Malaysians have shown the Way

Malaysians have demonstrated that they are democratic and practised democracy! Are Singaporeans there yet? I don’t think so!

Singaporeans have by and large grow up with this mentality of not rocking the boat or fear change. And yet at the workplace and in school, they are encourage to change, to change for the better.

We need to change our clothes, we need new shoes, we need to relocate to a better, bigger house. This is the essence of change. Freedom to choose where to stay, what to eat, what to say! Got it?

Singaporeans seemed so helpless and hapless and have resigned to the fact that they will

Not able to get the CPF savings at age 55…..the rule book keep changing (did you see this word, ‘change’.

That the cost of living keep ‘changing’ upwards (change again?). Think change in GST in 2 years. Don’t forget cost of living will be coming down for Malaysians. No GST!

HDB flat……public housing….using your tax money to build costs $1 million…….Singaporeans like this change? Inertia of Singaporeans?

Fake news…….change in laws so that Singaporeans will not misbehave! Have you misbehaved? Is it necessary for this change or is the change to tighten the screws on Singaporeans? So that I can rule over you without resistance to ‘change’?

I am sure Singaporeans are logical, can think inside n outside the box. What is stopping Singaporeans to be the master of their own destiny? Change!

Our neighbour has shown us the way and send us the clearest message in 2018! What are we afraid of, ‘Change?’.


Gilbert Tan



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25 Responses to “Malaysians have shown the Way”

  • clown pap goes as najib umno:

    Are Singaporeans there yet? I don’t think so!

    we gently disagree.

    all humans are the same, more or less. there may the few utterly good such as Dr Mahatir and Ms Sylvia Lim and Mr Lim Tean, and the few utterly evil such as lky and clown and snakemugam forked tongue.

    the rest, more or less, the same, clustered in the middle. and this cluster of 70% sheep in pap Singapore is not different from the cluster in najib umno.

    many have offered reasons why naib umno died so badly.

    we say, and declare, the number 1 is the GST at 6%. because it hits the cluster the hardest.

    we say, and declare, now that 70% sheep has seen what can happen to GST if they voted against pap, some of the 70% sheep will turn. for sure.

    REMEMBER. no need all 70% sheep to turn. just 20.1% enough to do the job.

    anyway besides GST, the other incestuous nepotistic cronyistic S$m practice of clown pap and gang is stinking badly already. the 9% GST is that straw that breaks clown pap money bank.

    like Dr Mahatir, our next Prime Minister, whether Ms Sylvia Lim or Mr Lim Tean, must not be soft. must have no mercy. impound all the passports of pap Ljs and pap Cbs is the first thing after declaring holidays in Singapore. as we learn from Dr Mahatir, even with INTERPOL, getting the pap Ljs and pap Cbs extradited can be long drawn. and we are old. we hope to see all of the pap Ljs and pap CBs punished before we meet departed pap scum lky and laugh at his torture for all his lies and evil to fellow humans.

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  • Agong is Neutral....:

    He sweared in the new PM within 72 hours.

    You think our Elected President will do the same if Opposition wins the next GE in 2020/2021?

    Will our ex top leaders be prevented from flying off for ‘holidays’?

    There are many lessons Opposition can learn from Malaysia GE 14.

    Opposition must develop a SOP so that they will know what to do if they take over the Gahment after the next GE.

    Miracles can happen and do happen as evidenced by Malaysia GE 14!

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  • GST Still Going Up in SG?:

    Our neighbour going to scrap it within the next 100 days!

    You still want to try your luck by increasing it to 9%?

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  • NotMyProblem:

    “Our neighbour has shown us the way and send us the clearest message in 2018! What are we afraid of, ‘Change?’”

    The message is very clear, but Singaporeans cannot see. There was abuse of power. The Malay President was selected from an Indian. Li Shengwu’s uncle has a lot of dogs. Paper Generals were put in high places. Taxpayers’ money disappeared every where. Were these not clear enough?

    Singaporeans are not afraid, but just plain stupid and lazy. Waiting for others to do the “Change”!!

    Singaporeans always think they are smart, but did not see others are smarter.

    Can Singaporeans do what the Malaysians have done? Wait till 2020!!

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  • "Kiasu" will do the trick:

    Singaporeans are very kiasu. Many “looked down” on Malaysia and Malaysians. now Malaysians have something to use against Singaporeans. They have shown that they are politically smart and courageous. Now more Singaporeans will start seriously thinking of voting for the Opposition or even regime change not to lose out. PAP must be very worried. “Kiasu” is emotion. It often more powerful than logic.

