GST, PAP GST rise: Anti-PAP activists should take note

“Najib, he’s good,” said Matakahr bin-Ali, a 78-year-old rubber farmer. “Yes he put in the GST, but then he gives back to us.”

Mad Dog, Lim Tean (Got time to register another Oppo party but no time to deliver on promises after raising money from public for video and rally:Where’s yr defamation video and jobs rally Lim Tean?, Meng Seng, Tan Kin Lian, Tan Jee Say, Uncle Leong etc will KPKB at next GE campaign about coming GE rise.

But PAP will say, “Got even more and bigger rebates leh: trust us.”

Who you think majority of voters will trust? PAP, or Mad Dog, “Can’t keep promise” Lim Tean, “Fake data” Leong or the diabolical trio that helped PAP thwart voters who wanted Tan Cheng Bock as president?

Even I who have never voted PAP in my life, think I’d trust PAP more than I trust Mad Dog, “Can’t keep promise” Lim Tean, “Fake data” Leong or the diabolical trio.

With enemies like these, does the PAP need friends? What do you think?

My serious point is that these guys should sit down and shut up. They should allow people like Dr Paul, Pritam, Auntie, Show Mao (If he can remove his balls from his mouth), Chris K, and the young professionals in the SDP and WP to lead the battle in denouncing and rebutting the need for the GST rises.

Let others succeed where they failed.

A new generation should fight the PAP’s mixture of young and old leaders. They can at least seriously dent the PAP’s hegemony: but only if the Old Guard step aside.


Cynical Investor

Cynical Investor blogs at Thoughts of a Cynical Investor.



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16 Responses to “GST, PAP GST rise: Anti-PAP activists should take note”

  • Be prepared:

    If the PM is under threat the next GE, he may change the rule of law to only Malay or Indian for next PM. So be prepared this crafty move.

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  • g:

    CI follow your own advise and step aside on commenting on this site.

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  • Thumbs down for you CI:

    Thumbs down for you CI.

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  • got heart:

    trouble here, unlike the people up north, got heart but no will.

    When there’s a will, there’s a way!

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  • que sera sera:

    This cuntry is populated by daft 70% citizens plus newly minted clever citizens

    The clever new citizens are clever enough to support the one who gave them citizenship in this boobtiful cuntry – they will not rock the boat. They will help the emperor to steady the boat and silent all dissents.

    The patriotic 30% citizens cannot do much but to wake up everyday praying that the emperor will not screw them more, morer and morerer. They will sheepishly wash their teeth and take BMW to work – thank their lucky star still got work, still got school for kids, still got HL park to voice their anger.

    Too late liao – unlike M’sia where all are citizens and only a handful of new citizens, Sinkingpoor now has quarter new citizens. The emperor had successfully brought in his reinforcements to counter dissenting votes.

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  • To Cynical Investor:

    What would you do if the company you invested in report profit year after year and ever rising NTA, but do not pay dividends, instead raise capital through rights issues and bond issues and more bank borrowing?
    Red flags right?
    Do you sell your shares off, hold them or buy some more because of rising NTA?
    This is what happened to Midas, Yuzoo and many more.
    By analogy, PAP reports billion dollars of surpluses every year, high rates of annual investment returns by our sovereign funds GIC and Temasek, yet they have to raise GST to meet budget expenditures.
    This is exactly what Najib government was doing until the 1MDB blew up! What next was unbelievable, Najib denied wrongdoing, his AG stopped investigation, MACC chief was replaced and its investigated was stonewalled.
    Our PM was accused by his siblings, he denied any wrong doings and no investigation was even carried out.
    The Civil Service Head came out with some survey with his senior staff and got retired within months probably of this I would say wayang or even stupid survey or what PM may view as lack of trust in him.
    The AG was replaced with PM’s personal lawyer, the Deputy AG was replaced by a PAP MP.
    Yes, PM has the power to appoint AG, Deputy AG, high court judges, senior civil servants.
    But all these recent appointments are taking place under very suspicious circumstances.
    What more our EP Halimah, former PAP MP and member was basically put on the pedestal by PAP, the most I expect from her is to ask some questions on the appointments and budgets, and approve PAP’s submissions, like the late Nathan.
    What the rich and not so filthy rich Singaporeans will do is to ride the wave – invest in properties, enbloc, like investors of Midas, Yuzoo and Noble in the past until the hard truth hit them hard!
    In 2015, PAP said they did not have to raise GST for a long long time, after they won 70% votes, water tariff went up by 30%, HDB conservancy fees went up, medical cost went up, the mandatory healthcare insurance prremium doubled, new flat prices went up, government land sale price went up – and PAP is telling us money not enough, they are going to raise GST.
    Just curious, did you invest or speculate in Midas, Yuzoo or Noble?
    Maybe you even made money from them – good for you to have forsight to get out on time.
    Hope the same for you on Singpore that is going to have at least 7 million people before 2030, excluding the millions of tourists and transit passengers!

