Your future is dim but you can change it

LONG AGO AND far away there lived a people who talked about attaining life’s 5Cs: cash, condo, car, country club, and credit card. Actually, it was just a couple of decades ago and the place was right here on this island. In a matter of years, the fairy-tale went poof! and dreams of the high-life evaporated faster than you can say “sibeh jialat”.

Let me relate to you a story regarding this matter. The year was 1991. I was still teaching at the NUS when I received a call from Chung Khiaw Bank (which was later absorbed by UOB).

“I’ll give you one hundred percent,” the bank manager told me over the phone as he offered me a housing loan, “Come in and we’ll talk about it.”

So what’s the catch, I asked when we met. He assured me that there was none and explained that being a university lecturer made me a “good risk”, and he was willing to offer me a loan for the full amount if I decided to buy a house.

Financially armed, I went house-scouting with my mum (Mei was still finishing up her PhD in the US and we weren’t married yet). I eventually settled on a double-storey terrace house near Jalan Pemimpin – 4 bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a spacious backyard.

Within months when everything was transacted (as opposed to the 4/5-year wait now for a BTO), I found myself owning a house – on my single salary. I figured that when my wife joined me, her income would allow us room to live more than comfortably.

Soon after I purchased the house, property prices started to escalate and never looked back. I just about caught the tail-end of an era when younger people – I was 29 years-old then – could still buy some real estate and start a family without hocking your entire future to the bank.

Fueled by (former National Development Minister) Mr Mah Bow Tan’s benighted idea that HDB flats would grow in value ad infinitum, housing prices in Singapore hopped, stepped and jumped to break every conceivable record. An HDB flat in Queenstown recently changed hands for a cool $1.08 million.

Welcome to New Singapore, my younger compatriots. You’ve arrived in an era where you see the opportunity of owning a house slip inexorably away.

As if this isn’t troubling enough, HDB, according to its wordsmiths, “began to adjust the sizes of its flats downwards.” Space is at a premium in new BTO flats – put a bed in the room and you’re left with tippy-toe space. Your flat gets smaller as the price gets bigger, not bad as far as money-making ploys go.

It gets worse. Whereas the earlier generations who bought their flats at sane prices and can monetise their property if they downgrade their living arrangements, chances of you doing the same are between zero and are-you-kidding.

If you think HDB prices are going to rise in perpetuity just waiting for you to cash in, then there’s a government minister waiting to sell you a certain asset enhancement policy.

They think we’re idiots

And while housing prices have soared, your wages haven’t. It is, of course, superfluous to point this out because you already know it (71 percent of you say that property prices here are unaffordable). You look at your payslips, compare them with the prices of flats and your eyes involuntarily roll back in disbelief.

Nevertheless, it is important to refute that irritating minister who keeps repeating the drivel that HDB flats are affordable. Here are the facts. When you take the ratio of the median house price by the median annual household income, as the international think tank Demograghia did, you end up with a number called the median multiple.

Singapore’s median multiple is 4.8 as of 2017, a number that indicates that housing on this island is in the “seriously unaffordable” category (a multiple of 3 and below is considered affordable). This compares unfavourably to the United States (3.8), Japan (4.2) and Canada (4.3).

And let’s not forget: Demographia compares the prices of private housing in the survey, which means to say that public – and “subdised” – housing in Singapore costs more than private – and profit-driven – housing in other countries. The PAP must think we’re idiots.

One more thing. Before you get to buy a flat, you must first get married. But getting hitched is also an expensive proposition nowadays. The cost of wedding banquets have increased 50 percent since 2011, causing many newly betrothed to take loans to finance your matrimonial dreams. Wedding packages will easily set you back about $35,000, and this is if you opt for the cheaper options.

Gloomy millenials

All this assumes, of course, that you have an income in the first place. In 2017, one in five fresh NUS, NTU and SMU graduates could not find full-time employment even six months after graduation. This figure has been slipping and sliding since 2012.

The statistic gets even sorrier if you’re from a private university. For these graduate, the full-time employment rate was only 47.4 percent in 2017. That’s a mini-avalanche from the 60.1 percent in 2016.

