Independent review of TR Emeritus’ for alleged Malware

We refer to our notice on Sunday (13th May) titled “TR Emeritus blocked by Google’s Chrome browser“.

Please be informed that we have on Monday (14th May), submitted a request to StopBadware for an independent review of our website for alleged malicious Malware.

StopBadware is an organisation which helps webmasters suspected of being infected by malicious badware and also provides independent reviews of websites blacklisted by data providers such as Google, GFI and NSFocus. [ About StopBadware ]

According to the website, StopBadware’s review process is as follows:

The first step of our independent review process is to request a malware review of your site from Google. If, as a result of this request, Google does not find anything suspicious on your site, then Google will remove your site from their Safe Browsing blacklist.

If Google does find something suspicious, StopBadware’s testing team will manually review your site. If we find bad code, we will send you a sample of that code. If we do not find any badware, we will contact Google and request more information about why they believe your site is still infected.

Although we are confident that this independent review will clear us, our techie will continue to study alternate options to keep the website operational should unforeseen circumstances arise.

Latest scan results

For those who may be interested, TRE was scanned today (14th May) with several renown security services worldwide and the results speak for itself.


The independent review request may take a few days and we will inform our readers of the outcome as and when it is available.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


[email protected]




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5 Responses to “Independent review of TR Emeritus’ for alleged Malware”

  • opposition dude:

    Just ask the site for the specific reason why your site was blocked. Just hope they don’t do a PAP and give a generic “Bad stuff was found on your site” reply.

    Need to find out what exactly caused the site to be blacklisted in the first place. It could be the crypto mining software or something else that Stopbadware thinks could be spying on users.

    A list of files, if any, marked by Stopbadware would be very helpful for Andrew to have a headstart.

    Tech: As far as our experience goes, there are no living person manning Google (SG office?) and all correspondence with them are answered by smart AIs with ready-made templates. As such, even if we write requesting for reasons, it would be a reply containing a URL that provides a generic answer (i.e. got say like no say) – a complete waste of time.

    For the record, StopBadware did not blacklist TRE, it was Google. Thank you.

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  • LIONS:

    So,is this the way to challenge OPPOSING VIEWS?a
    Such meritoCRAPS?
    Is it run by PAP IB?
    If so,it shud be called GoogLEE instead,Fake Google?

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  • John Lim:

    Yes! Is StopBadware itself a malware???

    Tech: Malware itself is subjective. From experience, as long as tech Gigantic idiots such as Google says something its Malware, then it is Malware – like a certain most expensive Parliament in the world’s definition of “fake news|”.

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  • opposition dude:

    Ok it seems like Firefox has been unblocked 15 May @ 12.34pm.

    Let’s see if this is permanent.

    Mod: TRE has been unblocked as of this morning.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Maybe that’s the reason why Strait Times is offering Google Mini when to anyone subscripts to the newspaper.

    SPH offers good deals to Google in return for Google to block TRE.

    What do you think?

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