3 Years On After GE and No Promises Delivered So Far

Every GE, lot of promises were made by ruling party but observation seem to be one direction. Just pretend to listen, make promises  and then go into sleep mode.

This is the third year after GE 2015, except everything is going up up and up making Singapore the most expensive place 5 years in a row, what promise has been fulfilled? The only thing the clown can talk about GDP growth, what else? GDP growth by importing foreigners, issuing more passes is easy and while the taking over clown also insisted on widening the doors for even more foreigners.

Recap many promises such as curbing foreign population, making HDB affordable and keep unemployment low et cetera. None has been delivered and instead we see more locals being unemployed. Worst still, they are proposing to stop you from accessing your CPF to pay for sky priced property. Last year alone, the price of all things went up, everything you could see, from tuition fee to transport  to water to electricity. It was crazy ramping up prices like a mad mad world.

This is 2 years to next GE, so how? Typically they will do some carrots in 2019 as usual, this strategy has been reused so many times and people are still swindled repeatedly. Watching the Malaysian GE, I realised people are voted in because they made the promises  and have their promises delivered, just like Selangor and Penang. In Singapore, they deliver nothing and yet they are overwhelming  voted. It is a strange country with strange voters, you mean they have monkey brains? No wonder monkey brains are rare delicacy.


Dugu Quibai



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24 Responses to “3 Years On After GE and No Promises Delivered So Far”

  • asd:

    This clown only have short term solution ..

    Easy way out .. then get out with pocket full of $ .. .

    Any also can import to increase demand and jack up taxes property etc. . .

    Prosperity should be citizen increase in salary .. bigger purchasing power to have the real meaningful growth rather to easy way out to import ..

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  • LIONS:

    Pls dont say no promises delivered!
    Its young voters fault for dreamily sucking lollies.I dont want to blame PG,to mr they are mostly beyond redemption.
    But its appalling how young sgs are so myopic?

    Besides,the PAP achieve their promise if SWISS STANDARD via their own salaries n CO$T OF LIVING?


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  • Hope its not too late:

    Nobody with half a brain believes any of their promises anymore..
    I dun kno about the 70%..hope most of them have grown a brain by now..

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  • N.Jungne:

    After a Global search found nobody can be PeeMu of Sinkapoola other than ME. If a 92yr old can be a Prime Minister of Malaysia, so can I withl one handloot and until one leg in the grave.

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  • No Worries!:

    Like our Malaysian voters, we will deliver accordingly!

    If you cannot perform, we replace you.

    It is as simple as that!

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  • Bloody sin:

    What is the percentage of young Sgs and elderly voting for PAP in term of male and female? We will never get an answer. What is the percentage of the poor that have been giving blank cheques to PAP? We will also never know. Our oppositions have hard time winning the votes liao.

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  • What only break promises?:

    Only braek promises? u r not kidding? Arrogance mounts. Insidious public remounts and flaunt of wealth are thrown as if no one outside SIN cannot hear. Reducing foreigners import? u cannot be retrenched and reduced to having two jobs to earn enough to pay CPF for Gorilla to throw about to be admired globally and to keep up the increasing univ fees to allow your children to materializectheir dream against the strong dissuation of SINkies not to get univ degrees as they r no bloody use since u will be rejected in favour of the foreign trash they import to teach u a lesson. One from the 4th gen of shitpot who has been floated by baloon to be pinky suggestion, probably Seat warmer successor for Google SIN prince, spineless Rotten Indiots, even remind you that he, of course when his big dream of succeeding pinky materialized, has NO PROBLEM to import foreign Pmets if SIN pmets unhappy to drive Gorrilla taxis. Curbing foreigners? Sworn Oath b4 CJ upon their faith. So what having breaking it thru gen, nothing happens except becoming weathier. See MBT acclaimed to be a Real Property Tycoon. What oath and promises, u just daft to believe the craps. Yes u have to truth to accept the unpopular policy. When u r grounded to eternal slave when u refuse to rise to the call of being greedier, hungrier n more aggressive, u still must kowtow to the Biws for generation to come. Talking to WP former SG, just yaya and see how happy he is to be thus honoured. Sylvia, Pritam and Chen beware of the worst evil in all religious fath. Ya ya repeated what happened 50 years ago but would he succeed nothing LCS is a tougher nut than Sylvia old comrade!

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  • WPA = Whacking Pap Alliance:

    Watching the Malaysian GE, I realised people are voted in because they made the promises and have their promises delivered, just like Selangor and Penang. In Singapore, they deliver nothing and yet they are overwhelming voted. It is a strange country with strange voters, you mean they have monkey brains? No wonder monkey brains are rare delicacy.

    we were surely disappointed with 70% sheep GE2015.

    but after watching Dr Mahatir PH and listening to Dr Mahatir rally speeches, we realize past GE failures are not 70% sheep fault but fault of local OPPOSITION parties.

