Years Of Serial Brainwashing Makes Singaporeans Stupid!

There is programming from the government to citizens through state media, social media, public and schools. These days, the text books are also altered to programs twisted facts and logic to students from young age. Looking at the chart of longest party in rule, everyone of them is a Communist Party, honestly Singapore is just camouflaged democracy, closer to Chinese model where one man and party can almost rule forever.

Remember when they wanted to increase CPF withdrawal or retirement age, there was this brainwashing on media and public saying old uncles who took their CPF end up spending on PRC mistresses. This reason was so popular that many people were repeating when questioned why CPF were entrapped further.

The second very unique was we were told if PAP loses power, Singapore economy would collapse, foreigners will take over our country and our children will become slaves blah blah to foreigners. Today, we saw Malaysia PAP version BN lost election, business was as usual. So you can see serial programming of our minds make us repeat what the government tells you. In reality, foreigners are taking over our country and we indeed has Singaporean working as maid for rich foreigner on Sentosa Cove.

The next was the constant talk if there are too many oppositions in parliament, the parliament cannot functions, there would be too many fights and squabbles. Today, the parliament is often empty, if they attend parliament, they would be sleeping or dozing off. If they want tackle an difficult issue, they use a party whip and whip 89 MPS to vote in unison. So this myth of having too many oppositions is also a political programming for their own political agenda.

When PH won the Malaysian election, the state media was out in full swing not to congratulate PH but to cast doubts repeatedly. It focused on telling the Singaporean sheep that 4 party coalition cannot run a country, hinting one party such as PAP can run country well.

Remember GST is for the poor? This programming? Where did the money go?Also remember, Foreigners create jobs for Singaporeans! $1000 can buy HDB!

These days, Singaporeans cannot think, cannot differentiate, they watch state media and news and repeat the programming without asking why.

Malaysians probably have free press and expose to authentic news unlike Singapore where almost all news are state owned and armed with propaganda. With so much literacy, we expect Singaporeans to be able to use their brains and think further and not to be easily programmed.

Open your eyes and think harder, don’t continue to take the BS from state media and its programming. Ask questions, ask around and check for answers, don’t be sheep waiting for the slaughter house.


Dr Tan Es



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18 Responses to “Years Of Serial Brainwashing Makes Singaporeans Stupid!”

  • LIONS:

    More like SELF-CENTREDNESS that makes them VOTE stupidLEE?

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  • C'est la vie:

    Ignorance can be educated, crazy can be medicated but there’s nether cure nor hope for ………… stupidity !!!

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  • Singapore tsunami:

    Dr Tan Es, thank you. very well said. agree.

    what do we, the 30% do?

    we must unite OPPOSITION.

    we have spent a lot of time going through Dr Mahatir speeches GE14. we think we know why our OPPOSITION did not amount to much in the past.

    it is because they start by thinking it is IMPOSIIBLE to down pap and so they contest with the timid small mindset to be just member of parleement instead of forming New Government and renaming parleement back to parliament.

    but in every speech, DR Mahatir emphasized over and over again he stood in coalition with DAP, his former enemy, because he said that is the only way to down najib umno which he was president for many years.

    so, from now, today, we must remind OPPOSITION not to think small and stand in GE just to be in parleement. NO. we tell them they must think big. they stand, in next GE, to form New Government.

    ok. some big heads in small OPPOSITION parties may want to be PM or DPM. NO. we tell them. form New Government first, gain the experience, then do the rest. so we remind these big heads in small OPPOSITION parties. what is wrong to be just housing minister and not PM in New Government? at least still a minister and more than this, can set rules to catch the pap Ljs and pap CBs who have abused power for their S$m.

    if we hear OPPOSITION talking like they exist just to fill seats in pap parleement, we tell them straight in their faces they are wasting everyone’s time because it ain’t going to happen that way.

    THE ONLY way is regime change, Singapore tsunami, New Government to right all the clown pap wrongs, rule of law in Singapore once again instead of one pap law two pap interpretations. best of all, to investigate how many freehold landed properties a single family can have in small island Singapore.

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  • Not only stupid:

    Most Singaporeans (around 70%) are not only stupid they are also spineless.

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  • "Elephant in the room":

    Going forward politics in Singapore will always have an “elephant in the room” – the regime change in Malaysia. The PAP will try to ignore it but Singaporeans will always be mindful of it. What is really “good” is that PAP needs to be very careful when talking about it because it cannot afford to insult/upset Malaysians and Dr. M. It can “trash” Malaysia to differentiate it from Singapore.

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  • opposition dude:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about PAP’s propaganda these days as they have shown they can’t even run a train system without disruptions.

    Social media and more disgruntled citizens have been making quite an impact on PAP these few years. I often see that ST has to run reports to counter something published online, one of which was the lie that botak said that PAP will not raise taxes this term until goondu Loong being goondu revealed that GST will be 9%.

    Sure, voters were easy to scare back then since not too many could think. If the same nonsense tactics were used today you can bet your HDB that there would be loads of online discussion countering what PAP said. An excellent example is the “Singaporeans own their flats” lie. We all know this was spewed out by PAP over the decades and now it has been exposed for what it really is, a big fat lie.

    And with the realisation, the older generations who wish to downgrade their old flats in Toa Payoh find that no one wants to buy them or they can’t sell it at a good price.

