I have a dream for Singapore’s next General Elections

Suddenly PAP lost power, all the multi-million ministers lost their jobs saving Singapore a few hundred millions a year. Pay review for management of GLCs and civil service to cut their obscene pay and bonuses.

The GST will be abolished just like Malaysia and all ERP gantries will be torn down. No more EPs to be issued to foreigners unless Singaporeans are fully employed!

Instead of so many freaking ministers with multiple portfolios and making so much money, a lean line up will be made for a small tiny country like Singapore. No more GRCs, no more mayors and disband all RCs and PA. We want a free Singapore, free from political agenda and too many duplicates making so much money and doing nothing! This will save a few hundred millions a year for sure.

Ministers’, civil service and GLC pay will not peg to private industries but peg to civil service of top 10 countries. GLC is not
private, it is just camouflaged as private, no private companies would hire these management and pay them like now!

No paper generals allowed in GLCs and parliament, they are made for war only. Our population will remain 6M till 2030 and not 10M!!! Limit power of Prime Minister to 2 terms, no more racial preference! Only one partner can be in civil service or politics, no more wife or husband all in the same bandwagon!!!

The pay of management and managing books of our sovereign funds will be made public, no more hiding bs. We need to know why massive changes to CPF every year!

No more self driving car or bus or taxi, our guys need jobs to feed family!

10% of our budget is catered to poor and needy. No more $400M scholarships to groom foreigners, instead $400M will be grooming
locals instead!

PR cannot buy HDB and will not be classified as local, this helps us to see clearly how many locals are affected by unemployment!

Sorry, I got carried away, knowing Singaporeans, they are sheep, they are kiasi, kiasu and kiabo, they are not as brave as Malaysians, they rather suffer and cry in silence while awaiting to be replaced by foreigners.

Its only a dream!!!


Tan KS




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35 Responses to “I have a dream for Singapore’s next General Elections”

  • Hahaha:

    It is my dream too.
    It is nightmare to others!

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  • Dream a dream today:


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  • William C:

    When sheeps become mutton, they say bobien

    When sheeps did not become mutton, they say heng ah, not this time

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  • LIONS:

    This can become reality if more of our young voters stop buying lollies with their votes.
    Many PG oredy brainwashed irreversibly but the young sgs can be the impetus for CHANGE.


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  • Chris Bong:

    This is the way a clean, honest and transparent country to be run not like what Singapore is now, like family business. I will bring out the best champagne when this happen.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Tan KS, I am from the Pioneer Gen, the next GE may even be my last GE. I could only dream just half of yours.

    I just hope for half of your dream and that’s enough for my children and grandchildren. The other half of your dream, I would let my children and grandchildren to wish for.

    God bless our next generations that follow.

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  • Renzaizuo-Tianzaikan:

    Malaysians also used to have a dream quite similar to yours. They like many others in other parts of the world, and not forgetting BN themselves too, who in their wildest dream had thought that BN would be defeated by the oppositions? But it happened! Nothing is impossible.

    Remind the d**honourable son and his PAP, “you reap what you sow”. It’s only a matter of when.

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  • oxygen:

    IN LEE-JIAPORE, the most highly paid apprenticeships starts at around 40s – some lasting perhaps a lifetime learning the ABCs of the skills rope while the world outside is spinning in turbulence of a whirlwind tornado force.

    No wonder 3Gs are abject failures and 4Gs are seemingly even unaware of the failed policies of 3Gs -such as the asset enhancement politics/CPF nexus -which peasants have long noticed.

    Just imagine the horror of this failure staring in our faces. Older HDB flats has NO MARKET DEMAND – no one can DOWNGRADE or UPGRADE – it is now a liability of a dead corpse if not yet fully paid. With passing of time, the CPF trapped inside the HOUSING ORGY all vaporize to nothing. In between, if economy spins futher and retrenchment comes big, those in private condos CANNOT DOWNGRADE BECAUSE THEY ALSO CANNOT SELL THEIRS at salvageable values enough to pay off the remaining outstanding mortgage AND RETURN AMOUNT OWED TO THEIR CPF ACCOUNT BY LAW DEMAND – there is no floor of value when 5-rm HDB isn’t worth any pittance too.

    In finality of truth, the economy has been HIJACKED BY A COLLAPSED PROPERTY MARKET – for too long of which it was propped up (financially) unsustainable of fiction values. LEE-jiapore is heading for a sudden death collapse and 3G and 4Gs all KEPT DIAM DIAM DIAM either because they are clueless of solution or politically suicidal to own up failures to admit wrong and change direction from this point OR BOTH.


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  • 鸟龙的人:

    无巧不成書 美梦可成真 哈哈哈

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  • Sialanlansong:

    If Tan KS dream comes true

    1 Rengit = 30 Singapore dollar!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha………..

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  • Singaporeans Want After 2020!:

    No more increase in GST!

    No more 30% Water Tax!

    No more hefty phones bills and high cable TV fees!

    Free Parking on Sat and Sunday!

    5 days work week for all!

    Singaporeans get priority at Govt hospitals!

    No more filthy high pay for Ministers and top officials!

    CPF Schemes and MediSave/Shield Schemes to be reviewed!

    Transparent accounting of Nation Reserves, Temasek Holdings and all GLC/GICs!

    HDB 99 years lease to be extended!

    No more ‘parachuting’ of Army Generals into Gahment, GLC/GICs!

    Thaipusam to be made a public holiday again!