Everywhere you look, the picture gets dimmer. Last year, the number of polytechnic graduates finding employment was the lowest in more than a decade.

And when you actually find a job, chances are that you’re are over-qualified for it which is really just a nicer way of saying that you’re underemployed and, therefore, underpaid for your skills.

A recent study revealed “worrying statistics of seriously underemployed Singaporean graduates”, degree-holders who earn less than $2,000 a month – like driving a Grab car or serving tables at a restaurant – leading some to coin the term ‘graduate poor’.

This dismal situation is exacerbated by businesses in Singapore discriminating against us and ours. Yes, this is actually a thing. Companies, aided and abetted by ill-considered government policies, prefer to recruit workers from overseas.

It’s no wonder that our millennials feel that they are among the world’s gloomiest when they ponder their future and career prospects.

A kick in the teeth

Students are often in debt even before you don your cap and gown. With university fees on the upward march – costs rose by an average of 38 percent since 2007 – many of you take loans to finance your studies.

Such as it is, it hasn’t stopped the government from increasing fees this year with some course-fees going up by as much as $1,000. This is despite these institutions enjoying huge financial reserves: NTU and NUS have endowments of more than $3 billion each.

Here’s a not-so-fun fact. While you are laden with education costs, the majority of your counterparts from overseas universities enjoy generous tuition grants, courtesy of our government.

And as one last kick in the teeth, the PAP now decides to discourage our youth from pursuing a university education (“You own a degree, but so what? You can’t eat it,” was how Minister Khaw Boon Wan put it) even as it opens the doors for foreign students who make up about 20 percent of our student population. There are calls to increase the number.

When opportunity fades

We have been repeatedly called upon to forsake our freedom and rights (powers framed by our rulers as Western and decade) in exchange for economic progress – a call I have always rejected because, one, political rights are neither Western nor decadent, they are universal; and, two, it is precisely our lack of rights that we find ourselves unable to course-correct even as we are dragged down the wrong path.

We have lost that one most important ability to bring about change at a time when progress stalls and opportunity fades. We have given up our precious rights in return for empty promises.

As inequality deepens with each passing year, as life for the middle-class hardens with each tax hike, and as our value as citizens cheapens with each import of yet another foreign worker, the meaninglessness of being a Singaporean intensifies.

This ambivalence becomes even more desolate when young people like Dave Lee, Dominic Lee and others die under conscription. I have heard many servicemen ask in disillusionment: Who and what are we defending?

So what does the future hold for you?

The government’s statement at the opening of Parliament this week (read out by President Halimah Yacob) called on itself to “fire up” our youth who “dream of a bright future and pour their energies into exploring fresh horizons and building a better world.”

These are words. Stiff and soulless words. Words that check all the right boxes but, ultimately, words that tumble out from the mouth, not poured forth from the heart.

How do I know? Here’s what Mr Lee said in 2004 when he was on his way to the prime ministership: “Looking ahead, one important task of the government will be to promote further civic participation, and continue to progressively widen the limits of openness…The younger generation would like more ‘space’ and a culture which encourages them to express themselves freely, make mistakes, voice diverse views and experiment.”

Since then, he’s prosecuted and sued young Singaporeans who’ve protested against his administration and policies. He appointed his personal lawyer as Attorney-General who then charged his nephew with contempt of court following a vicious altercation with his siblings. Police have been given sharper teeth to bite down even harder on dissent. He’s closed down websites, reserved a presidential election, banned political films and videos, and now proposes to clamp down on “fake news”.

As I said, words.

Make change happen

No, we don’t need more barren rhetoric. We need action – democratic action. We need to take charge of our country and, having been bullied by our servants all this time, be the boss again.

At the risk of sounding trite, let me remind you that democracy, accountability, political rights are not the panacea for the problems that beset you and your generation. But neither are they mere words. They are tools that enable you to clear a path for yourselves, that empower you to find meaning and happiness as citizens of this country.

Like your counterparts in the Sunflower movement in Taiwan, the Yellow Umbrella movement in Hong Kong, the Berniecrats in the United States, the Parkland students in Florida and, yes, our very own student leaders in the 1960s and 70s, young people have always been at the heart and front of change.