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  • Not fooled:

    Look at the pattern of behavours, not what is said or done.
    PM Lee seems to say the right things most of the time.
    Yet his siblings accuse him of wrongdoings and lies.
    Who knows him better? you, GCT, his siblings?
    Look at PAP – gerrymandering, GRC, PA, RC, CCC, reserved EP, appointments of AG Lucien Wong and Deputy AG Hri Kumar.
    Do you think they care for Singapore and you more than themselves, their hunger for power, and money?
    I am sure PM and his wife are richer than Najib and Rosman.
    Najib and Rosman may accumulate their wealth through “donations”, corruption illegally.
    PM and Ho Ching accumulate their wealth through legalized corruption – high pay and bonus and investments in properties and cronies companies.
    Even Mah Bow Tan is richer than Najib and Rosman.

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  • never voted pap:

    this morning in coffee shop two topics were discussed. Dr Mahatir PH landslide elimination of najib BN and the plight of pap PA paid IBs.

    since Dr Mahatir PH victory, life as pap PA paid IBs has become much harder.

    to start, before Dr Mahatir PH victory, life for pap PA paid IBs was already hard, being paid miserable cents per post with bonus subject to successfully achieving KPIs set.

    now, with Dr Mahatir PH victory, life for pap PA paid IBs becomes that much harder since additional KPIs are set such as dissuading folks from talking about the setting up of similar OPPOSITION alliance in clown pap Singapore.

    do we care. surely not. pap PA paid IBs are opportunists whose fate depends on us reading or not reading their IB sheets.

    we are busy trying to get local OPPOSITION parties to register alliance name, having proposed JA = Justice Alliance, CPA = Catch Pap Alliance, WPA = Whacking Pap Alliance. the last few mornings, we even asked cleaners and cooks for suggestions since they may know something we don’t.

    about pap PA paid IBs, we think they are going to be gone case soon, latest end 2019, that is, as soon as clown pap goes they go too since pap PA ceases to exist the moment clown pap fails to form government GE2019.

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  • ganeshsk:

    CI take your own advice, step aside and refrain from making any further comments on TRE or anywhere for that matter.

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  • cb:

    It is the peasants whom give all all out during that turbulent period ;not one SOB whom “ownself credited ownself” and now deny all return our cPeeF @55 plus arseEnlargeMent $0 @99 causing misery among those in their twilight years
    Damn the GST….cheat….liar…stupidPoorEAN…any take….hooray…our neighbors boleh…DrM boleh….0% GST

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  • opposition dude:

    Interesting, the current bunch of opposition party people Singaporeans know need to sit down and shut up and make way for the younger generation to take on PAP’s 4G says Cynical.

    The question is, why? If Dr Chee and some young blood from WP both speak up about the GST in the coming GE wouldn’t this be a good thing? Why does Cynical think that the old birds should just keep quiet and let the young ones talk? Would this necessary mean that the young birds will definitely get voted into parliament for sure? So easy ah?

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  • Time for regime change:

    got heart:
    trouble here, unlike the people up north, got heart but no will.

    When there’s a will, there’s a way!

    Bottom line: Malaysia boleh, Singapore bodoh.

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  • Great Asia:

    It’s better for you to pay income tax rather than GST. Because the majority of us are not high-income earner.

    Lee 呆 and his team of 呆 had put up test balloon to see whether they can raise the GST to 10%, but I think they will have to put their plan on hold for a longer time.

    We need another round of pay cut for the PAP fat cats. We need to cut income until they start to feel pain.

    Ha ha ha!

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  • 9%, 15%, 20%, 75% .... 100000%:

    //In 2015, PAP said they did not have to raise GST for a long long time,//

    why must raise. if like that logic, then it should keep going up, up, up to 9%, 15%, 20%, 75% …. 100000% which is ridiculous.

    a reasonable gst rate on consumption is ok – on good real economy (not tax and spend on your behalf by rent-seeking approach through monopolized regulated services) reflective of good performance, hence consumption and higher gst collection.

    there are already so many white idiotic rent-seeking avenues that the white monkey idiots have already deployed – e.g 30% rise in water, rising public housing prices, road pricing and tpt pricing, etc.

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  • The Other Hard Truths:

    I think it is time for Cynical Investor to go. It is becoming clearer by the day that he is a member of the PA IB.

    His postings are very destructive to the cause of the opposition.

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  • Bobo:

    We can not compare orange with apple. But we could just compare which one rot faster. Some preference rotten food, while there’re many still do not know what to pick.

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