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Why are PRCs allowed to keep dual citizenship in Singapore?

Why are PRCs allowed to keep dual citizenship in Singapore?

I was offered a 3 months contract job in a local construction company which is fully owned by China PRC, now a citizen, and run the China way. All my full time colleagues are China PR. I am the only local contract staff there to replace a PR who was on maternity leave. During my 3 months, I was surprise that 4 individual... 

Screwed by a torn condom

Screwed by a torn condom

I’m screwed. I have a very clingy gf, and she would always stick around me, want to do everything with me, and even discussed marriage/future plans with me. While I initially thought it was cute and sweet, it started getting too much, and I felt that it was becoming a red flag in the relationship. While I had intentions... 

Jobless millenial’s rant about wayang Jobsbank and open-door FT issue

Jobless millenial’s rant about wayang Jobsbank and open-door FT issue

This came about when I spoke to a friend recently saying Gov measures are tightening foreigner inflow…I am here to debunk that myth. Feel free to post/edit as you see fit. Alot of folks are under the misconception that the inflow of foreigners are slowing down. They are correct to a certain extent, the Government is... 

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  • Sometimes: We 2, lost our assperation.
  • Zhenzidan: Cool head think ;clearly: What your meaning? You talking China good or not good! The most...
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  • Python 5: 70% VOTED FOR THIS!!!
  • AiYoYo: Just want to share. Coding is the present day equivalent of Art. People used art to create what they see of...
  • Lee Kim Chew: He was probably a Pink Dotter.
  • So-Wrong And Gabra: “HDB Lease Buyback scheme? So, is the HDB Lease Buyback scheme a possible solution for most...
  • to sell their white wayang: //Criticize opposition for not coming up with policies and demanding opposition to come...
  • Vote PAP: That was what happened to us when we voted PAP. First 2 years, very cheap, after that we all got replaced....
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