But change is one of those funny things: the more you wait for it, the more it refuses to come. Like other youths in the world, you have to make change happen. You have to make your own opportunity and find your own fulfillment. For that, you have to dare and dare mightily.

Chee Soon Juan



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44 Responses to “Your future is dim but you can change it”

  • Swiss Standard of Living?:

    Only for the Elites, not for majority of Singaporeans!

    Don’t you feel poorer or worse off than 5 or 10 years ago?

    4G Leaders are handpicked, they did not volunteer their service to the Nation!

    Like Madam President says “Must Earn the Right to Lead, Not Inherited!”

    Hope to see the birth of our very own ‘Pakatan Harapan’ in the near future but don’t wait until the GE is near. PH started campaigning in 2016 and won handsomely!

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  • Cannot trust PAP and cronies:

    If you are a guy, you have to serve 2 whole years of NS and 7 years of reservist training, a few weeks every year – to protect the assets of the rich and foreign investors.
    If you lose your job, rely on your parents or siblings. Just pray hard that private car driving like grab, delivery jobs like fatpanda is still a “good” job that can sustain you.
    Water tariff has gone up by 30% in 1 year, medical cost and the health care insurance premium have gone up through the roof (you may not feel the pinch because it is deducted through your cpf medical account until you fall sick).
    Transport fare is going to go up – oh yes, Khaw is stooping and shortening operating hours more often to maintain the lines and “improve” the rock bottom level of service.
    GST is going up – a double whammy.
    Where do the annual budget surpluses and reserves go to?
    Singaporeans are just like the proverbial frogs in the slowly heating bowl of water – very comfortable now until they are cooked.
    No wonder LKY called the majority of us sheep, aka as stupid, coward.
    That is why PAP has to import and convert foreigners to Singpaoreans.

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  • Are Singaporeans brave enough?:

    It all boils down to this: Do Singaporeans have the courage demonstrated by Malaysians when they voted for regime change? Many, if not most, Singaporeans have already lost “everything” their job to foreigners and money by buying over-priced, depreciating HDB flats. They really have nothing more to lose, except their “chains”.

    Time for change. Time to vote for regime change.

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  • Great Asia:

    The Great Asia has been saying, the PAP fat cats and their property tycoon lovers can continue to push up the property prices, but make sure that the towkays can afford to pay you the high salary for you to buy your house.

    You must be still living in the 20th century if you believe that businesses across the globe are flocking here to invest.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • Lip service PAP:

    Wow. Awesome Dr Chee.

    You re right. This is a Govt that cheats its own citizens while enriching themselves, cronies and relatives.

    This is a Govt that is a dictatorship all but in name.

    Everyone, young and old, must fight to right things or you will suffer a even bleaker future or be forced to join the growing numbers who ve already migrated.

    Thanks Dr Chee for your perseverance despite being persecuted by PAP. You are a rare individual. Many have come to realise you are not the Monster that PAP propaganda tried to portray you as.

    We need to learn from Msia on how to effect regime change.

    We need a charismatic leader like Dr Chee. Opposition parties must put aside their differences and join forces if not this country will go downhill even more.

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  • gan:

    Soon Juan

    Update your article to include the another conscripted death in the SCDF Corporal Kok.

    Hope the youth wake up to your message.

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  • Lip service PAP:

    If I were a cartoonist I’d draw greedy fat pigs tattooed PAP feeding from an overflowing coffer while sad looking, lean, hungry Sporeans look on enviously while being kept at bay by SPF, the judiciary, AG who craft all the laws to enslave people.

    However, better not since the Clown may even sue cartoonists.

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  • DOOM:



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    Now it is 4G’s turn to come out with their “spin”.

    “Ng Chee Meng proposes new committee to support older workers” – Another committee. I have lost count on the number of committees formed since LHL became PM. What have previous committees accomplished? A committee is often “just for show” to make it appear something is being done.

    “Tackling inequality is national priority, says Ong Ye Kung” – PAP has always been in control so it created the inequality. It claim/get credit for trying to solve problems it created in the first place.