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  • 4G Leaders In Charge?:

    If we see no real progress across the board till the next GE, Singaporeans will initiate UBAH like what our my Malaysian friends did!

    Strong GDP growth don’t affect the senior citizens and the poor. Only the Rich becomes RICHER!

    We should have a think tank (any volunteers?) to handle smooth transition to a New Gahment after the next GE. We can observe how the Malaysians do it and prepare ourselves when it happens..

    Blacklist those who need to be replaced in advance in order to ensure justice and equality and smooth transition of power.

    No one in Old Gahment should be allow to fly off for holidays, they can only do so two weeks after the GE cos by then, the dust would have settled!

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    Looks for a manifest for the Opposition for 2020

    To add to the list make HDB freehold. abolish the ISA. release all political prisoners and return the CPF at 55.

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  • Time to end the nighmare:

    The only way to end the nightmare Singaporeans have been going through is to vote for REGIME CHANGE at the next GE. The Malaysians have shown Singaporeans how to see the light at the end of the PAP “tunnel”.


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  • Bapak:

    We will make your dream come true.

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  • DOOM:

    And ,


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  • corker:

    Mdm H is rumoured to be making near $100M, isn’t this crazy?

    One minister 2 posts, how much?

    Speaker complained $550k job no meat, the govt quickly arranged another post for him to make even more money?

    All the wives of ministers are in GLCs or civil service, no conflict of interests?

    Up to 23 months of GDP bonuses?

    Better vote these parasites out… now Singapore already in debt according to Heng.

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  • Python 5:

    dont forget to repatriate those new citizens/PR also.
    esp pinoys and ft indians.

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  • Ah Ha:

    You have to get screwed to have happy ending

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  • bestest:

    Best wet dream, ever !!

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  • Lo Jho Lee:

    Singaporeans believe in this type of system :

    1. A political system where the garment never change party.
    2. If rot from within, singaporeans believe that the ruling party will fix the rot and let the people know. But this is oxymoron because rot would not have happened if it’s a self cleaning system.

    3. If rot to the core, there will be no alternative with experience to take over.
    This is great because there is risk of garment being replaced.

    This makes the country stable.

    But a rot could destabilise the country.

    So , how smart are these singaporeans ?
    Are they retarded ?

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  • N.Jungne:

    He will be carried out, ok
    Leg first or head first
    That will be the day
    When we say goodbye

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  • 亜季爸爸:

    This is not only the author dream, it is a dream of the majority of the commoners, for we are the citizens whose effort in building up this nation had only gone to the pockets of the daylight robbers, a party of political thugs. Let us all together, fully contribute our best effort to make this dream A Dream To Be Achieve in the year 2020.

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  • OTOH:

    All street parking to end at 5 pm.

    No JB traffic wardens to issue summonses to locals.

    No Saturday ERP.

    LTA to be investigated for abuse of authority in anyhow raising fees.

    5 years new COE be allowed to be renewed after another 5 years.

    Scrap COE and replace it with a balloting system.’

    Tear down ERP outside downtown areas.

    People will adjust like in HK and Japan if they feel Traffic congestion is unbearable. Stop greedy LTA from exploiting motorists. Stupid 3/4 tank rule started by a former Finance Minister (under Con You) to be scrapped.

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    What is the difference between Singaporeans and Malaysians.
    Malaysians all Boleh. Singaporeans all tak-Boleh.
    Singaporeans kia su, kia si, kia everything.
    Malaysians everything BO KIA.

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  • Realise the Impossible Dream!:

    Singaporeans can do it!

    Wake them up!

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  • Thanks to the Malaysians..:

    We are hearing nicer things the past few months days from the Whites.

    Hope it is not just talk and no action.

    Fed up Singaporeans will surely vote Opposition at the next GE if things carry on the same!

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  • The next PM could be..:

    Pritam Singh from Workers’ Party.

    Never be cock sure that voters will continue to vote forthe Whites after what happened to PE 2017, Lee Family Saga,30% water tax and many other increases!

    69.9% voted to thank the late L#Y at the last GE, they may vote to ensure his last wish to demolish his oxley home is realised at the next GE!

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  • defeatist mental burden:

    //What is the difference between Singaporeans and Malaysians.//

    daft sinkies have been trained (social conditioning) by sinkie environment + the white idiots to be daft daft – that many daft sinkies become enemies (ghosts) of their own mental thoughts (tak-boleh this tak-boleh that).

    FTs do not have such social conditioning, hence do not have such defeatist mental burden.

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  • Bloody sin:

    Singaporeans disliked to chat on politics, real live issues, family issues and personal problem. Yound adults are living in denial of the serious problem Singapore is facing under PAP.

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  • Awake Singapore:

    It used to be mu dream too.

    But not anymore.

    Because I have given up this hope.

    I have left Singapore- my home.

    All the best to my fellow Singaporeans.

    I wish I can help but I am powerless.

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  • Malaysians Did It!:

    And come 1 June 2018, no more GST!

    Singaporeans can do it too as the poor and low income do not want to pay
    9% GST!

    No need to dream, at least 55% of Singaporeans will make it happen!

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  • Wah! You dream frightens me!:

    It could happen…

    And PAP is gone forever!

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  • 9% GST?:

    No way, Singaporeans will vote you out!

    Common sense, no way!

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  • Be Realistic!:

    With 9% GST, you are dead!

    Only goondus will vote for you!

    Cannot bluff anymore!

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