Malaysia: ‘Mountain of challenges’/ BBC analysis applicable here too?

Here’s the analysis of Jonathan Head, BBC South East Asia correspondent on the problems facing the new govt in KL. A good reason for reading it is because what faces the new govt there will be what the SDP etc face if the Oppo comes into power here at next GE or any future GE.

Yes the anti-PAP cybernuts are already predicting victory. Goh Meng Seng, Mad Dog and Lim Tean (Got time to register another Oppo party but no time to deliver on promises after raising money from public for video and rally:Where’s yr defamation video and jobs rally Lim Tean?) are already rehearsing their victory speeches.

Sorry back to the BBC analysis.

This morning Malaysia has woken to an entirely new situation, the first transfer of power in its history, albeit to a very familiar leader. But there are huge unknowns. How willingly will Barisan Nasional, the coalition which has, in various forms, run the country since independence and embedded itself into all areas of governance, relinquish power?

How well will a disparate coalition, united largely by their desire to oust Najb Razak, work together in government? How smoothly will the plan to gain a pardon for imprisoned opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, and then for Mr Mahathir to hand the premiership to him within two years, actually proceed? And how will they treat Mr Najib, and his high-spending wife, both accused of greed and corruption?

After all the jubilation over an impressive act of defiance by Malaysian voters, there is a mountain of challenges to face.

For anti-PAP cybernuts who can’t make comparisons this is for them:

This morning S’pore has woken to an entirely new situation, the first transfer of power in its history. But there are huge unknowns. How willingly will the PAP which run the country since before independence and embedded itself into all areas of governance, relinquish power?

How well will a disparate coalition led by Mad Dog Chee, united largely by their desire to oust the PAP work together in government? And how will they treat ministers accused of incompetence or corruption by the most rapid supporters of Dr Chee?

After all the jubilation over an impressive act of defiance by S’porean voters, there is a mountain of challenges to face.

Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor.



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23 Responses to “Malaysia: ‘Mountain of challenges’/ BBC analysis applicable here too?”

  • ganeshsk:

    Elementary my Dear CI.

    Just repeal the PAP passed laws in quick succession just has how PAP passes laws in parliament.

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  • Kiasu is in:

    CI can join Chua Mui Hoong in trying to differentiate between Malaysia and Singapore and why regime change does not apply to the latter. But it is no use. Why? Because of “kiasu”, an emotion stronger than logic, will likely determine how Singaporeans vote going forward. They will always ask if Malaysia can do it why not Singapore. Singaporeans will also not like to have Malaysians claim they are politically smarter and more courageous.

    Mahatir just announced Malaysia is abolishing GST. Singapore has perennial Budget surpluses more reserves than Malaysia but it is increasing GST to 9% after the next GE. Malaysia will also define “fake news”. How will PAP respond the above without appearing afraid of regime change?

    The regime change in Malaysia is a “game changer” in Singapore politics. PAP know this because Malaysia and Singapore are so close. What happens in one affects the other. PAP knows that Singaporeans will not allow Malaysians to look down on them. If this requires regime change in Singapore so be it.

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  • Be positive:

    Dun be so negative that it cant or wont happen here.
    If the PAP dun play dirty n ‘construct baracades’ every which way, a new gov can be a sure thing. Wont be easy but every success begins with the first step, doesnt it?

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  • LIONS:

    Dr M needs no angmoh kaypohs.
    He can n will resolve issues.
    He was the ONLY ASEAN LEADer who stood up to angmoh bullies during AFC.

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  • sinkies:

    Only when the cuntry starts to sink then will sinkies wake up.

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    You MUST be a REAL IDIOT CI!!!… Singapore civil service is a system well TUNED regardless of the Leegal CORRUPTION!!!…

    whoever or whichever OPPOSITION that takes over has a ClockWork system ready to serve…READ all if NOT most Past Head of Civil service comments during and after their services through well paid if slightly leegally(without caps) corrupt not of their OWN making but to toe the line???…and DEFINITELY not in Tandem with the LEEgally Corrupt Ministers & Cronies in the Govt Controlled INCs

    Ngiam-Cheng Bok and recently Inderjit are the few current with Ngiam so outspoken that he had to tone down in case he loses his pension…Tommy & Kishore are also the very NOTABLE ones with many more keeping their silence and if only you can hear their comment Behind Close Doors

    Be a Critic Constructive or Otherwise but for farksake Don’t be an IDIOT!!!