    “Singapore needs strongest possible leadership team: Chan Chun Sing” – Wasn’t the 3G PAP leadership the “strongest possible leadership team”? Didn’t it fail Singaporeans big-time? The 4G leadership team is a “product” of the same party using the same “process”. Remember what Einstein said: “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

    “Singaporeans urged to build even stronger foundation for future: Chan Chun Sing” – Are stagnant wages with high prices, loss of job to foreigner, loss of job security, over-priced HDB flats, depleted CPF savings, unsaleable old HDB flats “strong foundations”? Give me a break!

    “Being open to talent key to Singapore’s success: Chan Chun Sing” – Really?
    Success for whom? Certainly not for Singaporeans who lost their job to “cheap” (no CPF) foreigner, not for Singaporeans PMETs now driving cabs/GRAB/UBER. Stagnant wages with high prices is “success”. GDP growth is not wage growth.

    “Talent the main driver of Singapore’s next phase of growth: Chan Chun Sing – Is this “talent” local or foreign?


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  • patriot of Temesak:

    The 1960 TV series is perfect for the Millennium and their parents…..

    “You ASK for it”…and you GOT it from the LeeDynasty!!!

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  • oxygen:

    AS ONE VERY SHARP TRE BLOGGER PUT IT – we are economically handicapped and our economy is IMPRISONED BY (rotten debased destructive I guess) POLITICS.

    That is why we see no adaptation to TURBULENT CHANGES. Our governance is riddled with OSSIFIED INSTITUTIONS AND DUMDSTRUCK ECONOMIC MODEL long past its use-by date.

    And now find our economy HIJACKED by a COLLAPSED mass public housing market of no value, vaporized CPF retirement funds lorded over by failed tyrant mindsets actually cronies of fake meritocracies disguised as creme de la creme material (do they need backdoor GRC if they are of such meritorious talents somehow invisible to voters???). In a sea of failures, these LIFE-LONG APPRENTICES all just DIAM DIAM DIAM.

    Now that electoral tsunami swept the landscape in Malaysia, New Age politics here transmogrify into different kind of virus – instead of 1% truth telling, 99% lies, fantasy and propaganda, they refine new venoms of FAKE NEWS LAW HALLUCINATION and couple that with PREVARICATIONS AND BUTT LICKING OF OPPOSITION POLITICS. They arm-chair LTK in Parli, praised him and thank him. Outside the parli, you hear of such stinking farts from YAKULT no less as – ministerial pay has to be high because voters expectations are high BUT SHAMELESSLY SILENT OF NEGATIVE PERFORMANCE REALITY despite sky high ownself-cheque-ownself welfare politics on the public purse.

    Only the blind cannot see 3Gs are a mob of failures and 4Gs a mob of blind lost zombies seemingly still bewildered as to why peasants outside on the streets are so angry at policy failures.

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  • Ah Peng Kia:

    Yes, the PAP government is only good at giving motherhood statements that are never backed up with sustained action. They say the right words and tell you the rest are just fake news. Action speaks louder than words. Surely the apathetic can see now that PAP is all NATO (No Action, Talk Only).

    Yes, more and more of Singaporeans’ rights and freedom are being curbed. This must be the only “democratic” country where one person can constitute an illegal GATHERING. Last I checked on Cambridge dictionary, gathering means a meeting when many people come together.

    PAP continues to try to re-define English words to suit its own agenda. Why do majority of Singaporeans continue to gladly sign away their rights every General Election? It’s time to be bold, and be counted in the quest to restore happiness, prosperity and progress for OUR NATION (our people). Our next generation will reap what we sow!

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  • 鸟龙的人:


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  • Empty talks:

    One by one of the three 4G candidates made long tedious speeches in Pookeement, albeit prepared by paper scholar writers and 90% are nothing more than motherhood statements. Tired old stuff said all over and over from GE to GE, ND rally after rally, new term of office…..

    Mother of all motherhood questions is whether these obscenely paid public servants can deliver the promises or not.

    Almost certain would be another TCSS session.

    Let’s move on!

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  • Regime Change A Must:

    Choosing PAP is getting more of the same.
    Same old rhetoric, same old wayangs, same old lies, buy more lip services, pay more taxes, get more hardships, see more overcrowding, experience greater mess and lawlessness.