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  • simi lan sai poon kia:

    Bert, yes they showed us the way, (thank you Malaysia!)
    but if we keep on turning a blind eye,
    then we deserve to fall into the abyss…

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  • Give change a chance:

    Change in sg has been long overdue…we missed it @GE2015… hope citizens are desperate enough this time around…the whole world is changing. Why make ourselves ‘prisoners’ of this suppressive regime called PAP?
    They are getting too arrogant , thinking theyre God’s gift to SG.
    Always remember, our SG is not the PAP…and PAP DOESNT OWN our SG!

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  • opposition dude:

    Well Gilbert Tan, you said it yourself with this part here -> “by and large grow up with this mentality of not rocking the boat or fear change.”. It’s precisely this reason why they have become so kiasee and just will not vote for the opposition. They have known only one government their entire lives anyway.

    I say it’s easier to concentrate your efforts for those born in the late 70s and after. The generations who lived in kampungs are gone case liao. The younger generation aren’t half as kiasee as the older generations are and unfortunately, are the ones suffering the most from the continued influx of aliens.

    When you have a family to feed in addition to a morethan 10 years remaining home loan to pay off you tend to think differently to a generation whose children are already working and who have already paid off their home loan and are retired.

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  • 鸟龙的人:

    今后马国人民钱包滿滿 发 发 发啊

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  • Chris Bong:

    I will not be one bit surprised when election day comes, PAP will start playing Santa Clause, they will start saying nice things and start givng concessions; like saying “yes we know how difficult to make ends meet so we will not increase the GST, we know you are afraid of your HDB being valueless hence we are increasing the lease by another 100 years, all citizens can withdraw their CPF in full, etc., etc.
    Singaporeans are gullible and stupid enough to believe this and will continue to vote PAP again. Fools never learn.

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  • Sinkie Fallacies:

    Many not so smart Singaporeans have this wrong thinking due to brainwashing :

    1. Garment must not be changed. It must always be one party rule till eternity.

    2. Democracy is bad and not required. No place for democracy in police state.

    3. Ruler must be regarded as right even when they are wrong. Thats just Life.

    4. Change is always a Dirty word.
    It can only be bad.

    If election allows for change of garment is considered bad, why did the stupid people not ask for election to be banned?

    Silkies always say Boh Bian and accept everything because they cannot think of alternative solutions. 没办法。 No Solution. Top in maths and science and Not a solution.

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  • LIONS:


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  • LIONS:

    In Sg,AJ patriots too have shown the way but WP has not try to unite the other oppo parties.

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  • rukidding:

    I attended Church service at one of Malaysia’s Church today.

    For the first time,….they sang their national anthem before the start of service.

    Very “touching” indeed , when you can “literally” see many had “tears of Pride” rolling down their cheeks.

    The atmosphere was really “charged with lots of Patroism “….better than our Kallang roar indeed !

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  • But...:

    But PH internally already not happy with the appointment ministers. Dr m and an war have 2 come out to extinguish the fire.

    Not even one week.

    It remains to be seen how things progress.

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  • Assho enhancement prg:

    Malaysians are a different breed though both countries are multi-cultural, religious and ethnic and lingual.

    What is different is Malaysians are not Characterised as KIA SI , KIA SU.

    Mr Kia Su is from Singapore .

    No country in the world is characterised as Kia Si Kia Sure except Singapore. For a good reason.

    The psychology of singaporeans is different.

    Their psychology has been shaped by police state mechanisms.
    Even more laws and changes may be tweaked or added to further control their psychology.

    Singapore is a hopeless case. Easier to just migrate.

    All your flats worth nothing eventually and it starts depreciating from 35 years of age.

    Your asshole enhancement program.

    Many assholes still think overpriced flat is worth buying because it’s value will keep rising as if there is no end to it.

    Knn, it’s a bubble lah, stupid!

    Malaysians much smarter than yew.

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  • Jefftan:

    Malaysia boleh. Singapore environment can only produce
    Employees, who are law abiding. True law maker are nibbed in the
    Bud. How can there be justification for a government that keep on
    Pressuring the local by substituting them. Furthermore the system
    Of cash is king is propagated by the incumbent.
    Bust will be one day. Not too far away I hope

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  • Uppitiness:


    But PH internally already not happy with the appointment ministers. Dr m and an war have 2 come out to extinguish the fire.

    Not even one week.

    It remains to be seen how things progress.

