Five truths about Malaysia and Malaysians from GE14

Malaysia is harmonious and non-violent

9 May 2018 is finally the date when the memories and nightmare of 1969 are finally laid to rest.

Malaysians showed that despite party deregistration and court cases leading to the election, despite arguments about religious law and conversion accusations. Despite heated campaigning, Malaysians voted, counted and subsequently celebrated peacefully. A dark stain on Malaysian history from 47 years ago has been erased. Agitators appealing to race and religion did not succeed.

Instead, political arguments were thoughtfully assessed and electorate opinion expressed in a matured manner through the ballot box. Since the time when our forefathers settled on this land, the people of Malaysia of all races, culture, and religion have wanted the same things, namely the ability to provide for our family and to educate the young. May harmony and peace be forever the hallmark of our country, and our similarities and common agenda unite us against those promoting division.

Malaysia has a functional democracy

Changing a government through elections is the hallmark of a functioning democratic system. Six decades after independence, Malaysia has truly shown itself to be a democracy. The message to Malaysian political leaders must be also noted, and it is that they are replaceable. When the same party and same people hold power for too long, they feel that theirs is an intrinsic right to lord over the population, that they are infallible, gifted and superior. This leads to abuse of power and corruption.

Meanwhile, the population starts doing what these political leaders expect and desire, regardless of legality and morality. Society rewards the subservient, not the righteous. Soon the incompetent obedient officer wins promotion over the industrious law-abiding one. Performance and service throughout the community then drop, together with the economy and living standards.

In changing the political leadership, Malaysians conveyed the important message that it is the voting public who are the paying employers and politicians who do not work for the betterment of the people can be dismissed. Hopefully, the culture of honest leaders serving society will replace the condescending corrupt behavior of those who think they cannot lose elected office.

Malaysians uphold their laws

Laws are made to ensure that justice is done, and no one should be above the law and interpret it for self-serving motives. The delay in officially signing the election tally and in formally appointing the winner suggests that there are those wishing to subvert the laws of the land. The fact that rules were finally followed must mean that the majority of Malaysians are fair minded law abiding and justice upholding.

Too often in the last few years those seeking to uphold the law were dismissed and those promoted blatantly perpetrate injustice. With this election results, Malaysians overwhelmingly reject such behavior and hopefully, the elected leaders will be more respectful, and keep within the bounds, of rules and regulations.

By changing the elected leadership, those in government should come to realise that if they abuse their power and formulate bad laws, they too can one day suffer abuse under these same unfairly crafted regulations.  When elected legislators know they can lose office and one day be prosecuted under the same laws they use to persecute others, they will be more thoughtful and careful in their parliamentary work.

Malaysians are new media savvy

Despite the print media and free to air television networks being fully behind the ruling party, their ultimate share of popular votes came in at 37%. Watsapp sites and Facebook postings are forwarded countless times. Speeches by opposition leaders are broadcast online attracting millions, and obviously reached even the most remote of kampong dwellers.

This suggests that the education and training of the young in Malaysia may be less difficult than many naysayers feel. After all, the internet is a giant library and educational tool. The challenge is to distinguish real from fake news, and to divert users from entertainment sites to educational ones. A tech-savvy population will be one that is able to adapt and grow in the new economy, and the success of online campaigning points to a bright future for Malaysia in the new online and AI era.

Malaysians recognise sincerity and repentance

Halfway through the campaign period, the opposition leader, and present Prime Minister, released a video titled “Atok dah tua”, in which he explained to two young children that despite his advanced years, he had to try to right the wrongs in the country, wrongs that he himself helped perpetrate. The video moved him, and many viewers, to tears. Watching the video, few could doubt his sincerity, and many would have been equally touched by his honest repentance.

Subsequently on the campaign trail, he climbed onto makeshift stands, endured long hours and travelled great distances to get his message to the voters. The electorate recognised that he cannot be seeking personal fame and fortune, and responded on 9th May by giving him and his new vision a roaring approval. Hopefully, those seeking elected office in future may be similarly motivated by altruistic nation building motives. Honest, morally upright political leaders promoting similarly conscientious officers point to a bright future for Malaysia.


Dr Ong Hean Teik

Dr Ong is a Consultant Cardiologist based in Penang, Malaysia.



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14 Responses to “Five truths about Malaysia and Malaysians from GE14”

  • Bapak:

    Whereas Sinkapore is in the mess much worse than Malaysia.

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  • "6th Truth":

    Malaysia’s regime change will also result in a regime change in Singapore. Singaporeans will not lose face to Malaysians. Singapore will also become a functional democracy, not a fake one.

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  • LIONS:

    Malaysian recognise sincerity and repentance.
    Dr.Ong Hean Teik.
    How true.
    DrM reconciles with Anwar n his family n work together for malaysians’ common good.
    That calls for wisdom n big-heartedness.
    Here,our oppo refuses to mend *fences* they imagine are there?
    Ego n parochialism block true n sincere COALTION.

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  • rukidding:

    Fat hope that we currently have “Morally upright” Leeders !