    When the pain is enough, the change will come, but would that be too late?
    The longer it takes to change, the greater the mess, the harder the recovery.

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  • Sick n fedup:

    Tried watching the parliament seesions these few days. Couldnt stand anymo of it today..just switched channels.
    All their meaningles, unfeeling motherhood statements..
    if we felt that the 3G leaders were lacking , the 4G ones are no better,s so far.
    Who writes their speeches??

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  • Taxi Uncle Lim Kopi:

    95% of the PhDs are international students on our state scholarships. This number is extremely not balanced (engineering faculty is the worst), which you will be keen to ask, how come they cannot attract Singaporeans to study PhD?

    In the end, if talented Singaporeans are not studying PhDs, how are we going to advance our technologies in the future (as these PhDs will be leading state projects in the future)? You want to rely on foreign PhDs? No way, they will fug off the moment they graduate.

    It is high time to review the PhD programme. Give scholarships to those who have been in their expert fields for six years and above. Our industries do not need duapao theoretical PhDs, we currently need a lot of PhDs who can build smart systems and handle projects.

    Look into the long term. Don’t give short-sighted excuses that PhDs will have problems finding jobs.

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  • LIONS:

    Dr Chee,incisive article.
    3G is hopeless.
    If 4G mentored by 3G means complete disaster.
    What is needed here is NEW THINKING.

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  • Singapore tsunami:

    let us document the wrongs of clown pap so that the moment New Government forms and new CJ and new AG are in place all the clown pap folks can be indicted for abuse of power.

    1st, we hope there are insiders today in pap PA finance to tell us citizens whether any of the S$ billion has been misused for pap political party work instead of for Singapore work.

    2nd, let us start early in the GE2019 process. looking at PH and BN, we think our own OPPOSITION coalition needs a good name and we suggest JA = Justice Alliance. we hope fellow 30% Singaporeans can help by providing alternative names for consideration of our local OPPOSITION parties.

    3rd, back to pap PA. as soon as JA wins mandate GE2019 to form New Government, any person in pap finance now, today, who has provided financial information showing abuse of S$billion in pap PA for pap political work instead of for Singapore work, that is, breaking Singapore laws, shall be allowed to keep their jobs under JA New Government. those in the know and choose to remain silent now, today, shall be punished equally for breaking Singapore laws whether by omission or by commission.

    4th, we hope those close to WP leaders and SDP leaders and RP leaders and such, please do remind them to meet up to sign the JA Agreement in preparation for GE2019. it is not too early to prepare for the GE2019 win. luck favours the early riser who is prepared. and the winds of change favours OPPOSITION GE2019. let us put on elbow grease and make history.

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  • Learn From Malaysians!:

    If you can form a coalition, you get my attention and my vote.


    ” every OPPOSITION ( a coalition like Pakatan Harapan ,asap ) in Singapore must contest GE with the intent to form New Government. if the intent is just to be a member of parleement may we kindly suggest please don’t waste everyone’s time. because it is a venture with close to zero chance of success in rotten pap regime.”

    The link,
    Learn From Malaysians! Vote For Change! « Opinion « TR EMERITUS

    Malaysian opposition wins for the first time since independence | Asia …

    A brief history of Tun Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim’s strange … – Cilisos

    Malaysia election 2018: everything you need to know | World news …

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  • Corp Kok?:

    One end you claim support singaporeans first.

    Yet you want to support a malaysian?

    Make up your mind.Dont wishy washy .

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  • Just keep in mind..:

    Who Dares wins.
    Like our cousins across de causeway.

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  • twilight zone:

    smell of death very roads on land in camp
    at work places in homes very very scary.really bad omen.

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  • Python 5:


    Now 5Ds

    The traits of the 70%: SHALLOW, GUTLESS, COMPLACENT and DEBT RIDDEN.
    Because the 70% are WAY TOO STUPID to not even realise that they are THAT STUPID.

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  • It all started with GCT:

    It all started with GCT. He did not have the ability to think more than one step ahead at a time.

    His mechanical mind would rationalize the next move without the ability to foresee or visualize what would happen even one generation ahead, let alone more generations down the road.