    1. local OPPOSITION parties operate on basis the other OPPOSITION party is THE enemy when in truth it is that lying clown pap that is the enemy.

    2. local OPPOSITION parties operate with very small minds, happy just to be member of parleement. as Dr Mahatir has put it, it is plain silly to stand in GE just to be member of parleement instead of forming New Government and renaming parleement back to parliament.

    3. local OPPOSITION parties gave all manner of reasons why 70% sheep voted that way GE2015. until Dr Mahatir PH win we agreed with the reasons. but after Dr Mahatir PH slaughter of BN, we realize unless local OPPOSITION unite as a coalition and fight GE as a coalition to form New Government, many are doomed to fail as they have failed GE after GE after GE.

    4. we have very good candidates in Dr Chee SDP, KJ RP, Tan SJ SF, and many such, but they all failed in past GEs because they all aimed to be member of parleement instead of member of parliament (PARLIAMENT). why not band together with WP, and also those few world class Singaporeans such as Mr Lim Tean, and whack the stinking rotting clown pap to pulp and after whacking them put them in changi chalet for abuse of power for S$m.

    5. local OPPOSITION parties, and those few world class individuals, must realize doing more of the same means they are going to get more of the same result, that is, zero success. so why not start by banding together, with that special Singaporean man or Singaporean woman leading the way to a coalition agreement. chance for success is very high. 70% sheep will turn, if they see method and system. and clown pap is so rotting stinking it is now the time to make history in Singapore.

    let us start by giving a good name to the coalition. we suggest WPA = Whacking Pap Alliance. with WPA we now have to tool to convince 70% sheep we finally can whack rotting lying nepotistic cronyistic incestuous clown pap to pulp and after that put them to public trial for abuse of power and after that to jail for abuse of power for S$m.

    WPA = all joy and all hope for a better Singapore for all future local born Singaporeans, our…

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  • never voted pap:

    today after coffee shop turned on pap tv channel 8. about 1 pm. on came pap clown in pink. looking at him blood boil. then heard a few words from his Ljs mouth just cannot tahan the hypocrite.

    turned off pap tv and watched Korean movie instead. nothing is missed turning off pap tv channel 8. blood pressure in better shape not listening to pap clown fake news. because this hypocrite face truly WTF.

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  • Alamak!:

    you are damn right.
    they delivered as promised.
    more FTs,higher prices.

    Those who voted them deserve to be screwed.

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  • Fook them:

    This time, whatever carrots they give, I’ll take, and stuff them into their arseholes. This is my promise. Gotta do a BN to them like the Malaysians did. Never lost before right ? Let them feel the pain of losing

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  • Progress and learn:

    Progress and learn,
    No one should live in the past , and stop the page from being turned – for the better tomorrow
    The world never cease moving on, changing, evolving and progressing, so should we all in this little red dot island
    History has shown us , there is always hope for positive force to take place, the bad and evil will one day be varnished , as people live long to see things more clearly, and we all can learn from past mistakes.
    So the bright day will come to our little but great island one day – for SURE
    let’s be hopeful and work together , harder and closer for our beloved country
    Progress n Learn

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    Welcome back, Dugu Qiubai.

    The biggest impediment to removing the PAP from power is their sinister propaganda machinery that seeks to and has succeeded to a large extent in brainwashing the electorate.

    Right from the beginning, a Nursery level, the indoctrination already gets underway. This is clearly evident in the form of PAP-run kindergartens across the nation. Why should pre-schools not be under the Minstry of Education, instead of under a political party?

    Every one is taught “How Great Thou Art” in praising LKY and the PAP, subtly as well as brashly sometimes. Hence it becomes an extreme uphill battle to get minds to think more broadly.

    Then there is the ominous deployment of monetary measures as a political weapon. Come election time, surely and definitely the PAP will threaten the voters….that if the PAP loses, prices of HDB flats will fall flat. Hence the trap is set, to catch the voter who is reluctant to vote for them.

    There are at least 3 other areas which the PAP have weaponized to help perpetuate their grip on power. I will deal with these at a later time.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    I don’t remember LHL promised anything. “With you, For You, For Singapore” WTF was that?