    Even an Indian can be “changed” and “recognized” as a Malay…just to “fit the bill” ???

    When Top “crooked”,….below all follow become “crooked”.

    Not just Professionals,…even Religious Leeders “had to bend backwards”….what a joke !

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  • Singapore tsunami:

    "6th Truth":
    Malaysia’s regime change will also result in a regime change in Singapore. Singaporeans will not lose face to Malaysians. Singapore will also become a functional democracy, not a fake one.

    thank you, bro. agree.

    it shall happen. because local OPPOSITION shall henceforth fight each GE to form New Government which is almost 100% chance instead of fighting like before just to enter parleement which is almost zero chance.

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  • Singapore tsunami:

    Fat hope that we currently have “Morally upright” Leeders !

    Even an Indian can be “changed” and “recognized” as a Malay…just to “fit the bill” ???

    When Top “crooked”,….below all follow become “crooked”.

    Not just Professionals,…even Religious Leeders “had to bend backwards”….what a joke !

    agree bro.

    but let us learn from Dr Mahatir who showed us it can be done.

    all is needed a mindset change for local OPPOSITION to fight as a coalition for regime change instead of previous error in just fighting to enter parleement.

    the theory is there and well tested. local OPPOSITION shall fight as a coalition to form New Government. now to put into practice is that NEXT Prime Minister to do the upfront work in getting the coalition paperwork signed by all local OPPOSITION who wants to have a hand in New Government.

    of course the smaller OPPOSITION cannot, and must not, big headed to want PM or DPM positions. but as long as realistic, a minister in New Government is far superior, and 100% assured, than the next to zero chance to enter parleement as a lone OPPOSITION member.

    we are passing the message. we hope that singular Singaporean, whether man or woman, whether Ms Sylvia Lim or Mr Lim Tean, can start now, today, to galvanize local OPPOSITION as a coalition in preparation to fighting GE2019 to form New Government.

    success is guaranteed. May that person, man or woman, Ms Sylvia Lim or Mr Lim Tean, stand forward. our support is assured. 4 votes.

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  • rukidding:

    Dr M did the video to “teach” the Young …to be Upright and be Responsible and owe up to own mistake and make right what you had wrong .

    Our Naked Emperor “hide behind skirts” and “form ownself select committee” to “make sure” he is “right” ( even though it was wrong).

    How to compare ????

    Even the TOP person who was an Indian…became a Malay ?…can “pretend” that everything was “Morally Right” ???

    Even Religious Leaders “backed” and think it is OK ???

    How could it be possible ?

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  • Jokers at the helm:

    On parleement session tonight, (from Mr Masagos) “Sg will grow its own brand of meritocracy”. WHAT???!!!
    and from CCS akan datang PM, ” challenges does not define us as Singaporeans”.
    ..and more, much more …..!
    I dun kno what to say.

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  • Bad Boy:

    Malaysians uphold their laws ?


    The former judge who trial and sentence Mr Andwar mentioned in an interview on newspaper that why should Mr Andwar be pardon and release ? Base on what ?

    Did he or did he not committed sodomy? Or Did he or not being set up ? What is truth ? Accusations and charges should be acquitted/ revoked/ cleared? This question remains unanswered.

    I m open minded and in western society may be is okay or westerners get used to such scandalous acts. But can modern muslim society or even a chinese society accept someone of such ambiguity status. If it okay with them, just say it and say it say it say it 5loud …. Say it clear.

    Remember A Y the closet pedo. Just for statement he expressed , youtube terminate his account. And thats USA , yet majority also dislike his statement.

    Lim eng guan property case also similar .

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  • Putu Mama Cherry:

    Malaysians believe in Social Justice.
    Singaporeans Believe in a One Party Eternal Rule out if Fear and Self Preservation aka Kia Si.

    In short, the Singaporeans who voted against opposition do not subscribe to Democracy.

    Their belief is Authoritarianism like a modern form of Imperialism.

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  • White Leaders Are Handpicked!:

    None volunteered their service to country!

    Look at the Opposition, they are all volunteers and they stand for justice and equality and demand what is legally right!

    Opposition MPs voted against 30% water tax, they voted against 9% rise in GST and they wanted accountability and transparency in our CPF monies, Nation Reserves, etc, but they failed due to their number of MPs in the House.

    We should give Opposition a chance and they should build a coalition to take on the Whites. Malaysia has shown that no single party alone can take down a 60 years old Barisan National and Pakatan Harapan did just that!

    Look for a charismatic leader to lead the Coalition and we will be on our way to a new Gahment after 2020.

    Malaysia Boleh, Singapore Lagi Boleh!

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  • DOOM:




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  • 5 Big Reasons Why BN Lost...:


    No Justice and Equality

    Voters Lost Trust in them

    Corruption & Cronyism so evidenced

    High Cost of Living Angered Population

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  • Don't Under-estimate Voters...:

    With social media, voters will not be convinced by what is reported by the main stream media (print and TV).

    You can’t bluff them anymore!

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