    Not surprisingly, he was only able to come up with mechanical knee-jerk solutions, now perpetuated by those same mechanical minded 4G leaders.

    Those myopic minds were unable to foresee that such economic growth model pursued by them would not be sustainable, and would not translate into a better standard of living for the majority of Singaporeans, for the numerical manpower resources required to generate such (economic) growth would inevitably lead to intense competition for our limited resources, especially our extreme scarcity of land, which would precipitate a rise in our cost of living, and more acutely, in land-use intensive commodities such as housing, road transport and commercial retail space, which would be unmatched by whatever increases in income their low-grade economic model may generate.

    As it happened, many of our lower-end or even mid-tier wages actually went down or remained stagnant instead, again due to their unthinking unrestrictive immigration policies which no other country in the world would permit or have permitted.

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  • It all started with GCT:

    Incidentally, neither have they the ability to ask why no other country in the world have emulated their misguided and shortsighted economic model.

    Or were they able to see or admit that the real standard of living (ppp adjusted) of the average citizens of erstwhile tigers South Korea and Taiwan, or the comparable urban populations of Malaysia, Thailand or even China and Indonesia, have overtaken that of Singapore. Except for the humongously paid PAP elites, Singaporeans now envy the lives of our neighbors.

    Not surprisingly too, GCT missed his unrealistic (unthoughtful) predictions for Singaporeans such as the Swiss standard of living, or Singapore World Cup 2010, or HDB asset enhancement.

    Neither was he able to foresee the strains on the social fabric of importing huge number of foreigners too quickly without allowing enough time for them to assimilate into the native Singapore culture.

    Or worse, his inability to fathom the dire social consequences of allowing a foreign population to overwhelm the native population, with the resulting outrageous situation in which Singapore became the only nation in the world where foreigners not only have the audacity to belittle and insult its native citizens, but can actually discriminate and bully the locals.

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  • It all started with GCT:

    Of course, all these do not prevent the PAP leaders from always thinking they are the most talented in the world and paying themselves the highest salaries in the world.

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  • Haigen-diaz:

    Installing any one of these 4Gs in as PM may just prove to be an epic mistake. As much as I agree about the massive display of incompetence by this leadership and lackeys, I think we need to acknowledge that clearly PM Lee has developed a hiring philosophy cobbled together with the dictate; “never hire someone smarter than you.” We should have seen the potential for destruction. The one unstated advantage of placing incompetents in these positions is that they are easy to replace – like a cheap light bulb. This is a very astute column. A disaster in foreign affairs or economic policies and the outcome can be ominous. This Govt. is repudiating personal rectitude and honest public service, and substituting deprivation, dispossession, and neglect of the legitimate needs of its’ people instead. Unfortunately, when this 4G gang goes under, so do the rest of us. Our ‘external enemies’ can relax and go on holiday while this $B$ team of pseudo-generals, in an appalling assemblage of self-interest, venality, outright stupidity, apparently prepared to damage our citizens and our social cohesion even more effectively than our enemies ever could. Resistance against incompetent malevolence is exhausting, but necessary for those of us who care about the future of our country. Resist the urge to give in to resigned apathy and/or cynicism and act against it, and encourage others to do the same. Singapore needs to wake up to the new reality.

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  • Astraknighttodemojustice:

    It just happened…right at our doorstep. Ours next.

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  • Migrated:

    I knew my future was dim although I am not from the younger generation, I did change it eventually through migration, the rest is history.

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  • Leejiapore:

    It is not as if the Papigs don’t know. They are just a whole bunch of Apandi Alis, preferring to trade their souls to be in inner circles of cronies, and entitlement to leegalised corruption.

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  • Boh Bian = Boh Brain:

    If Singaporeans play by the RULES SETUP BY PAP, they will never win PAP.

    Look at WP. It’s become their near ideal pet “opposition” perception.

    WP plays by their rules.
    Needless to say, after decades, LTK achieved nothing.

    He remains a Wannabee.

    And never really corrected his pronunciation weakness.

    Singaporeans are characterised as citizenry who always lament Boh Bian to every tax hike, law tightening, fare increases, liberties reduced , etc.