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  • MarBowling:

    This Bugger is one of those Dick Heads who predicted No Brexit, No D Trump. Yawning……

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  • oxygen:

    STUPID ARTICLE – political longevity breeds ossification of governance and economic modeling – that is why the change in Malaysia is inevitable. It is only a question of when the earthquake tremors.

    Every change, by definition, has tumultuous transformation from dead skeleton status quo. And without change there is no progress – also by definition.

    So I repeat, this is a DUMBFARKED article written by idiotic mind who is obviously afraid of change.

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  • A Pathetic Dog:

    As usual, loads of incoherent rubbish by an incorrigible PAP apologist.

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  • 鸟龙的人:


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  • opposition dude:

    Aiyoh if PAP does become the opposition overnight then give the new government some time to get things right. The most important thing is that citizens can see and feel that policies are benefitting them, not lip service which PAP likes to engage in.

    The civil service would have to work with the new government, no such thing as wanting to listen to PAP. Knowing how kiasee these big shot idiots are in the civil service they would be scared that they wouldn’t be able to continue raking in that fat salary.

    All that is needed is a simple reminder that if you do not want to work with the new government you will be relieved of your position no matter who the F you are or how high you are in the ministry. Let’s see how many will actually have the guts to go against the new government.

    The new government would have plenty to keep them busy since too much damage has been done by PAP. It remains to be seen just how soon the effects of, say, reducing the out of this world BTO prices bear fruit, the CPF Minimum Sum, the reduction of non Singaporeans on the island etc.

    Remember, the effects must be seen and felt by voters. We can already see and feel all the effects of PAP’s shitty policies in the last decade or so what with the super high cost of living here.

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  • "Look North":

    The Opposition slogan for the next GE is “Look North”. This refers to Malaysia where regime change made the country a REAL democracy with REAL accountability, in addition to abolishing GST and, earlier, ISA.

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  • rukidding:

    Either our Cynical Investor is “stupid” or he must be a “sour grape”.

    When you want to do “spring cleaning” for any “Festive or Home improvement”……everybody knows that they would have to overcome a “Mountain of work and problems”.

    But …a New Environment , a fresh paint , a Change….can really “boost up and improve one’s life”

    So,….what “cock” is Cynical Investor toking ?

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  • Pritpal:

    so you are a believer in BBC analysis but not your own. As a Cynical Investor please write your own views and not ride on others intellect. You are full of Shit ??????????

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  • AhKong:

    Now is a mountain of challenges but later will be an iron prison to escape from? ACTION NOW OR REGRETS LATER!

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  • Malaysia GE 5 takeaways:

    Below are the 5 REAL takeaways for Singapore from the recent Malaysia General Election.

    1. There is value and a need for an effective Opposition in Parliament. An effective Opposition is required for REAL accountability. It ensures openness and accountability in government

    2. Opposition parties in Singapore should form an alliance to defeat the PAP.

    3. Power corrupts and absolutes power corrupts absolutely.

    4. Singaporeans should be as politically smart and courageous as Malaysians.

    5. Mahatir is a better politician than LKY.

    BONUS: There is no way LKY (now in ashes) can stop regime change in Singapore.

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  • Worth it bbc:

    The people have spoken! It’s certainly worth it! Better than being plundered?

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  • Will GST still go up?:

    Malaysia’s credit rating is A and it is abolishing GST. Singaporeans rating is AAA (the highest) and it is planning to increase GST from 7% to 9%. Why?
    To keep the S$ strong? How has the strong S$ benefited Singaporeans who earn S$ but also spend in S$?

    Singaporeans can benefit from strong S$ if they are allowed to shop freely in Malaysia. But this is not the case as shown by 3/4 tank rule for Singapore cars going to Malaysia. Singaporeans also need to pay GST in Singapore if they bring in over S$400 worth of goods from Malaysia.