    Aiyah why so pessimistic. Sure there will be more problems to come. That’s normal, that’s to be expected anywhere, in any place. Because there are so many people with stunted poor quality brains. This is the lot that makes life sickening but at the same time exciting. These are the kinds and types that you find floating in societies everywhere that interestingly help sharpen your faculties and your senses with the constant thrust and parry. Imagine, without them life will be rather boring.
    Unless, unless, they completely dominate and bully you and ground you to a halt and don’t allow you to express yourself or to even think. Ask yourself where this zombie-like situation is happening now. Be honest.
    The trouble is sometimes people tend to think they are better off and smarter than others.
    Get off that high horse.
    Let our neighbors get on with their lives and wish them well and may they prosper.

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  • Ah Chan public bulls:

    Ah Chan looking for good person to lead… h Chan told a bulls and a cock. Pay and pay Is an in breeding leegime… talk god to listen for public ears.. internally all settled to keep the dynastic rule alive..

    Singaporean must united to take ah Chan out .. end this coffin bearer.

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  • Opposition Must Not Wait..:

    Pakatan Harapan started their campaigning way back before Election date was announced. They made full use of social media as their MSM(TV and Print)are also quite one-sided or dictated by you know who.

    Do not wait for the Election to draw near and then start campaigning. Do it regularly and consistently. Conduct walkabouts and get the sensing of what is troubling the voters. Walk the talk and get close to the People to win their trust. If the People see you appearing more often than the Elected MPs, then half the battle is won!

    Try to work out a common manifesto and band together like Pakatan Harapan. No single Opposition Party can do it alone to take over the Whites. Appoint a charismatic leader who the voters already like (e.g. Dr Tan Cheng Bock). If Dr Mahathir at 92 can do it, it shows that anyone can also do it!

    They are some ex-Whites who are also angry with the current Gahment. Engage them (similar to Daim, Rafidah and Yatim type). Fight for justice and equality and bring back democracy of not a different type!

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  • S'porean and M'sian at Kopi...:

    Malaysian – You Singaporeans not only kiasu but also kiasi. Malaysians are brave, we not happy with Gahment, we collectively (all races) voted them out.
    60 years so what? What have they done in the last 10 years? Corruption, Cronyism and Enriching themselves! We want a Better Malaysia for all, not only for the rich!

    Singaporeans – Terima kasih bro, you certainly woke us up! We are also fed up with 30% water tax, coming 9% GST, increase this and increase that, but pay no increase. Senior citizens are the worse lot; no income and cost of living goes up all the time. Su sa lah…

    Malaysians – Your opposition must combine and be like Pakatan Harapan or else no chance to change Gahment lah! Opposition must go around and talk to the people and let the people know what is really happening. Mahathir at 92 went on many many walkabouts, don’t only come out during Election, like dat how to win?

    Singaporeans – True lah, hope some hero will stand up and lead the Singapore Pakatan Harapan. We need change or else the rich will get richer and poor will get poorer. Sometimes we wonder our sons join Army to protect who? The rich is it? The poor protect our HDB house that will not be ours when it is over 99 years?

    Malaysian – Mark my words, one day the Ringgit will be stronger the Sing Dollar and we will come over to Woodlands to shop, to rub (your imagination) and to eat cheap seafood. Malaysia Boleh from 10 May 2018! Singapore Boleh from 2020? we, Malaysians wish you good luck!

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  • 70% are Ku Niangs:

    Sinkies are kuniangs. Graduates’jobs kena robbed by foreigners, and driven to become Grab drivers, workers forced into early retirement by FTs, kena pay inflated prices for HDB flats until left with no money for retirement, retirees’ CPF kena locked up, yet kwai kwai vote PAP. You deserve SHIT sinkies, if you still don’t wake up !!!!!

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  • Where is 1MDB Money ??:

    Reliable sources say at least 500 billion US in Singapore banks.
    Mahathir is very angry that so much Malaysian wealth residing in Singapore.
    One of the first things he will do is to get this money transferred back to Malaysia.
    I heard he is getting top lawyers from US to handle this.

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  • Python 5:

    go to 1.19.
    the old regime is now dismantled.

    ….2.05…an obsolete corrupt system.
    the civil service, judiciary, media, everything.

    its everything that is PAP. obsolete corrupt system, corrupt civil service, corrupt judiciary, corrupt media, corrupt everything.

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  • I am a Retiree...:

    I need $2k to survive each month.
    For every $100 spent, $6 goes towards GST.

    If no GST, I save $1,440 per year and that’s a lot of money for an old man. I can treat myself for a week’s holiday in JB or Batam.

    If GST goes up to 9%, it will mean I will have only $1,820 per month to spend.

    Maybe I need start collecting card boxes and old newspapers ‘to exercise’? Hope the monies earned is enough to buy medicine and balm for my old muscles.

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