    It shows that they have NO SOLUTION to how they are being controlled in Singapore. And unsurprisingly because a police state is a creativity stiffled place. And this is why despite our ability to regurgitate science, our native , non-china-imported-olympic-pingpong gold medalists, have not invented any Google or YouTube or anything greatest in the world.

    Laser traffic camera? You think is it invented by native top in maths and science native Singaporean? If it is, the news would have trumpeted.

    The space mission? You think sg invention or bought a spaceship. ?

    I dunno leh. You know meh? News never trumpet if it’s sg invention?
    Sg invested is not sg invented. Eg. A coffee shop boss uneducated can buy a high tech startup and say it’s his invention because he bought it.
    Yes, you can buy invention and make it under your name. But you did not invented it.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Haigenp-Diaz

    INDEED IT WOULD BE A MONUMENTAL MISTAKE. Look at the extent of collective ossification of anti-welfare politics within its rank. Here is the latest of rubbish talk inside that political zoo.

    Ignoring the prevarications so common these days in the PAPpy pedigree in that House of the Most Expensive but mostly useless decorations – the commonality of strident opposition to welfare is symptomatic of how hypocritical of their own arrival to position of power, position and wealth via the backdoor GRC route (without which they won’t find their entry MEAL ticket) and how political grooming have becomes a CIRCUS SHOW OF CROYNISM POLITICS/MONEY GRAB -CHOOSING LIKE-MINDED OF WHO THEY LIKE, NOT WHO CAN ACHIEVE OF COMPETENCY OR BEST SUITED TO POLITICAL LEADERSHIP LEADING THIS COUNTRY.

    This country is decaying, disintegrating and rotting corpse feeding the useless PAPpys maggots that infected their grassroots.

    Haigen-diaz: Installing any one of these 4Gs in as PM may just prove to be an epic mistake

    Anybody with a little dumb brain knows that the poor DO NOT SEEK TO LIVE A LIFE of indignity of welfare receipt. Nobody wants to live a life whose two meals a day is given or partly subsidized by another taxpayer to his/her mortality. Human civilisation are by nature, hungry and seeking specie to improve and advance their well-being. Welfare is the last frontier for those without escape route and those peasants who are not sly cunning enough of worming MONUMENTAL WELFARE ACCESS via the GRC political route (and henceforth living a life of luxury despite utter incompetence and negative performance).


    Two main reasons which PAPpys welfare biggest cheater won’t admit. They are

    - they reveal the extent of socio-economic disintegration in society i.e. the higher the number of unemployment handout, the worst it shows the economy is really SINKING hidden by PAPpys fake economic statistics meant for gullible peasants consumption.

    - the real number of unemployed will reveal to voters HOW BADLY THE ECONOMY STUMBLE AND HOW INCOMPETENT THE POLITICAL GOVERNANCE IS OF ECONOMIC MISMNAGEMENT OR FAILED COMPETENCY OF MANAGEMENT. This undermines and threatens the political hegemony/longevity of failed governance.

    Even businesses are pro-welfare in Australia. Instead of daily chasing food, unemployed chased jobs -GOOD FOR THE ECONOMY!


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  • Hope for Change SG:

    We need Change.

    If the opposition party ever replaces the current NATO , hope that taxes will be reduced for all sectors & GST to reduce to just 3% or less for the next 20 years at least, not only to boast our Sg economy, creat more jobs & for younger Singaporeans to grow & time to improve our lives and revised our high living cost in Sg; Living cost in Sg is getting higher & higher now if you just compare from 6 years ago!
    Also a call for removal of ABSD & SSD for Singaporeans & reduced ABSD fir foreigners’ purchases, while revised the MSR & TDSR for all the residential properties buyers in Singapore. This will also boast Sg properties somehow.
    In additional, please remove the rule of New PR’s waiting period of 3 years to buy a Resale HDB(guess this is why HDB are depreciating because many PR can’t buy our flats), as most of the PR have waited for a long time to get their PR and hv no subsidies when comes to upgrading projects, so removing the 3 years waiting period would also be advantageous to most Singaporeans who might be moving forward to BTO flats or those wanted to downgrade to smaller properties for retirement.
    and to remove the rules of reduced CPF usage for flats balance below 60 years’ HDB Flats!
    Also To allow Singaporeans to able to collect our CPF(HEY, THAT’S OUR MONEY!) before age 60, of at least 70%! How we use our retirement/CPF savings are our rights, and should not be determined by our civil servants. There should be more positive changes to Educational fees in Poly & Uni and medical fees in hospitals , that way would alsi help reduce medical insurance costs and lighten our burden as Singapore is also heading an Aging Population.
    Would be better if less foreign talents are employed as priorities should be given to Singaporeans first in various industries.
    There are so much more……. WE NEED CHANGE, Please be brave to speak up what you hope to achieve for our future in our homeland SINGAPORE!