    So don’t worry, PAP these days isn’t frightening too many voters like they were in the 80s and 90s. We know how to hammer PAP on their shitty policies that even their IBs can’t convince too many to believe in PAP.

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  • State indoctrination:

    Its true…we sgs are slowly realising we are suffering from a double dose of stupidity and cowardice.
    How to medicate against it?

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  • Let's be fair:

    It’s fair to have doubts.

    Anyway PH not even 1 year to prove itself.

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  • Bad Boy:

    2018-05-14 16:33

    I guess this PRC author also brain washed.

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  • A rated high IQ stupidified:

    A man universally rated with high IQ was stupidified by greed and self importance. The one factor that would disqualifies any person from politics is one who thinks his children are better and should be privleged over the children in the entire citizenry. If greed and self importance have not gripped a man with a high IQ, he would have use his IQ to work for his nationals and ensure to put in place a true democracy. He would not need or rather he would stumped out all bootlicking, brownnosing or polanpa and welcome a vibrant citizenry who would proviide him with true feedback to enable him to remain on course to be a statesman in his own right. He needs not need plpic praises nor afraid of raw criticism. Such a poltical giant was rare. Licoln may be rated as one. Many started off well but success and constant praise unfortunately seeds the human worse sin of envy and greed which eventually led to self glorification and legalized self gratification withb intense pychological inflation of extreme egoism and generosity with fart worms and would go all out to eradicate any dissenting voices. Historians have traced most of these greed infested political giants.
    It is a pity that such men were not endowed with a strong will to match his/her interlects. Because of these weakling intellect, many cliche came along with them like intelligence misled intelligence, and many Chinese phrases and words which have no equivalence in other languages like jian (賤) jian(奸),gozazhon (狗杂种), gokuan(狗官)
    It is universally recognized that greed tops all evil by all religion yet is rated as human nature. Howver greed or rather envy begets self overrating self importance eventually nuture self gratification from reward demand for illegal favor to legalized self gratification as power peaks absolute which gives unrestrained legalization. This has been seen and experienced thru political history which leads to the wise cliche often quoted by veterent opposition politician in SIN that ” all power collapse and absolute power collapse absolutely. Could it be divine fraud that intelligence is endowed inversely proportional to will power to succum human nature. A very classical example is Mao who would have gone down in history as impecable great statesman if he has not been fooled by his own intelligence that he is infallible thru all great acclaimation by the plps gathering around him to get a share of the power.
    when will men ever learn as sung in the psychotic rebellious era by the famed singer Joan Baez and John Lennon has mistracked in his Imgine. It is not what he said that peace will be on earth. It is the lack of will power to resist human nature with men of high intellects entering politics.
    Sad but true, not falsehood con!

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  • Boh Bian = Boh Brain:

    State indoctrination:
    Its true…we sgs are slowly realising we are suffering from a double dose of stupidity and cowardice.
    How to medicate against it?

    More laws expected to tighten their grip.
    This is why opposition is hopeless.

    They trying to play by the rules designed to be in the favor of the white shit.

    Look at LTK how obedient boy he is playing by their rules.
    Of course he gets no where.
    He is not the real deal.

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  • Shitty Daily Propaganda:

    Just watched Innocence Lost hosted by Joanne Dong, it is so sickening! Trying to brainwash Sinkies in thinking how lucky they are or shaming the families in the show? Have the families gotten better after the show? How to compare apple with orange? Blardy mediacock always show the poor and suffering needy but never show far Sg is far behind against the better families. Cock

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  • 1st in Maths n Science:

    State Media is often supported lay by think tankers and well-intentioned law professor from smu!

    These thinker tankers are largely retired soldiers and civil serpents have got taxpayers to pay their salaries singing the same tune released by state media.

    Similarly this loud law professor who should be better out there in the courts to earn better perks but can he do so?
    Unable to do so, he sings in harmony with the rest who get paid by taxpayers!

    Only stupid Sinkies get con despite being 1st in Maths n Science worldwide, got to be kidding right?

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  • A Nation Of Dumb Parrots:

    No balls as well.
    Will sell one’s soul over a packet of chicken rice.
    Never pin any hope on such birds.

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  • patriot of Temesak:

    Thank the Evil Bastard NOW dead for that…Singapore NEED a thorough CLEANSING of all the SHIT in the way they were taught to “THINK”

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  • Democratic socialism?:

    Dedication for crony capitalists

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  • oxygen:

    PAPpys ARE TRUELY DICKLESS WONDERS – they now kissing LTK’s butt in Parli, praising and thanking him after the tsunami swept across the Causeway.


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  • very expensive benchmark:

    //The next was the constant talk if there are too many oppositions in parliament, the parliament cannot functions, there would be too many fights and squabbles.//

    sometimes you have to wonder whether the white idiots are truly talented or they are just like expensive strawberries which need protection themselves.

    so many much much bigger countries (real first world democracies) are having to govern by partnering other parties (coalition) and dealing with sizeable opposition – and the bonus is their ministers and mps do not need to be paid in millions to “serve” and so-called “sacrifice” for the country.

    here in sinkies land (already small & w/o big land space and natural resources), the white monkey idiots yet have set a very expensive benchmark (future precedent) for their office holders.

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