    Of course, GST increase can be canceled or postponed. But would this be interpreted by Singaporeans that PAP is afraid of regime change in Singapore and/or is there is really no compelling reason to increase GST?

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  • Unique and rare:

    There will always be armchair critics and sick people gloating over the success of others out of envy or sheer born stupidness or of a stunted brain growth or a sadist always happy throwing the spanner in the works types (there are many around) and the list goes on. For one thing against all odds “Mahathir took the road less travelled by, and made all the difference. He tried what no other dared, and saved his nation. This is the story of a true visionary leader in a time of crisis, and example for all countries facing speculative currency attacks.” (SCRIBD How Mahathir Managed 1997 Financial Crisis).
    Mahathir has done it again. He is a genius. He will be remembered as one of the giant figures in history.

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  • Singapore tsunami:

    this morning in coffee shop, a young man asked us what happens to pap PA paid IBs such as ci who frequents TRE when pap fails to form government GE2019.

    this is what we said. these Malaysians paid cents per post by pap PA shall be jobless. because pap PA shall be dismantled. only OPPOSITION PA exists with new staff and new true news policy, not the pap FAKE news policy.

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  • Singapore tsunami:

    anyway instead of wasting time with spineless pieces of pap PA paid IB sheet, it is better we do the necessary to prepare for regime change.

    1st, all OPPOSITION parties must now, today, quickly come to agreement and sign a document, a public document, detailing what happens once New Government forms, by coalition. our suggestion is, by the number of seats per party. assuming WP has 15 seats, SDP 12, RP 10, PP 9, OP 8, total of 54, then the two largest winners shall have the PM and DPM respectively, that is, PM from WP and DPM from SDP.

    2nd, the three key ministries shall come from the two largest winners, being Finance, Home Affairs and Defence. Finance and Home Affairs shall go to the largest winner, being WP. Defence to SDP. the reason Finance and Home Affairs must go to the party with the PM is because the PM can immediately activate closing of borders barring any pap Lj and pap Cb from run road and to initiate immeediate investigation of pap Ljs S$m and pap Cbs S$m and their abuse of power.

    3rd, the then PM must declare 5 working days of holidays, total of 7 including Saturday and Sunday. this is to enable New Government to be sworn in. as the INDIAN malay president may play punk and delay the process, a total of 7 days may not even be enough but let the New Government work on 7 days total to kick start the signing of the public document. the New Government can rewrite constitution to remove the need for any selection of INDIAN malay president. just Singaporean president shall suffice without need for any race based BS which is against our national pledge anyway.

    4th, the then PM, DPM, HAM, DM, together, must immediately remove the AG and CJ and Chief of police and Chief of military. on this note, it is best to have replacement candidates named in the public document upfront so that they can immediately take over as AG CJ Chief of police Chief of military and impound passports, a must, and make immediate arrests, as needed.

    5th, there must be a secret piece of document, to be made public as soon as PM is sworn in, detailing what to look for in the S$m of pap Ljs and pap Cbs, how many freehold landed properties they each have, and such.

    in summary, the public document, to be signed by the leaders of all the OPPOSITION parties now, today, detailing PM DPM, FM, HAM and DM is the means to focusing everyone to the task in hand, which is New Government, and not just to win GRCs to be members of parleement, but rather to rename parleement back to parliament.

    we tell the OPPOSITION leaders. if you think small and just want to contest and win a seat in parleement, please stop. because you are wasting everyone’s time.

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  • UniQ:

    PAP lost this coming GE :
    - The sun still Raise
    - The Moon still Shine
    - SG will still be SG, flag the same.
    - SG still needs to eat

    - SG Life will still be tough

    Finally, Life still goes on

    What’s the different ?

    A HOPE that SG will finally be release from the current bunch of IDOITS and Arrest those that spun our $$$$

    1 Word….SONG !!!!

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  • 路边一棵 松:





    现在看 看CI口中的 疯狗痴,他有什 麽?

    如果 有 一天疯狗 痴真的是盲眼鸡抓到虫,不敢想像那是会怎 麽样的景像!

    GD Star Rating

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