

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  • rukidding:

    No need to guess who the writer is…just see title and you will know that Pappy and their IBs are “afraid” ….thus the “usual fear mongering”.

    Aiyo !….CI ,don’t waste time lah,…you and your Boss “days are numbered” !

    That is also why I say Pappy Well Wishes and Congrats to Dr M are “fake” and “insincere”…..exactly like CI,…they instead hope to see “more troubles” for our Malaysians friends than seeing this “Overturned” a Success !

    GOD has EYEs !

    Pappy will be NEXT TO GO !

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  • rukidding:

    How is it possible that an Indian Muslim can become a Malay Muslim ????

    Only Pappy and their Cronies know ???

    Go ask Dr M,…who is also an Indian Muslim whether what our Leeder is doing is “Correct” ???

    When Top Crooked,….bottom and all below follows to be “crooked” !

    Amazing how our 70% ,…sees it as “straight” and “Proper” ???

    Like the Hokkien says,….their Eyes must have been “stuck and pasted with $$$ ” !

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  • pap PA paid IBs epci fail:

    immediately when najib umno was defeated at the polls and failed to form government, pap PA paid IBs were activated in INTERNET to talk about malaysia ringgit falling to S$1 = MR15.

    this is exactly what pap PA paid IB said in TRE right after njaib umno was voted out of parleement (soon to be renamed back as parliament when Dr Mahatir team is in place), S$1 = MR 15.

    the main purpose of pap PA paid IBs crying wolf is to frighten 70% sheep into thinking their meagre S$ is going to lose value if they vote against pap and pap fails to form government.

    pap PA paid IBs are no longer allowed to talk about HDB values falling if pap is voted out since 2017, when pap Lj laulan wrong declared HDB value goes to zero at end of HDB lease, because the fake news is too obvious to send out.

    as everyone in TRE can see, whether 70% sheep or malaysian boleh folks, pap PA paid IBs are talking as cynical investors with ulterior motives.

    truth be told, and not as pap PA paid IB fake news, malaysia ringgit has in fact gained strength against S$ falling to below MR3 to S$1.

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  • We can do it!:

    If they are not up to

    it, let the opposition have a try!!

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