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Time to put a stop to grassroots partisanship

Time to put a stop to grassroots partisanship

Aljunied MP Chen Show Mao has been barred by the People's Association from attending local events in his own constituency In the past few days, the internet space has been abuzz at news at the barring of Aljunied MP Chen Show Mao from attending a local event in his own constituency. Mr Chen, a first-term MP from the Workers’... 

The whitest shade of white

The whitest shade of white

Dr Tony Tan was Lee Kuan Yew's preferred successor as Prime Minister, and upon retiring from politics, became Mr Lee's deputy at GIC A third presidential candidate has joined the fray, and by all accounts, he is going to be the PAP-led establishment’s choice. Whether or not the ruling party openly endorses him is another... 

Time to pack it in, Kenneth

Time to pack it in, Kenneth

This week, Ho Soak Harn became the latest member to resign from the Reform Party, joining an exodus that began approximately one year ago. The other RP members who quit included scholarship holders Tony Tan and Hazel Poa, lawyer Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss and promising political rookies Alec Tok and Nicole Seah. Almost all the... 

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  • DOOM: The plan is to rob Sunkies, annually, monthly, weekly, daily. Period.
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