    - We will enable every Singaporean to realise their full potential, regardless of the starting point
    - We will ensure a bright future for Singaporeans. We will invest in every Singaporean to help them get good jobs, upgrade themselves and achieve their best in life
    - No one will be left behind. Social safety nets will protect those without means of help or support. We will support and care for the less fortunate, disadvantaged and vulnerable
    - We will build affordable, quality public housing with green spaces and good amenities for all – We will encourage and support strong families
    - Every Singaporean can have peace of mind that should they or their loved ones fall ill, they can receive affordable, high quality healthcare
    - We will progressively solve current transport issues and make our land transport system one of the most modern, efficient and green in the world. Travel will be more comfortable, convenient and easier
    - We will keep Singapore safe and secure
    - We will overcome challenges, turn vulnerabilities into strengths and continue to be a shining red dot
    - We are not done building Singapore. The Singapore of Tomorrow will be a nation of opportunities, a jewel among global cities and above all, a City of Hope, Heart and Home for all citizens.

    Take your pick, which one is a promise? They forgotten to tell you need to pay for all the above!!!

    Don’t forget, I still waiting for the Swiss standard of Living!! And are we in the World Cup yet?

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  • Bapak:

    It is pig brains that produce monkeys running wild.

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  • sss:

    The appointed Indian President is proposing to stop our CPF for property repayment.

    Eldershield to kick in early as 30.

    GST 9%.

    Oppressing and suing activists, bloggers and oppositions.

    Still insisted to import even more FTs!

    Satellite ERP coming 2022.

    Life is getting harder and harder, more and more locals replaced by FTs.

    These reasons not good enough?

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  • Promise r just wayang 2 PAP:

    If oath is sworn on the faith which they believe in can be broken what r election promises. Oath and promises to a papist are just wayang talking about truth and falsehood. No wonder Dr Thun has to be shammed for hundreds thousand of taxpayers monies that’s how much he was paid just trying to understand what is truth. Evem then as Chinese old sage would say Dr Thum It is futile to sing to a cow especially an unholy cow.

    It must be damn frustrating to the family of the NSP family who Sham nonchalantly referred to as death caused by horse play going wrong. But with all respect and sympathy, it was unlawful and unconstitutionally the Law Minister (ironical for a Law Minister to violate the law) to pronounce the arrested policemen guilty before they were trialed upon solid evidence. Under democratic Constitution, no man is guilty until proven. Surely the bereaved family would want to see that the real culprit are brought to justice before the Court and not to cause more injustice by pinning in on the innocent just because of personal opinion and not by the Court proceeding. It is the responsibility of AGC to charge anyone that would prejudice the case before the Court deliberation. In fact the legal representative of the accuseds should bring charges of prejudice being cast prior to the Court proceeding.
    More confusion is also being thrown by the Minister when he and the AG AGREED that the accused will be criminally charged then why waste time, effort and monies to convene a Board of Inquiry. Is this the message sent to the Board,

    This is the quality Singaporeans paied multimillions to get such muddled headed minister. What garbage would Singaporeans get with the 4th generation under such tutorship. Gosh it’s really pathetic.

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  • Dr M's pay:

    At 20K Malaysian ringgit ( S$ 6K) per month the Malaysian PM’s pay is less than our pastime MPs at S$ 16 K per month. This is bizarre and disproportionate to scale of responsibility and stress DR. M has! Yet you heard that an MP complained that the work of an MP is equivalent to a full time job, this is ridiculous! Did he compare what he gets and what is his workload compared to Dr M?
    We have a chance to see how the next PM CCS measures up to Dr M or Anwar, with his more than a milion Sing dollars pay compared to Mahathir’s Sing 6K plus!

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  • opposition dude:

    You actually believe PAP can keep their promises? They only react when their numbers are reduced, nothing more nothing less.

    PAP will always claim they are looking after Singaporeans, that no one will be left behind and all the usual nonsense. When it comes time to raise water by 30% they say it’s because prices haven’t been raised in a long time so need to go up. Same for GST, 10 years never raise so must go up another 2%.

    The only things that PAP will keep are continuing to allow even more non Singaporeans onto the island and make the cost of living higher and higher. These are the promises that PAP will always 100000000% deliver time and again. You can bet your HDB on this.

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  • oute:


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  • Do you have said:

    Stroke Heng wants to engage people to talk again about how they feel about the future.

    Hello, give us a break leh! How many more times you want to ‘skin the cat alive’!

    You 4G or better still 4G+, just do your f*cking duties to deliver what you have promised and paid $million to do b4 you talk to us again.

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  • Change We Must:

    They still have not learn from the Malaysia GE14.

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    “It is a strange country with strange voters, you mean they have monkey brains? No wonder monkey brains are rare delicacy.”

    Wow,, means you are the only smart one. Really?

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  • Rewarding Themselves Too Much!:

    Nothing much has been done to lower the cost of living of the poor and middle income!

    Talk so Much got use meh?

    Many still remembered that ‘Singapore Conversation’ was conducted not that long ago. Not another round of ‘Talk Cock Sing Song’ please, go do something more tangible and productive, talk no use!

    Talk until the cow comes home and there is still be no improvement!

    Waiting for ‘Singapore PH’ to take over?

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