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  • LIONS:

    The older sgs are already experiencing joblessness,one form or another.
    If young sgs still vote blindly for THE DISRUPTOR PAP PARTY,then,they can only expect to become jobless too.

    You reap what you sow.

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  • cpfgone:

    Truly alot of changes from bad to worst since this joker LHL became the PM here for the past 14 years.

    Very bad situation.

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  • UniQ:

    Dr Chee,

    There is no doubt that you can become a strong figure in ‘Rebooting’ our Future. My buddies and I have seen you mature over the years thus gaining good confidence over your commitment to serve the country and fellow Singaporeans. Facts, they have copied your past ideas in their policies, claiming their own after some minor modification. Their lakes are drying up fast, signs of the tides are changing are indicative globally, example : recent US election, the expected Brexit, the tides changes in Myanmar and now tsunami in Malaysia. The current situation is that the so-call leaders are so disconnected and permanently crippled having the understanding that Singaporeans are the ones that funded their livelihoods and their very existence ! direct or indirectly thru low wage blood and sweat effort.

    For the good of your countrymen and our future generations, I seek your kind consideration to find ways to form a strong coalition among other ranks and similar endeavour politicians. Prevent displacement ! Place your passion far ahead of pride, and we strongly believe sincerity with a passionate heart will prevail.

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  • cpfgone:

    The young graduates many of them jobless now.

    But university courses keep going up????

    Where is the logics???

    Suck until dry v serious. Taking the people like ATM machines keep taxing.

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  • Retrospective PAP:

    Chee Soon Juan reminds me of our famous father Dr. Toh Chin Chye. I don’t know if it’s his intelligent arguments or the heart in the right place?

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  • will remain as daft as ever:

    //The young graduates many of them jobless now.//

    well, see whether the sinkie parents will remain as daft as ever by still believing the granny stories of the white monkey idiots.

    now white idiot monkeys are selling that degrees are not so no. 1 anymore. did not the white idiots at one time trying to sell sinkie land as an educational hub (hub here and there for so many things).

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  • We oso want change:

    DR CHEE FOR President..real type of president..not the for show only type. !
    no need for pm then.
    Save a lot of citizens hard earned money gotten from taxes.
    Have just a minimum of like minded n intelligent individuals to man the ministries.
    all the other posts like mayors sheriffs and whatnots all throw away.
    Dr Chee will make SG a great place again for sgs to be proud to be sgs .

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  • Anon:

    Calling all opposition leaders and followers.
    Set aside you own egos, your own ambitions, your own self-interests. The greater good of Singapore and Singaporeans must override all these concerns. This is a moment of vocational calling; a moment of urgency.
    Think not what being in politics can do for you, but what you can do for the polity. Across the causeway, Anwar has shown how to be truly magnanimous for the sake of the nation. Is there one among you who will walk that extra mile, leave no stone unturned to help realise the future good of our people?

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  • Humble observer:

    Lim Tean for PM.

    By the way,Syed Saddiq debates better than our PM candidates here

    Don’t fall for mainstream media’s ploy of making the new PH government look bad.They’re giving them bad publicity because they don’t want Singaporeans to wake up.

    Be smart.Vote the paper gens and schols out!!!!

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  • Stand in MacPherson SMC!:

    You can surely win as the MP is now very busy with china business.

    Not enough time for residents anymore.

    Start campaigning now!

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